FLESH & BLOOD 1 Disc 1 – Translation

FLESH & BLOOD 01 (1)

Title: FLESH & BLOOD 1 Disc 1 (drama review)
Cast: Suwabe Junichi x Fukuyama Jun (諏訪部順一×福山潤)
Related drama(s): FLESH & BLOOD Series
Contents: Disc 1

1. Prologue
2. Scene 1
3. Scene 2
4. Scene 3
5. Scene 4
6. Scene 5
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Disc 2

1. Scene 6
2. Scene 7
3. Scene 8
4. Scene 9
5. Scene 10
6. Scene 11
7. Epilogue
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Note: Japanese script by ruli-san from AarinFantasy!

1. Prologue

東郷海斗: なーんもねぇな。
Tougou Kaito: There’s nothing here.
海斗: イングランド南西部、コーンウォール半島――ランズエンド。『地の果て』って名前の通りの崖だ。だからかな、判る気がする。昔の人が陸の暮らしに行き詰まって、あの水平線の向こうに『何か』ある。そう信じて、冒険の旅に出て行ったのが。胸に張った帆を、はち切れそうな夢で膨らませてさ
Kaito: Southern England, Cornwall – Land’s end, a cliff known as the end of the world. Is that why? I have a feeling that I can understand. The people from long ago were confined to living on land and set off on a dangerous journey, believing that there had to be something beyond this sea. To fulfill that burning desire bursting from their hearts.
海斗: なあ、和哉!
Kaito: Hey, Kazuya!
森崎和哉: 何、海斗?
Morisaki Kazuya: What is it, Kaito?
海斗: こんなとこ撮って、どうすんの? 崖と水平線しか見えねーじゃん。
Kaito: Why are you taking photos of this place? We can’t see anything other than the cliff and the horizon.
和哉: 記念だよ。グレート・ブリテン最西端の岬に来た記念。
Kazuya: As a souvenir of course, to commemorate us coming to the southern cape of Great Britain.
海斗: 今のって笑う場面か? もし、俺が「物好きだな」みたいなこと言われたら、絶対ムカついて、「うるせー、俺の勝手だろ」って言い返してるよ。本当は和哉だってそう思ってるはずなのに……
Kaito: Was I supposed to laugh at that? If I said something like “you’re so curious”, he would definitely have gotten annoyed and replied “shut up, it’s my hobby”. I’m sure Kazuya thinks so too…
和哉: 海斗を写してあげるよ。夏休みの思い出に。
Kazuya: I’ll take a photo of Kazuya too, as a memory of our summer holidays.
海斗: 最高の一枚にしろよ。どう、このハリウッド・スマイル?
Kaito: Make it your best shot. (Kaito smiles) How’s this Hollywood smile?
和哉: 悪くないね。笑顔の写真を撮りたかったら、俳優の真似をするのは正解なんだ。彼らはプロだから、どうすればカメラ映りがいいか知っている。綺麗に撮ってもらいたかったら、今みたいにはっきり歯を見せなくちゃ。
Kazuya: Not too bad. If I wanted to take a photo smiling, it would be the correct choice to imitate actors. Since they are professionals, they would know what to do to look good in front of cameras. If you wanted to look good on photographs, you’d have to show your teeth nicely like that.
海斗: そんなにマジに返すなって。単なる冗談なんだからさ。
Kaito: Don’t take me so seriously, that was just a joke.
和哉: ごめん。
Kazuya: Oh, I’m sorry.
海斗: 別に謝るようなことじゃねーけどさ……。
Kaito: It’s not really something you should apologise for.
海斗: 和哉は生真面目で、冗談も滅多に言わない。特に、俺を馬鹿にするようなことは。俺がロンドン支社長の息子で、和哉は部長の息子だから……。俺の母親が支社長夫人って立場を利用して、社員の奥さん連中だけじゃなく、子供達にまで俺に従うように言っているせいだ。だから、俺のまわりにはイエスマンしかいない。俺には心を許せる友達なんかいないんだ。いっそ一人になりたい。その方が気楽だ……
Kaito: Kazuya is a serious guy and he seldom jokes around. Especially when making fun of me. Since I’m the son of the London branch manager and Kazuya is the son of the chief director. My mother has been exerting her power as the branch manager’s wife, not only within the social circle of wives in the company, but she has also been telling the other children to listen to what I say. That’s why, I only have yes-men around me. I don’t have any friends whom I can entrust my heart to. I want to become alone, that way is the most relieving.
女性: こんにちは。あなた達も観光? 良かったら、私が二人の写真撮りましょうか?
Female: Hi, you two are travelers too aren’t you? I’d take a photo for you two if you like.
和哉: せっかくだから、撮ってもらおうよ、海斗。イエス、プリーズ。
Kazuya: Since this is a rare chance, let’s get our photos taken, Kaito. Yes please.
女性: はい、写真。じゃあ、二人とも良い旅を。
Female: Okay, here you are. Have a nice trip!
海斗、和哉: ありがとう、さよなら。
Kaito, Kazuya: Thank you, goodbye!
和哉: よく撮れてるよ。写真だと、海斗の髪の赤さが一層際立つね。
Kazuya: It was well taken, in photographs, Kaito’s hair looks really prominent.
海斗: そうか? 自分じゃよく判らないけど……。で、どうする、この写真?
Kaito: Is that so? I don’t understand that really well myself. Then, what are you going to do with this photo?
和哉: それも思い出の一枚にしたら?
Kazuya: Let’s keep it as a sheet of our memories then.
海斗: じゃあ、もらっとく。曲がらないように財布に挟んでっと……。
Kaito: Then, I’ll take it and put it in my wallet without folding it…
海斗: はあ……、さっきのことは気にしていない。ホント、いい奴なんだ……。思いやりがあって、一緒にいてホッとできて、寄宿生寮で同じ部屋になって判ってきた。これで和哉のお父さんが、親父の部下じゃなけりゃ、生まれて初めて『親友』と呼べる存在になってたかもしれないのにな。もっと近づきたいのに近づけないってのは、寂しいよ
Kaito: (Kaito sighs) I won’t think too much about just now. He’s actually a good guy, I’ve understood that after rooming together with him in the dorms. We can understand each other and when we’re together I feel happy. If his father weren’t dad’s subordinate, I might have been able to call him my first best friend. It’s very lonesome when I want to get closer but can’t do so.
和哉: 海斗、そろそろ行こう。暗くなる前にプリマスに着きたいし。
Kazuya: Kaito, let’s get going. We should reach Plymouth before it gets dark.
海斗: ああ。
Kaito: Okay!

FLESH & BLOOD 01 (4)
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2. Scene 1

海斗: 和哉の奴、乗り物に乗るとすぐ眠くなるんだよな。
Kaito: This guy, once he gets onto any form of transport, he always falls asleep so quickly.
海斗: 今回の旅のテーマは『女王陛下の海賊を追って』だ。元々、海賊は大好きだったけど、きっかけはフォックス先生の英国史の授業だっけ……
Kaito: The theme for this trip is “Chasing the pirates of Her Majesty”. I’ve always liked pirates but what started this was Forks-sensei’s English history lesson.
フォックス: 諸君、静かに!
Everyone, please quieten down. In England, the religion reformation1 began during the flourish of the renaissance period, the 16th Century. Elizabeth I of England2 who was called the Virgin Queen had a navy which she was proud of. However, as their navy was smaller than the Spanish Armada3, the strongest navy at that time, it was common sentiments that England stood no chance against Spain. But, because of the Queen’s brave pirates4, John Hawkins5, Francis Drake6, Thomas Frobisher7, they were able to defeat their strong opponents.
生徒 1: ドレイク! 俺ガキの頃、彼みたいな海賊になりたい、絶対になるんだって思ってたよ。
Student 1: Drake! When I was a kid, I wanted to become a pirate like him, I thought that I would definitely become like him!
生徒 2: 俺も! アーサー・ランサムの本に出てくる子達みたいに、よくゴッコ遊びをしてさあ。
Student 2: Me too! Just like those kids in Arthur Ransome’s books8, I loved pretending to be pirates.
生徒 3: した、した! 俺は『宝島』ごっこだったな。ジョン・シルヴァーになりきって、片方の足で跳ね回ってた。
Student 3: I did too, Mine was “Treasure Island”9. In order to become like John Silver, I hopped around on just one leg!
海斗: そういや、俺も幼稚園のとき、海賊ごっこと忍者ごっこをやってたな。和哉、おまえは?
Kaito: Come to think of it, when I was in kindergarten, I did pretend to be pirates or ninja too. Kazuya, what about you?
和哉: やったよ。どっちかっていうと、海賊ごっこの方が好きだった。
I did too, if you asked for my preference, I enjoyed acting as pirates more.
海斗: 同感。
Kaito: Same here.
和哉: ここはイングランドなんだよね。今まで考えたことなかったけど、本当にドレイク達がいた国なんだ。
Kazuya: We’re in England right? I’ve never thought of this before but, this is where Drake and the others once existed at.
海斗: ああ……。夢物語なんかじゃなく、実際に生きて活躍していた海の男がいたんだ。なあ、ドレイクって、どこの港が本拠地だっけ?
Kaito: Yea. It wasn’t a story dreamed up by someone, but these people were once alive and worked at sea here. Say, which port was Drake based at?
