Thanatos no Futago 1917

Thanatos no Futago 02 (1)

Title: Thanatos no Futago 1917 (タナトスの双子 1917)
Original work by: Izumi Katsura (Novel)
Release date: 2010年09月28日
Length: 02:16:33
Cast: Morikawa Toshiyuki x Nojima Kenji (森川智之 x 野島健児)
Hatano Wataru x Kondou Takashi (羽多野渉 x 近藤隆)
Related drama(s): ①Thanatos no Futago 1912
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤❤
Genres: Drama, Historical
Drama translation: Shibird (external)

Mikhail regains his memories after a car accident. Meanwhile, Yuri was imprisoned on suspicions of colluding with the resistance group after he let Mikhail and Andrei escape. Fuelled by his hatred for Mikhail, who took Maxim from him, Yuri made the resolve to put an end to everything by killing his twin brother.


Although the second drama felt less exciting than the first (less story and more H), the ending was so beautifully sad that I don’t really know what to do with my life anymore, now that this story has been concluded.

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Although I refused to believe it after the first drama, the line which Yuri said “he grew cold in my arms” knocked it into my head that Max really died on that snowy night in Berlin while protecting Mikhail. Mikhail…

The drama begins with Mikhail waking up in the hospital in a state of confusion, as he has just regained his lost memories. It is year 1914, and he has been on the run with Andrei since the previous drama. He was hospitalised due to injuries he sustained from a car accident and for some reason, his memories of what happened on that snowy night (you know, that night) are all fudgey and he couldn’t really remember much of what happened, let alone Max’s death. Now that he has regained all his memories, he deeply regrets trying to steal Max from Yuri but all is too late. Yes, Max is dead and it’s your fault!

Meanwhile, Yuri has been imprisoned again, on suspicions of being in cahoots with Mikhail. There were also soldiers who saw Mikhail and noted his resemblance to Yuri, so that worsened Yuri’s case. Just as he was about to get raped by some soldiers as part of the torture to make him talk, Viktor appeared and gave Yuri a reason to continue living – by hating those who robbed him of his happiness and getting revenge on them.

I don’t really remember what happened during most parts of the second drama because, Max died. But basically, Viktor got Yuri out of prison and got his name cleared via some underhanded means which involved alteration of records and some murdering. He also made it into an exchange with Yuri, which resulted in Yuri being forced to sleep with him (those scenes are kind of hot). Although Yuri hung on fiercely to his memories of Max, being unable to let him go, the thoughts of Max eventually got overwritten by those of Viktor as time went by.

This man is like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, his words are sweet poison. No matter how much I hate him, I can’t go against this man. From now on and forever.

Fuelled by his hatred of Mikhail, Yuri arrested, tortured and killed many members of the resistance group. Finally, he chose to interrogate one of the bigger catches, Alex, personally. Upon seeing Yuri’s face, Alex was shocked at his resemblance to Mikhail and sold out a few of his other comrades. With that, the resistance group started to suspect Mikhail of being a spy for the Russian government.

If I kill Mikhail with these hands, everything will end. In exchange for that, I won’t ever be able to have a good night’s sleep after that. Just like Thanatos. The elder brother is in charge of death while the younger brother is in charge of sleep. Isn’t that an exact fit? Their father is Nyx, is the God of the night. They have to coexist together. But, I can’t seem to fall asleep anymore. There’s only death waiting for me. This is probably the same for Mikhail too. From now on, I’ll be living in hell. That might not be too bad either, if I were to live together with Viktor in the dark purgatory. Just like this…

As a result, Mikhail was held captive by his group for a period of time and was set on the mission of killing Yuri, with his foster parents held hostage. Meanwhile, a photo of Mikhail with a few other prominent leaders of the resistance group was sent to the Russian government and suspicion was cast on Yuri once again, of colluding with the resistance group. Viktor arranged for Yuri’s solo escape but was asked/ ordered by Yuri to escape together, as Yuri had come to realise how important Viktor was to him.

Both Yuri and Viktor escaped together, with just about everyone else hunting them down. Mikhail was confronted by Viktor in one of the cities and Viktor issued a warning to him, to not pursue Yuri anymore. We got to see how twisted Viktor’s love for Yuri was, to the extent that he would even kill Yuri if it was for Yuri’s good. We also learned that Mikhail didn’t have what it takes to kill his twin brother because he loved him too much.

“Are twins born to hate each other? When there is someone who looks exactly like you, it feels like your own existence will get erased one day.”

The final confrontation between Yuri and Mikhail happened in Berlin, at the apartment where Mikhail used to live with Max and Andrei. I refuse to go on about what happened next because it’s too tragic. But in some sense, the ending was beautiful. Just imagining Mikhail and Yuri hugging each other in the midst of the raging fire, with the simple but beautiful piano track going on in the background…

Wrapped in the flames, love and hate, everything was burned. That’s right, I’ve been waiting for this moment all along. We loved each other and hated each other, so that we could forgive each other afterward. We forgive each other because we love each other, that has got to be the reason why we were born as twins.

That wasn’t something to bring about our demise, but a purification that burns everything. Everything will be burned and return to ashes.

I think I almost cried when they brought up the letter which Yuri wrote for Mikhail when they were young, right before they went their separate ways. I feel happy for the two of them to have finally found peace and reconciled, and I know that there’s no other way for the two of them to live on the same planet in harmony, but it’s such a sad ending. The two of them were just so unfortunate; they could have and were meant to lead happy lives together. The ending with Viktor thinking about his plans to make Yuri happy, of bringing him to America, to somewhere with a greenhouse was just too much. So sad but so good, am I even making sense?

No matter how far apart we are, our hearts will always be together.

