Summer 2015: First Impressions

After our 勝手に hiatus, koekara makes its revival with First Impressions for Summer 2015.

summer 2015 first impressions

It’s SUMMER (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ the hottest season returns with promise of some of the hottest series to heat up our television screens. As the temperature steadily rises, and to dangerously high levels at that, surely the comfort of watching anime in the cool indoors offers a respite from the torturous heat? This season is definitely many steps up from the previous, and we have gone through quite a number of series that this season has to offer. So let’s cut to the chase – here’s presenting our list of first impressions for Summer 2015. (AN: Well, by now it has become our mid-season impressions. But meh, same same~)

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Flavour of the Spring 2015 Season: Irino Miyu & Kugimiya Rie

Flavour Spring 2015 - Hyakuya Flavour Spring 2015 - Kagura

さてさてさて、we are about a third of the way through Spring 2015 (AN: this was written about two months ago), so no time like the present to introduce this season’s seiyuus to listen out for. It was a tough call, but after sifting through numerous new episodes, we have finally decided on our flavours (or at least, kiseki was given carte blanche to do so~). And so, here’s presenting koekara’s pick for flavour of the Spring 2015 season: Irino Miyu and Kugimiya Rie.

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Winter 2015: First Impressions

And it’s time for 2015’s very first First Impressions.

Winter First Impressions - collage

If Autumn 2014 didn’t have that many shows that tickled your fancy, then it seems anime world froze over this Winter 2015 – because it certainly has had that effect on us, what with an underwhelming eight shows that we are collectively covering, lol. It would appear that we are still recovering from the amazing season that was Summer 2014 (yes, it was that good that we are still raving about it), which really spoilt us koekara writers. That having been said, we still welcome the new anime season with open arms and appreciative hearts. Hence, in spite of the even bigger lull of a season that looks to be this Winter 2015 (catching up on backlogged posts, anyone?), we have gone through quite a number of shows so as to sift the good from the not so good. And so, here’s presenting our list of first impressions for Winter 2015.

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Best of 2014

Best of 2014 collage

あけましておめでとう!Happy new year everyone!! We’re an itsy bit behind with this review and it’s become quite the long enthusiastic post from all of us here at Koekara so without further ado, please indulge with us as we look back at the AMAZING debut year we’ve had covering an incredible 48 shows between the 4 main seiyuu-lovers writers.  Continue reading

Best of Autumn 2014

Autumn 2014 Best - image 01 Autumn 2014 Best - image 02 Autumn 2014 Best - image 03 Autumn 2014 Best - image 04 Autumn 2014 Best - image 05 Autumn 2014 Best - image 06 Autumn 2014 Best - image 07 Autumn 2014 Best - image 08 Autumn 2014 Best - image 09 Autumn 2014 Best - image 10 Autumn 2014 Best - image 11 Autumn 2014 Best - image 12 Autumn 2014 Best - image 13 Autumn 2014 Best - image 14 Autumn 2014 Best - image 15 Autumn 2014 Best - image 16 Autumn 2014 Best - image 17 Autumn 2014 Best - image 18 Autumn 2014 Best - image 19 Autumn 2014 Best - image 20

After 12/13 weeks, Autumn 2014 has come to pass and despite our earlier reservations, this season turned out to be pretty entertaining. Before we are snowed in with Winter 2015, it is time once again to look back on the shows that made us go yay or nay during this cool autumn season. While we did watch a considerably less number of shows this season, we still managed to collect a variety of thoughts on what we had seen (because we honestly do like to think… okay?). And so, here’s presenting 2014’s final seasonal best of – Koekara’s Best of Autumn 2014~ (ノ^_^)ノ*:・゚✧

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Flavour of the Autumn 2014 Season: Sakurai Takahiro

Flavour Autumn 2014 - Kyouya Flavour Autumn 2014 - Inugami

Alrighty, let’s just skip past the introductory paragraph and go straight into this Autumn 2014’s Flavour post. This season, we were unable to decide on a female flavour, because none of the female seiyuus really stood out. However, there’s no reason to panic, because we did decide on a male seiyuu. So without further ado, we present koekara’s flavour of the season – Sakurai Takahiro. This was a pretty obvious choice, because Sakurai is in just about every other show this season. Incidentally, all of us writers are covering at least one show with his name on the cast list. But frequency of appearance isn’t the reason we chose Sakurai. It’s because in just this one season alone, he’s shown such diversity in voice acting a wide range of characters so much so that no other seiyuu really stood a chance.

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Autumn 2014: First Impressions

First Impressions returns with Koekara’s subjective guide to what’s good for the hikkikomori life this Autumn 2014.

Autumn 2014 collage

Summer’s gone. It was phenomenal and we are very sad to see it go. However, the end of one season means the beginning of the next, and although this Autumn 2014 does not look as incredible as its predecessor, sometimes looks might be deceiving. And despite the seemingly sleepy season we are having, we have actually collectively started on sixteen series so far. Lol, we note that the number of shows we watch do not correspond with our series coverage this season… we might have stretched ourselves too thin with an overwhelming 17 shows covered during Summer 2014. Akatsuki personally wonders if anyone’s reading them posts at all in the first place lol. So yes, most of us are working on catching up with all them backlogged posts (Komorebi seriously needs to finish up her summer backlog but blames it on the fact that she was writing up a dissertation pretty much the entire summer). Plus we’ve got year-end exams coming up (including the Japanese proficiency tests aahhh!!!). But that does not mean we are neglecting this season; it is in fact very much the contrary *nods* And so, without further ado, here is our list of first impressions for Autumn 2014.

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