和哉: プリマス。生まれはタビストックで、第二代ベットフォード伯爵が名付け親だ。
Kazuya: Plymouth. He was born in Tavistock, that was the name the second count of Bedford gave.
海斗: そこまで知ってるなんて、おまえの海賊好きは本物だな。
Kaito: To know so much about this, your love for pirates is real.
和哉: それが判るそっちこそ。
Kazuya: You too.
海斗: 行ってみたいと思わない? プリマスに。
Kaito: Haven’t you ever thought of visiting Plymouth before?
海斗: それからはアッという間だった。ガイドブック見ながら二人で旅行計画を立てて、旅に出て。
Kaito: The rest was history. We planned our itinerary while researching through guidebooks, and set off on our travels. But, the highlight of the trip has to be Plymouth. To accomplish the circumnavigation of the world during his lifetime, Drake earned a fortune and bought a monastery in the suburbs, converting it into Buckland Abbey10. When the undefeated pirates crossed the English channel, Drake, along with Hawkins and the other pirates played a game of bowling at the Hoe11. The ship they were on, called Revenge12, then headed for Plymouth to attack the Spanish.
海斗: おい、和哉。そろそろ着くぞ。
Kaito: Oi Kazuya, we’re reaching soon.
和哉: あ……っ、あ、良かった……夢だ。
Kazuya: Ah… I’m glad, that was a dream.
海斗: 夢? どんな?
Kaito: Dream? What sort of?
和哉: うん……。僕達が乗った船が座礁しちゃうんだ。で、他の客達と一緒にボートに移るんだけど、気付くと、海斗の姿だけ見えない。
Kazuya: The ship that we were on was stranded and we were transferred onto the lifeboats with the other passengers. When I realised it, I couldn’t see Kaito anywhere. And when the lifeboat left the ship, you suddenly appeared on the deck. I turned around to ask them to turn back, but nobody was there. I was all alone. I panicked and that was when I woke up.
海斗: 結局、置いてきぼりかよ。ひでー。
Kaito: So in the end, you left me behind? How heartless.
和哉: 現実と紙一重みたいな夢を見ると、いつも気になるんだ。あの続きは、一体どうなるんだろうって。
Kazuya: When I dream of something so realistic, I always worry about it. What would happen after that?
海斗: 俺もリアルな夢を見た後で、おかしなことを考えた経験があるよ。俺が夢だって思って見ているのは、別の世界の俺の現実だったりして、って話。
Kaito: I also remember thinking weird things after I have a realistic dream. I would think that the dream I saw might be the reality for the me in another world, or something like that.
和哉: いわゆる並行宇宙だね。世の中は本当は無数にある、『もう一人の僕』が生きている世界も。
Kazuya: In other words, parallel universes. There are really many worlds in this world, a world where another me exists too. What Kaito is saying, is that when we are sleeping, we might be unconsciously peeking into another world which is usually sealed off by a wall of space, right? But since the people from both sides think that of it as a dream, nobody realises the existence of that parallel universe.
海斗: そうそう。本当にそうだったら怖いと思わねえ? フラフラ迷い込んでいるうちに戻れなくなったら、なんて考えたら。
Kaito: That’s right, if that’s really the case, then don’t you find it scary? If you think about what happens when you wander around in a daze and forget to come back.
和哉: 戻れないのは嫌だね。でも、向こうの方が楽しそうだったら、自主的に返ってこないって手もあるか。もう一度、人生やり直すために。
Kazuya: I don’t want to get stranded somewhere else. But, if life is more fun on the other side, I guess you can intentionally not return, for a chance to redo your life.
海斗: おまえ、やり直したいことなんかあるの?
Kaito: Do you have anything you want to redo?
和哉: 耐えられない不満とかはないけど……でも、続けてどうなるんだ、とも思うな。毎日、何が起こるでもなく、代わり映えしなくて、退屈だし。
Kazuya: I don’t have any unhappiness that I can’t stomach, but I wonder what’s in store for me in future too. Everyday nothing happens and nothing changes for the better, it’s boring. I should just throw everything away and go to a place with a total different setting, it feels like I would be able to live afresh.
海斗: 何か……意外な一面だったな。和哉っておとなしそうに見えるけど、本当は俺なんかよりずっと過激なのかも。俺はそこまでスッパリ思い切れねーもん。
Kaito: Somehow, that was unexpected. Kazuya looks rather well-behaved, but in actual fact, you might be more extreme than I am. I won’t be able to make that sort of decision.
和哉: 僕だって思い切れないよ。本当にそんな機会が訪れたとしても、家族とか、友達とか、僕が一緒にいたいと思って、向こうも離れたくないって思ってくれる人がいれば、どこにも行きたくなくなるでしょ。
Kazuya: (Kazuya laughs) I won’t be able to do that either. Even if such a chance presents itself to me one day, as long as there are people who care for me, who don’t want to part with me, like my family or my friends, I won’t feel like going anywhere.
海斗: 俺には当て嵌まらないな。両思いの相手がいないから。
Kaito: That won’t happen for me, because I don’t have anyone who feels that way for me.
和哉: ……え?
Kazuya: Huh?
海斗: 冷たいのかもしれないけど、あんまり家族といたいって思わないし、俺のことを友達だって思ってくれる奴もいない。
Kaito: This might sound cold-hearted, but I don’t really think of being together with my family and nobody really thinks of me as a friend either.
和哉: そ、そんなことな……。
Kazuya: S-something like that…
海斗: あるよ。例えば、おまえが蒸発したとするじゃん? そうしたら、家族も、俺も必死になって探すだろ? でも、俺にはそこまでしてくれる人はいない。ただの一人も思いつかないんだ。
Kaito: It’s true. For example, if you disappeared, your family and I will panic and start looking for you right? But, I don’t have anyone who will go to such lengths for me. I can’t even think of a single person who would.
和哉: 海斗……。
Kazuya: Kaito…
海斗: あ、ああ、悪い。自分で言っときながら、俺こそリアクションに困るようなこと言ったな。忘れてくれ。
Kaito: Oh, I’m sorry. Saying such things suddenly, I’ve said something which was awkward to react to. Please forget about it.
和哉: 海斗。
Kazuya: Kaito.
海斗: なに?
Kaito: What?
和哉: 僕が蒸発したら、おまえは探してくれるのに、どうして、おまえが蒸発したら、僕は探さないって思うんだよ?
Kazuya: If you would look for me if I disappear, what makes you think that I won’t look for you if you disappeared?
海斗: それは……。
Kaito: That is…
和哉: 言えよ! 何でだよ?
Kazuya: Answer me! Why is that so?
海斗: 父親の上司の息子じゃなかったら、おまえ、俺と友達になるか?
Kaito: If I weren’t the son of your father’s superior, would you still be my friend? (Kazuya punches Kaito)
海斗: 和哉が……俺を殴った。あのおとなしい和哉が!
Kaito: Kazuya… punched me. That calm and collected Kazuya…
和哉: 僕のことを何だと思ってる?
Kazuya: What do you take me for?
海斗: 何って……。
和哉: おまえは僕を欲得ずくの人間だって決めつけたんだ。
この旅行だって、嫌々来てると思ってたのか? 一緒に計画を立ててたときも、俺は腹の底で『父さんのためだ。我慢しなきゃ』って呟いてたとでも?
Kazuya: You’ve decided that I’m a calculative person. If you want to say that my father has been sucking up to yours in order to climb the social ladder, I won’t stop you. But, I have no intentions of sucking up to you. I’m not friends with you because I want you to do something for me! Did you think that I came unwillingly on this trip too? That, while we were planning this trip together, I was secretly muttering to myself, “this is for my dad, I have to endure this”, or something like that?!
海斗: ごめん……。
Kaito: I’m sorry.
和哉: 謝らなくていい。僕の許しなんて、どうせ必要ないだろから。
Kazuya: You don’t have to apologise, you don’t need to be forgiven anyway.
海斗: 違う! そんなこと……っ。
Kaito: You’re wrong, that’s not…
和哉: おまえの心に踏み込めない部分があるのは感じてた。でも、誰にもそっとしておいて欲しいことはあるから、なるべく触れないように気をつけてたんだ。それが、単に『お客様扱い』されていただけだとはね……。
Kazuya: I’ve always felt that there is a part of your heart which you’ve closed off. So I tried not to cross the line because I thought that everyone would have a part of them they wish to keep off-limits to others. To think that it was all because you were treating me like a business relationship… I was stupid for believing that you were my friend.
海斗: 俺のいじけた思い込みが、和哉を傷つけてしまった。誰も本気で付き合ってくれないって被害者ぶって、心を閉ざして、和哉をはねつけてたんだ。
Kaito: My timid thoughts have hurt Kazuya. I acted like the victim whom nobody would befriend honestly, closed my heart and rejected Kazuya. Even though he has always seemed reserved because he was waiting for me to lower my guard.
海斗: ごめん……。本当にごめん。誰かに好かれる自信がなかったんだ。親に言われて、俺にヘイコラする奴がホントにいたからさ。いつの間にか、皆、そうなんじゃないかって……。
Kaito: I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I didn’t have the confidence to be liked by anyone. Because there were many people who were nice to me because of my parents. Somewhere along the way, I started to think that everyone was like that…
和哉: 言い訳は聞きたくない。人に好かれる自信? そんなの、僕だってないよ。自分の方から働きかけもしないで、好きになってもらおうなんて、海斗はずるいんだ。自分だけ楽をしようとして。
Kazuya: I don’t want to hear your excuses. The confidence to be liked by people? I don’t have that either. If you don’t want to put in any work and still wishes to be liked by people, that is unfair. You’re just trying to make yourself feel better.
