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Everyone has his or her own reasons for watching anime. Some watch it for the narrative, character designs, art, music, etc. We started watching anime because of the voices – the voice actors and their voice acting.

Koekara – as the name reads, literally means “from voice”. We decided on this as the name of our blog because we realised that it was predominantly the seiyuus who influenced our anime watching choices. During our various fangirling sessions, we’d gush endlessly about our favourite seiyuus. But anime is more than just the voice acting even if it plays a main part. Through reading other review blogs, we’ve come to appreciate the creativity that goes into making anime – pacing, plot arcs and background art to name a few. Yet we couldn’t find a blog that focused on voice acting so even though it was originally suggested on a whim, we thought to start our own!

Anime has been a way of getting people together and for us, it’s fangirling over the seiyuus as well as a way of learning Japanese. This blog is started with the hopes of capturing seiyuus’ best moments in anime and appreciating the full body of work. Behind it all, it’s a way to remind ourselves that we have a hobby outside of work/school and by working together, we stay in touch as friends even when we’re far apart.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope you’ll have as much fun reading as we have writing.


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I think I’ve just about seen every single genre of anime there is.
I watch too much but can never resist a good drama or shoujo show.
Or anything with Sakupyon, HiroC or Yuutan(´▽`*)アハハー



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a music lover  ♪  ♫
writing about voice acting ☆
anime always ~~



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I like watching shows and fangirling and listening to soundtracks~






I’m your resident fujoshi.





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