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Novel Illustrations

Thanatos no Futago 02 (2) Thanatos no Futago 02 (3) Thanatos no Futago 02 (4) Thanatos no Futago 02 (5) Thanatos no Futago 02 (6) Thanatos no Futago 02 (7) Thanatos no Futago 02 (8) Thanatos no Futago 02 (9) Thanatos no Futago 02 (10) Thanatos no Futago 02 (11) Thanatos no Futago 02 (12) Thanatos no Futago 02 (13)
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Characters & Seiyuu

Nojima Kenji was just fantastic as Yuri. I probably mentioned this before, but he’s perfect for this role, as though the role was written for him. He’s one of those who can sound so haughty and snobbish that the role of an aristocrat really fits him. At the same time, I don’t really know anyone who can cry or sound sadder than Nojima. That said, I’m sure it’s obvious why I felt that the role of Yuri was made for Nojima. Yuri loved Max and Mikhail unconditionally, to the extent that he would sacrifice anything for their happiness. Now that he has lost Max, he was set on the path of living for revenge on Mikhail by Viktor. Even though he appeared to be bent on having a fair match with Mikhail, he couldn’t kill his twin when the latter refused to point the gun at him. Right at the end, he was still concerned about Mikhail and wanted Mikhail to “go ahead and tell Viktor I’ll be slightly late”. My heart is crying again.

Mikhail regained his memories during this drama, probably the effects of the car accident he was involved in. Although he was in confusion at the start, everything came rushing into his head after a while and he started to regret what he has done to Yuri. I wasn’t exactly a fan of Mikhail during the first drama, but after listening to him here, I started to feel sympathetic towards him. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to kill Yuri, but still had to set off on the assassination mission because his foster parents were held hostage. I have no idea how he was planning to resolve anything, but it’s evident that his love for his twin brother was stronger than any other feelings he has. Kondou Takashi, I knew him as Ritsu from Sekai Ichi and Yasumi from Decoy Series, but I still got a bit surprised at how versatile his voice acting was. He went from cheerful to spoiled to slutty to hostile to bitter to sad with such ease as Mikhail. I guess I still don’t know enough about Kondou-san, but his performance in here was first class. I’m glad we have such veterans casted in Thanatos.

Morikawa Toshiyuki sounded very assertive and sometimes even to the extent of creepy as Viktor, with his deliberate and slow way of pronouncing everything. I don’t really get Viktor. He fell in love at first sight (I’m assuming) with Yuri when they were first introduced to each other and he rescued Yuri from drowning, but he told Max to keep it a secret from Yuri who suffered from mild amnesia after that trauma. He didn’t want to associate himself with a traumatic experience. Thereafter, he chose to become Yuri’s adjutant but he had also started to despise Yuri who had the reputation of being promiscuous. But at the same time, he still loved Yuri and got jealous when Yuri only had Max in mind. Viktor then took on the role of silently staying by Yuri’s side and keeping him alive at all costs, even to the extent of altering records and killing people for Yuri. Viktor brought life back to Yuri by giving him a reason to live; he’s totally obsessed with Yuri and he reminds me a little of Hinou in Decoy Series. Viktor would even go to the extent of killing Yuri if it would benefit Yuri himself, even though that means that he would lose Yuri forever.

Andrei really didn’t leave much of an impression on me even though he was one of the more major characters. He was Mikhail’s foster brother who had always refused to sleep with Mikhail despite Mikhail’s obvious invitations. After Max’s death and Mikhail’s regaining of his lost memories, Andrei decided to be together with Mikhail, in both body and heart. Having Andrei by his side kept Mikhail sane, just like how Viktor kept Yuri sane after Max’s death and even though Andrei definitely isn’t the most unfortunate person in this story, I still admired him for sticking by Mikhail through thick and thin. It’s just too sad that he won’t be able to be with Mikhail anymore. I’ve been hearing Hatano Wataru everywhere recently, and it is pure coincidence. He’s really good at playing the gentle and caring seme and he didn’t betray my expectations in Thanatos.

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THAT piano track! Not just that, but also that and that and that and all the piano tracks which were featured throughout both dramas! If only they released a soundtrack tokuten CD for Thanatos no Futago just like they did for Flesh & Blood, I think I would be looping those tracks over and over again and just mope around all day to that music. The piano tracks make me feel really empty because of how simple and minimalistic they are, but at the same time, the harmony is so beautiful. I’m really thankful that they didn’t play the usual chillax BGM during their free talk but they opted for one of the most delicate and beautiful tracks which made me imagine Yuri wandering alone in the snow, on a journey to nowhere…

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After Thanatos no Futago ended, I didn’t quite know what to fill that void in my life with. It wasn’t that long (just a bit under 5 hours) but I just felt so empty after the ending. What am I supposed to do with my life, now that Mikhail and Yuri are both gone (together and happily, but still), leaving Viktor and Andrei unaware of what had happened.

Thanatos no Futago was one epic story which covered the entire life of the twins. This random drama which I picked up has become a must-listen which I will definitely force on anyone who can stomach BL.

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4 thoughts on “Thanatos no Futago 1917

  1. Thanks for the review! Katsura-sensei and takashina-sensei = killer combo (つд;*) they made my heart go suicidal so many times with this amazing work <///3
    AHH the void. I can still feel it (・_・)

    • Yea! Thanatos no Futago is such a great work that I’ve thought of relistening to it on various occasions but I always chicken out because you know, I’m just not… ready for it all over again. My heart… can’t…

  2. Thank you so much for your review, even its years later. I just heard the first part and needed to know how it ends. This made me feel so many things, I`m literally an emotional desaster right now. But to know the ending makes it a bit better. But it`s still so sad, can`t help myself but crying. Thank you so much again, need to read something happy and light know to calm down my feelings, help!

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