海斗: ごめん、和哉、反省してるよ。嘘じゃない。もう一度、やり直させてくれ。俺ももっと素直になるから……。
Kaito: I’m sorry, Kazuya, I’m reflecting on it now. It’s true. Let me redo it once again. I will become more honest too…
和哉: どうだか……。
Kazuya: I wonder about that.
海斗: 俺にも絶対に見捨てないでくれる相手がいたんだ。でも、俺は馬鹿だったから、それに気づかなくて、ようやく、大事な人なんだって判ったときには、失ってた。自業自得なんだけど、ホント、情けなくて、泣けてくる
Kaito: I had someone who wouldn’t abandon me too. But, I didn’t realise that because I was stupid. When I finally realise the importance of the person, I’ve lost him. Even though I deserve it, this is so pathetic that I feel like crying.
海斗: ここがホーの丘か。ドレイクもここから俺達と同じように、プリマスの街を見てたのかな?
Kaito: So this is the Hoe? Did Drake look at the town of Plymouth just like us now?
和哉: ドレイク達が活躍していた頃のプリマスも見たかったな。今よりも小さかったと思うけど、もっと活気があっただろうし。
Kazuya: I want to look at the Plymouth during the Drake’s era too. I think it must be smaller than what it is now, but I’m sure it was livelier.
海斗: こんな風に話してると、何も起こらなかったみたいだ。許してくれたのか、それとも、見せかけの友情なのか判らない。けど、一緒に旅を続けてくれるってことは、期待していいのかな?
Kaito: When we converse like this, it was as though nothing had happened. I don’t know if he had forgiven me, or if he is just putting on a show of friendship. But, since he is willing to continue traveling with me, is it all right have hope?
和哉: 昔、この辺りは音楽の才能に優れていたケルト人の土地だった。ドレイクも『ヴァージナル』っていう楽器の音色が好きだったらしいよ。
Kazuya: In the past, this was the land of the Celts who excelled in music. Apparently, Drake liked the sounds of this musical instrument called the Virginal13.
海斗: へえ、自分で演奏したの?
Kaito: Heh… Could he play it himself?
和哉: それは判らないけど……。でも、ドラムなら叩けるはずだ。
Kazuya: I don’t know about that, but he should have been able to play the drums.
海斗: 知ってる! 伝説の太鼓、ドレイクス・ドラムだろ! 彼が住んでたバックランド・アビィの博物館にあるんだよな?
Kaito: I know that! The legendary drum, Drake’s drum14 right? It’s in the Buckland Abbey museum, where he lived at, right?
和哉: そう。ドレイクが世界周航のときに持って行った太鼓で、戦闘開始の合図を送るときに打ち鳴らしたものらしいね。
Kazuya: Yes, it was the drum he brought with him when he sailed around the world. He used to hit on it as a signal to start the war.
海斗: ドレイクが死んだ後もイングランドに危機が迫ると、高らかに轟いて祖国を護るって言い伝えがあるって本に書いてあったよ。確か、トラファルガーの海戦や、第一次世界大戦のときにも鳴ったって。
Kaito: It was written in the book that even after Drake’s death, when danger approaches England, he would return to protect England if it is hit. It seems that during the Battle of Trafalgar15 and World War I16, the drum could be heard too.
和哉: うん。どこにあるのか探しても見つからないけど、音だけが聞こえて、攻撃が始まるまで止まないんだって。
Kazuya: Yea. Even though they can’t find the source of the sound when they try to look for it, it was said that beating of the drum continued until the attacks began.
海斗: うわ、それって不気味~。
Kaito: Wow, that’s creepy.
和哉: ドレイク本人が死ぬまで片時も離さなかったらしいから、彼の念が籠もってるって言われても納得できるよね。
Kazuya: Drake didn’t let go of it until the instance he died, if people say that his spirit remained in the drum, it would be believable.
海斗: なんか、『念』とか言うとヘビーな感じ。幽霊じゃないんだからさ。
Kaito: Somehow when you use the word “spirit”, it feels serious. We aren’t talking about ghosts.
和哉: そうかな。天国とはいえ、死後の世界から蘇ってくるっていうんだから、ドレイクも亡霊の類じゃないの? 安らかな眠りにもつかないで、祖国を護るっていうのも英雄的だけど、裏を返せば一種の妄執だよね。
Kazuya: Can you be sure? Even though he went to heaven, if Drake resurrects from the world of the dead, he would still be a form of a ghost. To protect his homeland because he couldn’t rest in peace is heroic, but if you think about it from another point of view, isn’t it a kind of mistaken obsession?
海斗: ひー、話がミステリーから、ホラーっぽくなってきたぜ。
Kaito: Whew, this story has changed from mystery to horror!
和哉: 怪談はイングランドの十八番だからね。この近くだと、ダートムーアの『小屋の幽霊』が有名だ。
Kazuya: England ranks 18th for horror stories. Near here, the famous one would be Dartmoor’s Ghost Cottage. In a forest, you can see a mysterious cottage. But if you revisit it, it will disappear. After researching into it, they found out that during the 18th Century, there was a burnt cottage there. According to an occult research, the space dimension in that area was distorted and it might have formed a tunnel between the past and present.
海斗: 自然が作ったタイムマシンみたいなものか。その森に行けば、ドレイク達がいた時代にも飛べるかな?
Kaito: So it’s a time machine created by nature huh? If we go to that forest, can we teleport to the time of Drake and the others?
和哉: 行けるものなら、行ってみたい? 海賊達のいた時代に。
Kazuya: If you can, will you want to? To the era of pirates.
海斗: 当然! この目で海賊の血湧き肉踊る活躍を見てみたいね。いや、俺が海賊になって大暴れするのもいいな。ホント、ドレイクなら幽霊でも会いたいぜ。
Kaito: Of course! I want to witness with my own eyes, the blood-tingling successes of the pirates! No, maybe I would become a pirate myself and go wild. Really, if it is Drake, I won’t even mind meeting his ghost! If I seriously beg the museum people saying that it is the wish of my lifetime, would they let me beat on the drum?
和哉: デヴォンの人達は太鼓の力を信じてるし、ドレイクはイングランドの英雄だから、遊びで叩くなんてことをしたら国辱ものだ。
Kazuya: The Devon people believe deeply in the powers of the drum, Drake is regarded as a hero of England too. If they let you hit the drum with such unserious intentions, it would be a disgrace to their nation.
海斗: 冗談だよ。何も本気でやるワケじゃないって。
Kaito: It was a joke, it’s not like I would do that seriously…
和哉: 嘘だ。もし、太鼓の回りに誰もいなかったら、おまえは絶対に叩くタイプだよ。
Kazuya: You’re lying. You’re the sort who would definitely hit on the drum if no one was around.
海斗: バレたか。ん……?
Kaito: (Kaito laughs) Was I that obvious? (Sound of drums)
和哉: なに?
Kazuya: What is it?
海斗: 今、ドォーンって音、しなかった? 太鼓を叩いたみたいな……。
Kaito: Was there a sound just now? As though someone beat on a drum…
和哉: 例えば、ドレイクの太鼓みたいな? 空耳だよ。それか、ほら、黒い雲が近づいてきてる。あの雲の中で雷が鳴ったんじゃない?
Kazuya: (Kazuya laughs) For example, Drake’s drum? You must have misheard. See, the dark clouds are gathering, it must have been the thunder in those clouds.
海斗: カミナリ……。
Kaito: Thunder…
和哉: ゴロゴロやり始めたんなら、間違いなく降るよ。ホテルに戻ろう。
Kazuya: The thunder is rumbling, I’m sure it would start to pour soon. Let’s go back to the hotel.
海斗: そうだな。
Kaito: That’s right. (Sound of drums)
海斗: また! 違う。雷じゃない。一体何の音だ?
Kaito: Again! That’s not thunder, what sound is that?
和哉: どうしたの?
Kazuya: What’s wrong?
海斗: 聞こえないのか? さっきから鳴り続けてるじゃないか!
Kaito: Can’t you hear it? Hasn’t it been beating continuously since just now?
和哉: また、太鼓の話? 気のせいだって……。
Kazuya: Are you talking about the drum? It’s just your mishearing…
海斗: 黙って! 目を瞑ってくれよ。耳を澄ませば、聞こえるはずだ。早く……!
Kaito: Keep quiet! Close your eyes, if you focus on your ears, you should be able to hear it. Quickly!
和哉: い、今のは……。
Kazuya: Ah… that was…
海斗: 判った? 探しても見当たらない。人の目には映らないドラム――あれはドレイクの太鼓だ。このホーの丘で鳴り響いてるんだよ。
Kaito: Do you get it? The drum which can’t be found, which isn’t reflected in human eyes. That is the Drake’s drum! It has been beating from the Hoe!
和哉: まさか……ありえない! それが鳴るのは、イングランドに敵が襲来するときだけだ。今はどことも戦争をしていないじゃないか!
Kazuya: It can’t be, that’s impossible! It only beats when England is being attacked by enemies, there aren’t any wars going on right now!
海斗: この音……俺を……呼んでいる?
