Pupa: Review Update

pupa ep 6 endWhy in the world these siblings didn’t think to first knock Utsutsu unconscious before Yume started feasting on his flesh, I will honestly not be able to figure out. Honestly, spare him the pain and anguish.. Sheesh! In any case, this series has just gotten far too disturbing. And I do not see the story progressing in any normal direction whatsoever. Hence, although it pains me to have to do this, I have decided to drop this series. Fare thee well, Pupa  (;-_-)ノ it has been 6 episodes of sheer trauma.


Pupa: Episode 05

蝌蚪 – Tadpole

pupa ep 5 - sachiko

Presented with another flashback, this time we go further into the past to find out more about our female protagonist. Taking a turn for the unexpected, it is revealed that Yume did not exactly undergo the monstrous transformation in the first episode. She was originally (conceived & born) a monster.

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Pupa: Episode 04

pupa ep 4 heal

Yume is seen eating Utsutsu. Maria fools Yume into thinking that she killed Utsutsu. Maria then goes into what looks like a laboratory. Utsutsu is told that a mysterious virus, Pupa, has infected both him and Yume. The episode ends with Utsutsu affirming that he is willing to sacrifice himself for his sister. Episode 4 of Pupa is out and it passes by in a flash. No I am not kidding, it seriously whooshed by. Four minutes is too short! Too quick! Not enough time! Anyway, Maria is back (finally) and we get more revelations about the mysterious bug that is consuming Yume (or rather, making her consume).      Continue reading

Pupa: Episode 03

pupa ep 3 cat

Pupa pupa pupa.. just what are you getting at? See the picture of the cat? Yes.. that was my reaction when watching this week’s episode. The series has headed in such a bizarre direction, so much so that I don’t know whether or not to just drop this anime altogether.      Continue reading

Pupa: Episode 02

pupa ep 2 stingSting is the title of this week’s episode of Pupa and very aptly so. This episode had the very obvious bite (and munch and crunch) that last week’s episode didn’t. We see the result of Yume’s (younger sister) transformation into the human-eating creature, and witness her more-than-enthusiastic craving for human flesh.

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Pupa: Episode 01

Pupa OP ep 1

Winter 2014 is upon us and we are on to opening fortnight. It’s a solid, two-week first episode free-for-all! And in true buffet style, there are just so many to choose from. Although spoilt for choice, the very first Winter anime I chose, without hesitation, to sink my teeth into is Pupa. Originally planned to have been part of the Autumn 2013 lineup, the series got bumped to this Winter 2014 season, as the production studio allegedly couldn’t find a channel to air it on (I read this some time back, it might have just been a rumour though). In any case, it has indeed been a long wait.

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