Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road: Episode 17

“Hakone Academy #6”

YP 17 - 1 YP 17 - 2 YP 17 - 3 YP 17 - 4 YP 17 - 5 YP 17 - 6 YP 17 - 7 YP 17 - 8 YP 17 - 9 YP 17 - 10 YP 17 - 11 YP 17 - 12 YP 17 - 13 YP 17 - 14 YP 17 - 15

Basically, the episode that defined what we all knew was going to happen. Just, minus one, I suppose.


Lo and behold, it was about time for Midosuji to appear and make his huge comeback, but it wasn’t without the aid of his assistant, the ever hardworking and loyal Ishigaki, whom Midosuji took for granted. I like how Ishigaki has sort of just…sussed Midosuji out, declaring him a pure character, which, I suppose if you want to look at his complete disregard for everything else – everything else – and his sole focus on winning as “purity” I guess. I can kind of see where he’s coming from but even purity pushes it. >_> I’d like to think I’m not the only one who thinks that.

With Midosuji racing ahead of the ace climbers, Toudou makes the swift decision to send Manami ahead and tells him to protect Fukutomi at all costs, but I don’t think Manami is quite the ethereal angel he makes him out to be and his wild, sly side is bared when he catches up to Midosuji with ease. His tenacity and sharp winning drive is something that even Midosuji can’t fault, and tells him that he’s not gross, which, for Midosuji, is like professing golden awe. Well, what would we expect from the usually sweet-faced Manami with a silver tongue and a ruthless streak? The two make a wager between themselves and race to reach the aces, with the condition that the loser can’t cross the finish line before the winner.

While those two are having a wild time, though, Makishima is having his own crisis, knowing that he can’t leave Imaizumi alone, but when Onoda comes up to him and asks very ardently whether he should catch up with them, Makishima realises that there’s no time like the present to show everybody just what he’s made of. I love the relationship between Makishima and Onoda, because it borders on mentoring but also distantly brotherly, and if there’s anyone on the team who has absolute faith in Onoda, it’s Makishima. He pushes Onoda ahead, giving him his final command from the last of the third years; protect the ace.

A very intense episode and I’m so glad we’ve finally reached the homestretch because things are really picking up now, after a fairly long stretch of slow episodes. The end is in sight and I do believe we’re going to be singing hime hime before the end!


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