Kaito: That sound is… calling me? (Kaito starts walking towards the sound)
和哉: どこに行くんだよ……っ! ホテルはそっちじゃないだろ!
Kazuya: Where are you going? The hotel isn’t in that direction!
海斗: ……ホテル? 違う。俺が行くのはそこじゃない。
Kaito: Hotel? No, I’m not going towards the hotel.
和哉: なに、ボンヤリしてるんだよ! しっかりしてくれよ……!
Kazuya: What are you spacing out for? Pull yourself together!
海斗: あっちだ!
Kaito: It’s that way! (Kaito starts running off)
和哉: 海斗ッ……!
Kazuya: Kaito!
海斗: 行かなきゃ……。
Kaito: I have to go…
女の子: 降ってきたぁ。やー、もう!
Girl: It started raining, no way! (Kaito bumps into the girl and falls down)
海斗: 何だこれ? 木の棒が何本も立ってて、ボウリング――いや、絵でしか見たことなけど、その原型だっていう九柱戯(ナインピンズ)みたいだ。
Kaito: What is this? So many stakes on the ground, Bowling… No, it’s what I’ve only seen in drawings before, the model of nine pins.
海斗: どうしてこんなところに?
Kaito: Why is it in such a place?
海斗: そういや、ドレイクもよくホーの丘で九柱戯(ナインピンズ)をしてたって話だけど……。
もしかして、さっきの小屋の話みたいに、このピンも『幽霊』だとしたら……? ダートムーアの森に十八世紀に続くタイムトンネルがあるなら、このホーの丘には十六世紀――ドレイクが活躍していた時代へ抜けるトンネルがあるのかもしれない。
やった……! 手が入ったぞ!
Kaito: Come to think of it, Drake used to play bowling at the Hoe… Could it be, just like the story of the cottage just now, these pins are also ghosts… If there is a time tunnel in Dartmoor that connects to the 18th Century, perhaps there is a tunnel on this Hoe which connects to the 16th Century, to the time when pirates exist. There is a film which looks like cellophane. If I get through this wall and go over to the other side, I might be able to meet Drake. (Kaito plunges his hand into the film) I did it, my hand got through! (The film starts sucking Kaito’s hand in)
海斗: 抜けない!
Kaito: I can’t get out!
女の子: あの、大丈夫で……きゃああっ。
Girl: Excuse me… are you alright… (girl screams)
和哉: どうした!
Kazuya: What’s wrong?
女の子: あの人、右手がない! 手首から先が、輪切りにされたみたいに!
Girl: That person, he doesn’t have a right hand! From his wrist onwards, it looks like his hand has being sliced off!
和哉: か……海斗……っ。
Kazuya: Ah… Kaito…
海斗: 和哉……。
Kaito: Kazuya…
和哉: 何があったんだ……? いや、そんなことより、早く手当てをしないと!
Kazuya: What happened? No, before that, we have to do first aid! (Kazuya walks towards Kaito)
海斗: だめ……だ……離れろ……っ。
Kaito: You can’t… get away…
和哉: なんで!
Kazuya: Why?!
海斗: 引っ張り……込まれ……る。
Kaito: You will get… sucked in…
和哉: 手……おまえの手はどこだ?
Kazuya: Your hand… where is your hand?
海斗: 向こ……う。
Kaito: The other side…
和哉: なに? 向こうって、どういう……。
Kazuya: What? What do you mean by the other…
海斗: うわああー!!
Kaito: Ah!
和哉: 何するんだよ? 二の腕まで消えてる!
Kazuya: What are you doing? Even your arm is disappearing!
海斗: ト……。
Kaito: Tu…
和哉: なんだ、海斗。何が言いたい?
Kazuya: What is it? Kaito, what are you trying to say?
海斗: ト……。
Kaito: Tu…
和哉: ト、ン、ネ、ル。トンネル……? まさか、タイムトンネル!?
Kazuya: Tun…nel… Tunnel? It can’t be… the time tunnel?!
海斗: うわあああああああー!
Kaito: Ah! (Kaito gets sucked into the time tunnel and disappears)
女の子: 消えた……。いやああああああ!
Girl: He disappeared… (girl screams)
和哉: どこだ、海斗! かいと……っ!
Kazuya: Where are you? Kaito? Kaito!

FLESH & BLOOD 01 (5)
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3. Scene 2

ビセンテ・デ・サンティリャーナ: ここが、我が祖国スペインの宿敵、イングランド女王エリザベスの海賊どもの根城、プリマスか。
Vicente de Santillana: So this is Plymouth, the headquarters of England Queen, Elizabeth’s pirates, my homeland, Spain’s enemy. I have to investigate the ships in this port, in order to be of use for the inevitable war with England. Specifically on the notorious pirate El Draque, Francis Drake’s ship, which is threatening our fleet of ships, the Armada. If I give the information I’ve obtained to General Commander, Sir Santa Cruz, I’m sure he would be able to work out a plan. In the first place, for our undermanned navy, there are no other means we can depend on.
ビセンテ: エリザベスに幽閉された、スコットランド女王メアリー様を助けよ。それが、スペイン王フェリペ陛下が、私、ビセンテサンティリャーナに下された命令だ。
Vicente: To save the Scotland Queen Mary17, who had been imprisoned by Elizabeth. That was the order that I, Vicente de Santillana, had been given by His Majesty, the Spanish King. But Mary-sama was executed with Elizabeth’s power and I failed to save her. This investigation mission is to redeem myself and for my personal advancement. For that, I’ve chosen to be in the less competitive naval army rather than the land army where it is more difficult to excel. I had sworn at the deathbed of my sister, Maria, who died because we didn’t have money for the doctor despite being aristocrats. If I don’t have power, I can’t protect the ones I love. I swore to become stronger at any cost. (Vicente grasps his rosary beads) I’m always thinking about you, this rosary is what joins us, Maria. I will go straight to your side when I leave this world. Until then, please watch over me.
ビセンテ: まさか……! 噂に聞く、ドレイクの太鼓か。
スループ船が近づいてくる。あの船にドレイクが? 戦闘開始の合図以外にも太鼓を打つのか。
Vicente: (Sounds of drums beating) Don’t tell me, is this the Drake’s Drum from the rumours? A sloop is approaching, is Drake on that boat? (Vicente starts running) Do they beat on the drum even when it isn’t a signal for the start of a battle? Anyway, if he is there, I must see him with these eyes. Even though I hate him, he is a legend for all who sail the seas, the second person to circumnavigate the world. (Vicente stops)
ビセンテ: 誰かいる! 油断していた……
Vicente: Someone is there! Tsk, I let my guard down.
ビセンテ: 子供? おい! ……気を失っているのか。
Vicente: A child? Oi! Did he lose consciousness?
ビセンテ: なんと面妖な赤い髪だ。そのくせ、眉毛や睫毛は黒い。この黄味がかった肌の色。
Vicente: What an unusual colour of red his hair is. Despite that, his eyebrows and eyelashes are black. This yellowish tone of his skin… Come to think of it, a few years ago, the friars of the Franciscan Missionary18 brought children from a faraway foreign land. Their skin colour was like that too. They were Japanese, people who came from a famous island called Japan. Then, this young boy is?
ビセンテ: おい、大丈夫か?起きられるか?
Vicente: Oi, are you all right? (Kaito comes to) Can you get up?
海斗: 緑……緑の目……。ダレ……フー・アー・ユー?
Kaito: Green… green eyes. Who? Who are you?
ビセンテ: 英語が判るのか? ならば……
Vicente: Can he understand English? Then…
ビセンテ: ヴィンセントと呼べ。おまえは?
Vicente: I’m Vincent, and you?
海斗: カイト……カイト・トーゴー。
Kaito: Kaito… Kaito Tougou.
ビセンテ: カイト。
Vicente: Kaito?
海斗: 寒い……。
Kaito: It’s cold…
ビセンテ: そんな薄着ではな。
Vicente: With such thin clothings.
海斗: 七月なのに……。
Kaito: Even though it is July…
ビセンテ: 何を言っている。まだ春も終わっていないぞ。マントを貸してやろう。
Vicente: What are you talking about? Spring isn’t even over, I’ll lend you my cloak. (Vicente puts his cloak over Kaito)
海斗: 吐きそう……。
Kaito: I feel like vomiting…
ビセンテ: 我慢しなくていいぞ。
Vicente: Don’t hold it in.
海斗: 服を……汚しちゃ……。
Kaito: Your clothes… will be dirtied…
ビセンテ: 気にするな。汚れたら、洗えば済むことだ。
Vicente: Don’t worry about it. If it gets dirty, I just have to wash it.
海斗: ありがとう……優しいね。
Kaito: Thank you… you’re kind.
ビセンテ: 黒と緑――色こそ違っているが、どこかマリアの瞳に似ている。そう、熱を帯びた手で私に触れ、「一人は怖いから傍にいてね」と言ったときの瞳に……。
Vicente: Black and green. Even though the colour is different, there is something similar between his eyes and Maria’s eyes. That’s right, her eyes when she reached for me with her warm hands, telling me not to leave her alone… Is that why? I feel like being kind towards this young boy.
ビセンテ: おまえ、ハポネスだろう?
Vicente: Are you Japanese? (Vicente uses the Spanish word for Japanese)
海斗: うん。俺、日本人だよ。
Kaito: Yes, I’m a Japanese. (Kaito replies in Spanish)
ビセンテ: スペイン語も話せるのか?
