Flavour of the Spring 2015 Season: Irino Miyu & Kugimiya Rie

Flavour Spring 2015 - Hyakuya Flavour Spring 2015 - Kagura

さてさてさて、we are about a third of the way through Spring 2015 (AN: this was written about two months ago), so no time like the present to introduce this season’s seiyuus to listen out for. It was a tough call, but after sifting through numerous new episodes, we have finally decided on our flavours (or at least, kiseki was given carte blanche to do so~). And so, here’s presenting koekara’s pick for flavour of the Spring 2015 season: Irino Miyu and Kugimiya Rie.

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Flavour of the Autumn 2014 Season: Sakurai Takahiro

Flavour Autumn 2014 - Kyouya Flavour Autumn 2014 - Inugami

Alrighty, let’s just skip past the introductory paragraph and go straight into this Autumn 2014’s Flavour post. This season, we were unable to decide on a female flavour, because none of the female seiyuus really stood out. However, there’s no reason to panic, because we did decide on a male seiyuu. So without further ado, we present koekara’s flavour of the season – Sakurai Takahiro. This was a pretty obvious choice, because Sakurai is in just about every other show this season. Incidentally, all of us writers are covering at least one show with his name on the cast list. But frequency of appearance isn’t the reason we chose Sakurai. It’s because in just this one season alone, he’s shown such diversity in voice acting a wide range of characters so much so that no other seiyuu really stood a chance.

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Flavour of the Summer 2014 Season: Hanae Natsuki & Amamiya Sora

Tokyo Ghoul - Ken Tokyo Ghoul - Touka

So! We’re about half of the way through the 2014 Summer Season and us writers of Koekara have decided our flavours of summer! It was preeetty clear cut this time – although there were a few seiyuus that we had to cut off the list for next time – and we’ve finally got our couple. Like last time we’ve condensed it to one male and one female seiyuu and they are *drumroll* – Hanae Natsuki and Amamiya Sora  !!! These two are pretty special this season

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Flavour of the Spring 2014 Season: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu & Hayami Saori

No Game No Life ep 3 - image 15 Kamigami - Yui

With the beginning of every anime season, we the writers of Koekara go kyaa kyaa~ over which of our favourite seiyuus are in which shows and look forward to watching them in interesting, epic, exciting, fun shows, going as far as to call dibs on the shows we want to cover way before its premiere. We look out for newbies (Ishikawa Kaito, Hanae Natsuki) and veterans (Kamiya Hiroshi is perpetually on our minds) alike and nominate one seiyuu who we think deserves to be the Flavour of the Season by virtue of doing his or her job best or deserves more recognition, based on the first 3 episodes of each show we follow. It’s not an easy exercise and sometimes there is no consensus as was what happened last season. It’s also difficult to not just nominate each of our different favourites’. So it is with much pleasure for me to announce that Koekara’s inaugural Flavour of the Season goes to not just one but 2 seiyuus – Matsuoka Yoshitsugu and Hayami Saori. Continue reading