Hi guys, Shion here~

I watched my first anime back in 2004 and I’ve been in love ever since – with Japanese culture, Japanese language and of course, Japanese animation.

My first series, Inuyasha, not only sparked my interest in anime, but also that in the Japanese language itself. I began picking up and learning random phrases while watching anime (for those of you who know, Osuwari was the first phrase I learned without even trying) up to a point at which it became clear that I need formal education to progress. A perfect excuse for me to drag myself to a Japanese language school to start learning Japanese properly and I think that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made so far.

I started Japanese lessons and as a form of “lesson aid”, I was introduced to the world of drama CDs by one of my friends. I don’t really remember what happened back then but I don’t think I got hooked onto dramas immediately. Given my level of proficiency in Japanese then, I probably couldn’t really understand much anyway. Afterall, I listened to Komatta Toki wa Hoshi ni Kike! and could only remember that it was about two guys yelling at each other all the time. Somehow, I persisted through a few more dramas (Border Line and Synapse no Hitsugi) and I started to really see how dramas could improve my Japanese. On hindsight, those two dramas weren’t exactly the best ones to start Japanese learners on, I’m glad I didn’t get discouraged. Somehow, I managed to stumble upon Konishi Katsuyuki from Kagi no Katachi. It was love at first sight hearing. From then on, I started to hunt down Konishi-san’s dramas to listen to whenever I could and over time, my list of favourite seiyuus started to grow along with my list of dramas.

After listening to so much, I’ve pretty much developed preferences for certain seiyuus and started to notice them in animes as well. It’s quite amazing how I never used to pay attention to the voices of my favourite characters all along and I realized that few people actually notice and listen properly to seiyuus when they watch anime. Seiyuus build up the characters, the scenes and the shows; it would truly be a shame if they weren’t recognized for their work. Imagine watching a movie without knowing the actor of the protagonist – sacrilege! I would love to list out all my favourite seiyuus but there are too many of them, and I love to hear certain people playing certain roles *cough* seme or uke *cough* so I guess I won’t be talking about favourites here.

With Koekara, I hope get more people to notice the seiyuus and also, to contribute to the small (but growing!) BL community. Afterall, any show/drama is nothing without those voices.

I’ll be covering the Drama CDs section and mostly anything BL-related. As this site is rather young, in comparison with the relatively mature Drama CD industry, I have lots of work to do before I reach the stage where I can feel accomplished regarding the amount of dramas I’ve covered. If you’re interested, I have a mini-blog and a schedule to keep track of my progress/schedule so that will probably prep you for what I’m doing and will be doing next. If you have any request for Drama CDs, do drop them here and since I don’t get that many requests anyway, I’ll definitely get around to it.

As for my preferences, I’m generally quite open-minded when it comes to anime, but by default I usually avoid sports, school life and mecha – don’t ask me why – but there are exceptions. However, when it comes to dramas, I go by seiyuus. In your average drama, the plot won’t be too fantastic (no offense, fellow drama-lovers) so I definitely need good seiyuus to see me through till the end of the drama. I’m not quite sure what I’m hoping to achieve with my reviews and translations, but I probably hope to spread some of the BL love around and make Drama CDs more listenable for those who are less comfortable with the idea of an aural-only experience. Of course, I want to let more people appreciate and realise the importance of them seiyuus; Drama CDs are where they truly shine brightest~~

Yoroshiku ne! ^^