Vicente: Can you speak Spanish too?
海斗: 挨拶ぐらいね。ジブラルタル出身の奴に習って……。
Kaito: Only the simple words, I learned it from a guy who was born in Gibraltar.
ビセンテ: 他には?
Vicente: Any other languages?
海斗: フランス語を少し。選択でとってるから。セント・クリストファー校はネイティヴによる語学教育がウリなの。
Kaito: A little bit of French, I took up the language as an elective. Saint Christopher is a school which is well-known for its native language education after all.
ビセンテ: 選択? 聖クリストフォロス? ネイティヴ? カイトはときどき意味の判らない言葉を話す。
Vicente: Elective? Saint Christopher? Native? Kaito speaks words that I don’t understand from time to time.
ビセンテ: ハポンに、イングランド人はいるのか?
Vicente: Are there English people in Japan?
海斗: うん。いるよ、いっぱい。
Kaito: Yea. There are a lot.
ビセンテ: なんと……。イングランド人とフランス人は西インドだけでは飽き足らず、太平洋にある我がスペインの縄張りまで荒らそうとしているのか?
Vicente: Good heavens, the English and the French weren’t satisfied with East India, are they even trying to rope off the Pacific Ocean from Spain as their territory?
ビセンテ: おまえがこの国に来たのはいつだ? いや、まず、おまえがこの場所にいる理由を教えてくれ。
おまえの乗っていた船が、狼のようなイングランド海賊に略奪されたのか? それとも、自ら進んで来たのか?
Vicente: When did you come to this country? No, first, tell me why you are in this place. Did your ship get ravaged by those wolf-like English pirates? Or did you come here of your own accord?
海斗: マッテ! ア、チガウ、ウェイト! 順番に答えさせてよ。えっと……Let me answer one… well…
Kaito: Ah, matte, no, wait! Let me answer the questions in order. Eh… let me answer… Huh?
ビセンテ: どうした?
Vicente: What’s wrong?
海斗: ここ……どこ?
Kaito: Where… am I?
ビセンテ: 判らないのか?
Vicente: You don’t know?
海斗: うん。
Kaito: Yea.
ビセンテ: 誰かに連れて来られたのか?
Vicente: Were you brought here by someone else?
海斗: 知らない……気がついたら、目の前にあんたがいたんだ。
Kaito: I don’t know… when I came to, you were standing in front of me.
ビセンテ: ここはプリマスだ。今まではどこに住んでいた?
Vicente: This is Plymouth. Where have you been living at till now?
海斗: ロンドンだよ。
Kaito: In London.
ビセンテ: どのくらい?
Vicente: For how long?
海斗: 九年ぐらい……かな。
Kaito: For about 9 years?
ビセンテ: まさか! それでは、おまえの国の使節がスペインに来る前ではないか。
Vicente: That can’t be! That would be before your country’s delegate came to Spain.
海斗: 使節? 何の……痛ッ。頭がガンガンする。
Kaito: Delegate? What are you… Ouch, my head is throbbing.
ビセンテ: おまえはどうやってイングランドに来た?
Vicente: How did you come to England?
海斗: 親と一緒に……。
Kaito: Together with my parents…
ビセンテ: 彼らはどこにいる? ロンドンで何をしているのだ。
Vicente: Where are they? What were you doing in London?
海斗: 仕事……だよ。
Kaito: Working…
ビセンテ: どんな?
Vicente: What sort of?
海斗: 気持ち……悪い……頭も痛いし……。
Kaito: I feel terrible… my head hurts too…
ビセンテ: 判った。少し休め。
Vicente: I understand, you rest for a while.
海斗: うん……。
Kaito: Okay…
ビセンテ: 私も何が何だか、訳が判らなくなってきた。おまえをロンドンから連れ出し、この丘の上に放り出して行った者の目的は何なのだ?
Vicente: I’m getting confused too, who exactly is the person who brought you from London and left you here on this hill?
海斗: 丘……? ホーの丘……!
Kaito: Hill? The Hoe? (Kaito gasps and sits up suddenly)
ビセンテ: どうしたんだ、急に?
Vicente: What’s the problem, so suddenly?
海斗: あんた、その服、このマント……。今は何年……? 何年の何月?
Kaito: You… your clothes… this cloak… What year is it now? Which month of which year?!
ビセンテ: アンノ・ドミネ、主の誕生元年から数えて千五百八十七年と三ヶ月だ。
Vicente: Anno Domini, from the birth of Christ, year 1587 March.
海斗: 千五百……。
Kaito: 15… (Kaito collapses)
ビセンテ: お、おい!
Vicente: Oi!
海斗: あのとき、ドレイクの太鼓が鳴って……俺は……手を伸ばした……。
Kaito: Back then, the Drake’s Drum sounded… I… stretched out my hand…
ビセンテ: さっき鳴った奴か? やはり、あれはドレイクの太鼓なのか?
Vicente: The one that sounded just now? I knew it, was that Drake’s Drum?
海斗: あんたも聞いたの? イングランドに敵が近づくと鳴るんだ。敵は誰? 俺? それとも、あんた?
Kaito: Did you hear it too? When enemies approach England, it would sound. Who is the enemy? Me? Or is it you?
ビセンテ: この少年は何を知っているのだろう?
Vicente: What does this young boy know about?
ビセンテ: 長い話になりそうだな。こんな寒空の下では風邪を引く。続きは私が泊まっている宿で聞こう。
Vicente: It seems like this would be a long conversation. You will catch a cold in this cold weather, let’s continue talking at the inn where I’m staying at.
海斗: 嫌だ。正体の判らない奴についていけるかよ。
Kaito: I don’t want to, as if I can follow a stranger.
ビセンテ: それはお互い様だろう。
Vicente: Doesn’t that make the two of us?
海斗: 俺は何も隠していない! カイト・トーゴー。十七歳。二十一世紀から来たハポネスだよ。
Kaito: I’m not hiding anything! Kaito Tougo, 17 years old, I’m a Japanese from the 21st Century!
ビセンテ: 世迷言を! 二十一世紀だと?
Vicente: Such absurdity! From the 21st Century?
海斗: 本当なんだ。俺は未来から飛ばされてきた。なんでか判んねーけど、俺の住んでた世界からこっちの世界へ通じる穴に落ちちまったんだ。
Kaito: It’s the truth! I came from the future. I don’t understand how that happened, but I fell into a hole which connected my world to this world.
ビセンテ: ……おかしな子だと思ったら、狂っていたとは。
Vicente: I thought you were a strange child, but to think that you’re deranged.
海斗: 嘘じゃねーって! その証拠に、来年、ここで何が起こるかも知ってるぜ。ついにフェリペが重い腰を上げて、スペインの無敵艦隊が攻めてくるんだ。
Kaito: It’s true! As a proof, I even know what is going to happen here next year. Philip19 finally snaps and the Spanish Armada would attack this place.
ビセンテ: ……何だと?
Vicente: What did you say?
海斗: サンタ・クルズ侯が死んで、メディナ・シドーニア公が総司令官になってね。
Kaito: Santa Cruz would die and Medina Sidonia would become the Chief Commander.
ビセンテ: はははは! あの公爵閣下が海軍を指揮する? ありえない……!
Vicente: (Vicente laughs) That Duke to command a navy? That’s impossible!
海斗: でも、そうなる。あ……? 今『あの公爵』って言ったよね? あんたメディナ・シドーニアのことを知ってる。
Kaito: But, it will be so. Ah, you just said “that duke” right? You know about Medina Sidonia, if I look closely, you look exactly like the Spanish. England’s enemy was you. Since you were kind towards me, I’ll warn you. It would be best if you don’t ride on any of the ships during the next battle, if you don’t want to become part of the ocean…
ビセンテ: 黙れ、小僧! たわけたことを……我が軍がイングランドごときに敗れるはずがない!
Vicente: Shut up, you brat! (Vicente strangles Kaito) To speak of such foolish things… there is no way our army would be defeated by England!
海斗: こ……この国にはドレイクがいる……ホーキンスも……っ。スペインには……誰もいない。シ……ドーニアは……海を……知らな……。
Kaito: T-This country… has Drake… Hawkins… Spain doesn’t… have anyone… Sidonia… doesn’t know… the seas…
ビセンテ: 黙らぬか……っ!
Vicente: Won’t you keep quiet!
ビセンテ: 弱っている者に対して、私は何という非道な真似を……!
Vicente: What terrible things have I done to someone who is so vulnerable?
ビセンテ: すまない……。
Vicente: (Vicente releases Kaito) I’m sorry. (Kaito coughs)
ビセンテ: 介抱してやらねば……。宿屋に運ぶしかないな。追われている身としては、少しでも目立つことは避けたいのだが……。
スペインには誰もいない……か。なぜそれを、年端もいかぬ少年が見抜いているのだ? もしかして占い師か? 未来に起こる出来事を知る東洋の魔術だとしたら……。
Vicente: He needs to be taken care of, I have to bring him back to the inn. Even though as someone who is being pursued, I should avoid actions which call attention to myself… (Vicente carries Kaito up) Spain doesn’t have anyone? How did this young boy manage to gain knowledge of that? Could he be a prophet? If he uses Eastern magic to predict the future… The successor to John Dee20, whom the astrology maniac Elizabeth has been relying heavily on, might be Kaito’s family. If that’s the case, it won’t be strange if he knew about the key persons of Spain. On top of appearing to know too much, he was involved in their dark plans and even got kidnapped to such a place? A prophecy which spells misfortune for Spain. No, if I understand where the problem is, there is a possibility of coming up with a counter-plan. Then, Kaito’s prophecy might bring about good fortune for my nation. The fact that he fell at my feet, this might be a sign from the Gods that he will bring luck to my country, Spain. All right, I’ll bring Kaito back to Spain.
水夫: ……こっちか?
Sailor 1: Is it here?
水夫: おお!
Sailor 2: Yea!
ビセンテ: 誰か来る!
Vicente: Someone is coming! (Vicente hides)
水夫: 誰もいねえぞ。本当に怪しい野郎が立ってたのか?
Sailor 1: There is no one here, are you sure you saw a suspicious man standing here?
水夫: 船楼からマックが見たって言うんだから間違いねえ。黒ずくめの男なんだとさ。
Sailor 2: Mark said so from the ship’s mast so it has to be so. He said that it was a man dressed in black.
ビセンテ: 船の上から私の姿を見かけた者がいたのか。さっきのスループ船か? この状況では、カイトを連れて行くことは不可能だ。
Vicente: Was there someone who saw me from the ship? That sloop from just now? In this state, it would be impossible to bring Kaito back. Forgive me, I cannot bring myself to leave you behind, but there is no other choice. I don’t know what trials the cold-blooded English pirates will put you through, but I’ll pray that you won’t be treated terribly. Fate… that’s right, if fate allows, may we meet again. (Vicente runs off)
水夫: おい……誰かいるぞ! ガキだ! ガキが倒れてる!
Sailor 1: Oi, someone is there, it’s a child! A child is lying there!
水夫: 怪我をしてるみてぇだな。例の黒ずくめの男にやられたのか?
Sailor 2: He is hurt, he might have been hurt by the man dressed in black.
水夫: とりあえず、医者に見せたらどうだ? 正気づかせないことには、話も聞けやしねえ。
Sailor 1: How about bringing him to a doctor first? If he doesn’t regain consciousness, we can’t even ask him questions.
水夫: そうだな。よし、残りの捜索は林の中にいる連中に任せよう。俺らはこいつをトマソン先生のところに運ぶんだ。
Sailor 2: You’re right. All right, let’s leave the remaining investigative work to the others in the forest. I will carry this child to Doctor Thomason.
ビセンテ: カイト、どうか無事で。
Vicente: Kaito, please stay safe.

FLESH & BLOOD 01 (6)
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4. Scene 3

シリル・モーズリー: ん……っ……だめ……ジェフリー……あ……そこはだめだって……痕がついちゃう……っ
Cyril Mozry: No Geoffrey… I said that you can’t do that there… you’ll leave a mark.
ジェフリー・ロックフォード: おとなしくしてな、シリル。レスター伯一座が誇る少年俳優を、色気たっぷりのお姫様にしてやろうっていうんだ。
Geoffrey Rockford: Stay still, Cyril. I’m going to change you from Count Leiceister’s first rate actor into an erotic princess.
シリル: 今夜の役は清らかな水車小屋の娘だもん。処女がそんな痕をつけてたら変でしょ。僕の親方、そういうの、凄くうるさいの。怒ると怖いんだから。
Cyril: My role tonight is a pure young girl from a watermill; won’t it be weird for a virgin to have hickeys? My boss is rather naggy about such things., it will be scary if he gets angry.
ジェフリー: おまえこそ、うるさい口の持ち主だ。
Geoffrey: You are so naggy too. (Geoffrey kisses Cyril)
シリル: あなたのキスってウットリしちゃう……。最高だよ。
Cyril: Your kisses are so mesmerising. They are the best. These beautiful lips, they have a good shape and are always lifted in a smile. It’s a bit suggestive and when you look at me, my heart pounds.
ジェフリー: 誉めてくれるのは嬉しいが、気に入ったのは唇だけか?
Geoffrey: I’m happy that you’re flattering me, but are you only in love with my lips?
シリル: 平民の船長にしては高貴そうな鼻も、豪奢な金髪もいいよ。
Cyril: That noble nose of yours and your voluptuous golden hair is good for a normal captain like you too. But, nothing beats your eyes. Those eyes with a blue which looks like the sea on a sunny day, you can even become one of those cold-hearted but beautiful mermaids who seduce boys to jump into the sea.
ジェフリー: 詩人だな、シリル。
Geoffrey: You’re so poetic, Cyril.
シリル: 違うよ。僕は男の人魚……あなたの瞳の中で溺れさせて。
Cyril: You’re wrong, I’m a merman, drown me in your gaze.
ジェフリー: 何度でも。
Geoffrey: However many times you want me to
ルーファス・ベレット: お頭、事件だ!
Rufus Barrett: Boss, we have a situation! (Rufus barges in and frightens Cyril)
ジェフリー: ルーファス。
Geoffrey: Rufus.
ルーファス: おっと、申し訳ねえ。こちとら、お取り込み中とは知らねえで。
Rufus: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you were in the middle of something.
ジェフリー: 構わんよ。だが、次は扉を開ける前に合図をしてくれると嬉しいね。
Geoffrey: I don’t mind. But I would be happy if you give some sort of signal before opening the door next time.
ルーファス: 心得ときます。
Rufus: I’ll remember that.
シリル: フン、白々しい! ここはどこ? 淫売宿だよ。だったら、中にいる人間がしてることぐらい、判ってもいいじゃない!
Cyril: Hmph, how insolent! Where are we? This is a brothel. Shouldn’t you at least know what the people in here are doing?
ルーファス: だから、謝っただろう。俺だって、お頭の愉しみを邪魔するのは本意じゃねえ。こう見えて、恋の道には理解があるんだぜ。
Rufus: That’s why I apologised. It’s not my intention to interrupt boss’s enjoyment too. I may look like this, I do understand some things about love.
シリル: へーえ、本人にはとんと縁がない道みたいだけどね。
Cyril: Heh… you don’t look like you have much luck in that department though.
ルーファス: 趣味を疑うぜ、お頭。こんな生意気な小僧のどこがいいんだ?
Rufus: I’m having doubts about your taste, boss. What’s so good about this conceited brat?
ジェフリー: カラダ。おまえも寝てみりゃ、判る。
Geoffrey: His body. If you sleep with him, you’d understand too.
シリル: つまり、あんたには一生判らないってこと。
Cyril: In other words, you’ll never understand it in this lifetime.
ルーファス: こ……の、クソガキが~っ!
Rufus: This… damned brat!
ジェフリー: まともに取り合うから、からかわれるんだ。それより、用件を言え。
Geoffrey: He is just teasing you because you’re arguing with him seriously. Rather than that, state your matter.
ルーファス: おっと、そうだった。昨夜の話なんですが、ホーの丘に見たこともないガキが倒れてたんでさ。
Rufus: Oh, that’s right. It’s about last night, there was a unknown boy who collapsed at the Hoe.
ジェフリー: そいつは大した事件だな。だが、俺と何の関係がある? 行き倒れた子供の面倒なら、心優しき司祭様がやってる救護院に任せておけ。
Geoffrey: That is a major case. But, what does that have to do with me? Just leave the caretaking of the fainted child to those kind-hearted Catholic priests who run the hospital.
ルーファス: それが見たこともない外国人なんです。肌は黄味がかってて、髪はリンゴみてえに真っ赤、眼はお頭の持ってるマントみたいな黒で……。
Rufus: About him, he is a foreigner whom we’ve never seen before. His skin is yellowish, his hair is red like an apple and his eyes are as black as boss’ cloak..
ジェフリー: 賑やかな色目だな。顔立ちは?
Geoffrey: That’s a lively appearance. How about his facial features?
ルーファス: 好みもあるでしょうが、まあまあで……。それが問題ですかい?
Rufus: It would be one’s preferences but I found him so-so. Is there a problem there?
ジェフリー: ああ。出会ったことを後悔するようなご面相では困る。人生は短い。俺はそれを美しく、快いものだけで飾りたい。
Geoffrey: Of course. If it’s face which I would regret seeing, I would be troubled. Life is short. I want to decorate my life with only the beautiful and pleasant things.
シリル: 例えば、僕みたいな?
Cyril: For example, someone like me?
ジェフリー: そうだ。己れを知る者には迷いがない。爽快だな。
Geoffrey: That’s right. Anyone who knows you won’t be lost, how refreshing.
ルーファス: 俺には嫌味な自惚れにしか思えませんがね。それはともかく、そのガキ、どこの国の人間か判らねえのに、俺らの言葉をペラペラ喋りやがるんですよ。問題はその話の内容で。
Rufus: But I only see a sarcastic conceited brat. Leaving that aside, we don’t know which country that boy is from, but he started talking about us like he knew a lot. The problem is in the content of what he said.
ジェフリー: 何だ?
Geoffrey: What?
ルーファス: 自分が誰だか、思い出せねえそうです。ホーの丘に倒れていた理由も判らねえ。
Rufus: It seems like he can’t remember who he is. He doesn’t know why he collapsed at the Hoe too.
ジェフリー: 医者に見せたのか?
Geoffrey: Did the doctor take a look at him?
ルーファス: へえ。トマソン先生に。どうも頭を強くぶつけてるらしいんですが、それが原因で昔のことを忘れちまう人間もいるそうです。先生は一時的なもので、そのうち思い出すかもしれないって言ってましたが。
Rufus: Yea, Doctor Thomason did. Apparently he hit his head badly, there are people who would lose their memories because of that. Doctor said that it is a temporary thing and he might regain his memories one day, but…
ジェフリー: 思い出すかもしれない……あるいは、忘れたフリをしているのかもしれない。身元を詳しく詮索されたくない事情があるとか。
Geoffrey: He might regain his memories… in other words, he might just be pretending to have lost it. He might have a reason to not want his identity revealed.
ルーファス: だったら、何としても正体を明らかにしてもらわねえと。どうしても思い出せねえって言うんなら、俺らで突き止めるまでだ。あらゆる手を使ってね。この大事な時期――港の周りを得体の知れねえ輩にうろつかれるのはまずいでしょう。
Rufus: If that’s the case, we have to do all that we can to expose his true identity. If he can’t remember his past no matter what, we just have to investigate more using whatever ways we can. During these days, it would be bad to have suspicious characters loitering around the port, right?
ジェフリー: まあな。
Geoffrey: I guess.
ルーファス: そもそも、俺らがガキを見つけたのは、ホーの丘の上に黒い服を着た不審な男がいるって、マックが言い出したからなんで。
Rufus: In the first place, we found the boy at the Hoe because Mark said that he saw a suspicious-looking man dressed in black there.
ジェフリー: それも気になるな。もしかしたら、記憶のない坊やと関係があるかもしれない。今どこにいるんだ?
Geoffrey: I’m curious about that too. That man might be linked to this boy, where is he now?
ルーファス: まだトマソン先生の家ですよ。
Rufus: He is still at Doctor Thomason’s house.
ジェフリー: よし、話を聞いてみよう。じゃあな、水車小屋のお嬢さん。今夜も客を悩殺してやれ。
Geoffrey: Alright, let’s go have a talk with him. Bye, my watermill lady. Be sure to bewitch your audiences tonight.
シリル: もちろん、ハンサムな船長さん。その子と浮気しないでね。
Cyril: Of course, Mr Handsome Captain. Don’t cheat on me with that kid.
ジェフリー: 判ってるよ。
Geoffrey: I got it.
ルーファス: なんと、嘆かわしい……!
Rufus: How deplorable…
ルーファス: ……ったく、情けない。あんな色ガキに尻の毛まで抜かれちまって。天国の親父さんを憤死させるつもりですかい?
Rufus: Goodness, how pathetic. Getting ripped off by such a brat, are you trying to make your father in heaven die in a fit of anger?
ジェフリー: 憤死? 親父も一度死ねば、もう充分だろうよ。それに天国は清らかすぎて刺激がなさそうだから、結構愉しんでくれるかもしれないぜ。
Geoffrey: Die of anger? Isn’t it enough for father to die once? Anyway, heaven is probably too pure and lacking in excitement, he might be enjoying this for all you know.
ルーファス: お許しください、神よ。
Rufus: Please forgive him, dear Lord.
ジェフリー: 新教、旧教――聞き届けてくれるのは、どちらの神様かな?
Geoffrey: Protestantism, Catholicism. I wonder which God will your prayers reach?
ルーファス: は……?
Rufus: Huh?
ジェフリー: 一つ、昔話をしてやろう。お題は『呪われたロックフォード家』、またの名を『小さな宗教戦争』だ。
Geoffrey: Let me tell you about something of the past. The topic is, the cursed Rockford House. It is also called the minor religious war.
ルーファス: は……はあ。
Rufus: Har…
ジェフリー: 俺の父は若い女と結婚するため、カトリックから離婚の許される国教会に転向した。だが、国教会への弾圧が激しくなると、女を追い出し、再び母を家に迎え入れた。
Geoffrey: In order to marry a young girl, my father switched over to Protestantism as it allowed divorce. But, when the State Church was oppressed, he chased the girl out and welcomed his first wife back into the house. However, my mother couldn’t forgive him for abandoning her and she accused him of being a heretic. My father was then punished for changing his religious beliefs so fickly and he was burnt to death. Say, who do you think my father prayed to, while he was being burnt in flames?
ルーファス: ど、どっちって……。
Rufus: W-which…
ジェフリー: その信仰のために死ぬ羽目になったというのに助けてもくれない新教の神と、彼を断罪して地獄の業火にくべた旧教の神と……。今もって、謎は解けない。
Geoffrey: Between the Protestant God, whose religion caused his death and yet didn’t help him out, and the Catholic God who caused him to be burned… Until today, it’s still a mystery. That’s why, until I can be certain of which teaching is correct, I’ve stopped praying to either God.
ルーファス: ば、罰当たりなことを口にするのは、お止めなさせぇ。
Rufus: P-please stop saying things that will get you jailed.
ジェフリー: 我らがエリザベス女王が即位すると、今度はカトリック狩りが始まり、母は善良な父を売った魔女だと非難され、殴られて、半殺しの目に遭った。
Geoffrey: When our Queen, Elizabeth ascended the throne, the Catholics were hunted down. My mother was accused of being a witch who sold my kind father out. She was beaten half to death. My mother was bedridden for a long time after and she died without a funeral or a final prayer. It was the end which she feared the most.
ルーファス: お気の毒に……。
Rufus: That’s a shame…
ジェフリー: 善良なルーファス。船乗りはみな、信心深いが、中には例外もいるんだよ。
Geoffrey: Kind Rufus. Sailors are all believers, but there are also exceptions. When we survive through a storm, you would thank God but I would thank my mates first, as they were of help during the difficult times. The only ones who can be depended on are humans after all.
ルーファス: お頭……。
Rufus: Boss…
ジェフリー: さて! この物語にはまだ続きがある。
Geoffrey: Moving on, there is a continuation to this story. After being orphaned, I was taken in by a distant relative who was a captain, William Watts. He taught me about the ways on the sea and due to his connections, I got to work under Sir Francis Drake.
ルーファス: 本物の海の男が誕生したって訳ですね。
Rufus: So that is the birth of a real man of the sea.
ジェフリー: ああ。これで判っただろう。今さら俺がシリルと淫売宿にしけこんだところで、呪われた家の人間が、その生まれに相応しい悪行を働いていると思われるだけだ。だから、おまえもうるさいことは言わず、放っておいてくれ。
Geoffrey: Yea. With this, you should understand. Whenever I meet with Cyril at the brothel, a person of a cursed house would only feel that this is appropriate. So you should stop nagging at me and let me be.
ルーファス: できませんねえ。大事な人が地獄に落ちるのを見過ごすなんて、俺の良心が黙っちゃいませんや。馬鹿なことをしてると思えば、注意してやります。心を入れ替え、良い人間になるのに遅すぎることはねえって、司祭様は言ってましたからね。
Rufus: I can’t. My conscious won’t keep quiet when I watch an important person fall into hell. If I think that he is doing something foolish I would warn him, because the priest said that to it is never too late to turn over a new leaf and return to being a good person.
ジェフリー: 判った、判ったよ。約束はできないが、おまえの忠告は真摯に受け止める……これでいいだろ?
Geoffrey: I get it. I understand. I can’t promise you anything, but I’ll accept your warning with thanks. Is this fine?
ルーファス: ひとまずは。
Rufus: For now.
ジェフリー: まったく、小煩い男を水夫長にしちまったな。
Geoffrey: Goodness, I made such a fussy man into my boatswain21.
エセル・トマソン: いらっしゃい、船長さん。
Ethel Thomason: Welcome, captain.
ジェフリー: 奥様、相変わらず、お美しい。ところで、トマソン先生はおいでですか?
Geoffrey: Madam, you’re as beautiful as usual. By the way, is Doctor Thomason in?
エセル: ジョージなら奥にいるわ。あの子……とても可愛らしい男の子も一緒よ。記憶がないだけで、頭も良さそうな。
Ethel: If you’re asking for George, he’s inside. That boy… the very cute boy is also with him. Although he lost his memories, he is a intelligent boy.
ジェフリー: どうして判るんですか?
Geoffrey: How do you know that?
エセル: ジョージの診察ぶりや、彼が使う器具に興味津々なの。愚鈍な人間というのは『そこに何かがある』と言われるまで、何も目に入っていないのよ。でも、あの子は自分で考えているわ。これは何、あれはどう使うんだろう、って。
Ethel: He is full of curiosity about George’s tools and the way he conducts medical examinations. An unintelligent person wouldn’t notice anything until you tell them about it. But that child is doing the thinking himself; what is this and how is that used.
ジェフリー: ふん……。
Geoffrey: Hm…
エセル: そう、そう、彼の服を脱がせたとき隠しの中から皮製の小物入れが出てきたの。一応、中を確かめてみたら、不思議な絵が出てきて……。
Ethel: That’s right, when we took off his clothes, a leather item fell out from a hidden part in the middle. I did check the inside, and I found a strange drawing.
ジェフリー: 不思議な絵?
Geoffrey: Strange drawing?
エセル: これよ。二人描かれているんだけど、こっちの赤い髪の子が彼なの。本当にそっくりで驚いたわ。
Ethel: This is it. Two people are drawn here, this one with the red hair is him. I was shocked at how life-like this is.
ジェフリー: これは! なんて精密な。まるで人間を縮めて潰し、紙の上に張りつけたようだ。他には何か入っていましたか?
Geoffrey: (Geoffrey takes the photograph) This is… what accuracy… as though humans were shrunk and squashed before being stuck onto paper. Were there any other things in the leather pouch?
エセル: やっぱり、不思議なものよ。説明するのは難しいので、自分でご覧になって。
Ethel: Strange items as expected. It would be difficult for me to explain it, so please take a look yourself.
ジェフリー: どこの国のものとも知れない銀貨に、どこかの国の女王が描かれた紙。『バンクオブイングランド』? 我が国とどんな関係があるんだ? ん?
Geoffrey: Silver coins from an unknown country and paper with the face of an unknown queen drawn on it. Bank of England? What link does this have with our country? Hm? A card with a smooth surface… it isn’t made of wood, stone, or metal. What material is this made of?
ジェフリー: 文字が彫られている。カイト……トー……ゴー。
Geoffrey: Some words are carved on it, Kaito… Tougou…
ルーファス: トゥ・ゴー? 行くって、どこに?
Rufus: (Rufus laughs) To go? Where to?
ジェフリー: そいつはこれから調べよう。奥様、これらは私が預かっていても宜しいですか?
Geoffrey: Let’s investigate this. Madam, can I keep these?
エセル: どうぞ。あまり手荒なことはしないでくださいね。
Ethel: Please do, but try not to do anything rough.
ジェフリー: 判ってますよ。では、先生に会ってきます。ルーファス、行くぞ。
Geoffrey: I understand. Then, I’m going to meet Doctor. Rufus, let’s go.
ジェフリー: 謎めいた異国の美少年……面白い。久しぶりに胸が騒ぐじゃないか
Geoffrey: A mysterious pretty boy from a foreign land… how interesting. It has been a long time since I got so excited.
ジェフリー: 失礼します。
Geoffrey: Please excuse me. (Geoffrey opens door)
海斗: だ……誰?
Kaito: W-who is it?
ジェフリー: 赤い髪、黒い目。確かに、さっきの絵とそっくりだ
Geoffrey: Red hair, black eyes. Definitely, he looks exactly like that drawing.
ジョージ・トマソン(トマソン): おお、ジェフリー。元気そうだね。
George Thomason: Oh, Geoffrey, you look well.
ジェフリー: おかげさまで。相変わらず、先生もお忙しそうですね。
Geoffrey: Thanks to you. As usual, Doctor looks busy.
トマソン: まあね。用件はもちろん、君の部下達が運んで来たこの少年だね。どうやら、彼は記憶をなくしてしまったようだ。
Thomason: Well that’s true. Your business should be with this young boy whom your men brought in. Seems like he has lost his memories. From his appearance, it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any friends or relatives in this town. Someone has to look after him…
ジェフリー: 部下が見つけた以上、俺が引き受けますよ。誰かを救おうと思ったら、最後までその命に責任を持たないと。途中で投げ出すぐらいなら、最初から手を出さない方がいい。
Geoffrey: Since my men found him, I’ll take him in. When you save someone, you have to take responsibility for that life till the end. If I have to give up halfway, then it would be better if I hadn’t interfered in the first place.
トマソン: その通りだ。では、私の患者をよろしく頼む。
Thomason: That’s right. Then, I’ll be handing my patient over to you.
ジェフリー: カイト!
Geoffrey: Kaito!
海斗: え!
Kaito: Yes!
海斗: しまった!
Kaito: Damn it!
ジェフリー: やはり。彼の名前らしい。反応したということは、本当は記憶を失っている訳ではないということか
Geoffrey: I knew it, that was his name. Since he responded, it means that he didn’t really lose his memories.
ジェフリー: おまえの持ち物のカードに名前らしきものが書いてあった。カイト・トーゴー。今の君にはそれが自分のものかどうか判らないだろうが、我々はそう呼ばせてもらう。呼び名がないのは不便だからな。
Geoffrey: Something which looked like your name was written on a card, found amongst your belongings. Kaito Tougou. You probably won’t know if it is your name for now, but I’ll be calling you that. It would be inconvenient if you didn’t have a name. Come here, Kaito. I’ll look after you. My name is Geoffrey Rockford. The one behind me is Rufus Barrett. We’ll be going over to our ship now.
海斗: 船?
Kaito: Ship?
ジェフリー: そうだ。俺は『グローリア号』の船長をしている。さあ、行くぞ。
Geoffrey: That’s right. I’m the captain of Gloria. Come on, let’s go.
海斗: これから……俺、どうなんの?
Kaito: After this… what’s going to happen to me?
ジェフリー: いい子にしていれば、悪いようにはしない。先生、ありがとうございました。
Geoffrey: If you’re a good boy, I won’t do anything bad to you. (Rufus coughs) Doctor, thank you so much.
トマソン: ああ。
Thomason: Yea.
ジェフリー: お代はルーファスが払います。
Geoffrey: Rufus will pay the bills.
ルーファス: ちょ……ちょっと、お頭……っ。
Rufus: W-wait, boss!
ジェフリー: 先に行ってるぞ。
Geoffrey: I’m going ahead of you.

FLESH & BLOOD 01 (7)
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5. Scene 4

海斗: あー、俺のバカ! マヌケ! 何で名前に反応しちゃったんだよ。正体とか、うるさく聞かれないように、記憶喪失のフリするって決めたのに、台無しじゃん! ほんとのことを話しても、頭がおかしいと思われるに決まってるんだから。
そういえばこの時代は、男の服装が最も華やかな時代だったんだっけ。どんな感じかな? ちょっとだけ触って……。
Kaito: Ah… stupid me, idiot! Why did I answer to my own name? All my efforts of pretending to have lost my memories in order to avoid persistent questions have gone to waste! Even if I do tell the truth, they will only see me as a deranged person. This Geoffrey guy saw through my lie immediately. Even though he sounded kind, I can’t let my guard down. He is extremely good-looking, but he doesn’t feel like a good person at all. I’m sure he would investigate extensively into my background, so I have to be careful not to say anything incriminating. He wears such beautiful clothes. A cloak is bordered with golden thread, a feathered hat, he’s a stark contrast to me, dressed in only a shirt and jeans. There is lace at his cuffs too and even the embroidery on his jacket is so intricate. Come to think of it, this era is when males dressed very flashily and fashionably. I wonder how it would feel, if I just touch it… Ah… it’s high-class velvet. It’s so light and smooth…
ジェフリー: 気に入ったのか?
Geoffrey: Do you like it?
海斗: え? ああ、うん。
Kaito: Huh? Ah… yea…
ジェフリー: 貸してやるよ。おまえの服は奇妙な上に、いかにも寒そうだ。
Geoffrey: I’ll lend it to you then. Your clothes look strange and too thin for this weather.
海斗: ありがとう、サー。
Kaito: Thank you, sir.
ジェフリー: 残念ながら、俺はお貴族様じゃないんでね。船長(キャプテン)と呼んでくれ。
Geoffrey: Unfortunately, I’m not of royal blood. Call me captain. (Geoffrey wraps Kaito in his cloak)
海斗: いい匂いがする……。
Kaito: It smells nice.
ジェフリー: 衿の中に干したラベンダーを入れた小袋を縫いつけてある。病除けだと仕立屋は言うが、気休めだろう。黒死病や天然痘がそんなものを恐れるとは思えないからな。
Geoffrey: There is a small bag of dried lavender at the collar. The seamstress said that it would keep illnesses away, but that was probably just a consolation. I don’t think plagues or smallpox would be afraid of something like that.
海斗: そうだ。抗生物質がないこの時代の医療はお粗末で、『おまじない』に毛が生えた程度のものだったはず。ちょっとの怪我でも化膿して、患部を切り落としたって話だからな。航海中、汚れた水を使って食中毒や腸チフスとか、感染症で死ぬ人が多かったっていうし……。
Kaito: That’s right. In this era, the medical treatments are poor and they don’t have antibiotics. They are deeply superstitious. There were many amputations which resulted from festering of small wounds. During sea voyages, there were a lot of people who died from typhoid or food-poisoning after drinking contaminated water… Somehow this environment is too different… Can I really survive in this place? I’m all alone. I don’t have anyone I know here, not even Kazuya who was always with me. I shouldn’t have thought of wanting to see the world of pirates. If I hadn’t, maybe I wouldn’t be subjected to something like this… (Kaito tears)
ジェフリー: どうした? まだ具合が悪いのか?
Geoffrey: What’s wrong? Are you still feeling unwell?
海斗: ううん。
Kaito: Uhm. (Kaito shakes his head)
ジェフリー: 何が、おまえを苦しめている? 心にかかることがあるなら、言ってしまえ。俺にできることなら、力になってやろう。
Geoffrey: What is causing you to suffer? If you’re keeping something to yourself, say it out. If it is within my power, I’ll help you.
海斗: 恐いんだ。
Kaito: I’m scared.
ジェフリー: 何が? あ……もしかして、俺がか? おい、おい、これでも慰めているつもりなんだぜ。おまえさんを怯えさせるような真似は、これっぽっちもしていないだろうが。
Geoffrey: Of what? Ah… don’t tell me, you’re afraid of me? Oi oi, I’m trying to console you here. I’m not doing anything to scare you right?
海斗: う、うん。
Kaito: Y-yea…
ジェフリー: なあ、俺は血も涙もない異端審問官じゃない。ただ、話を聞かせて欲しいだけだ。いきなり拷問にかけて、口を割らせたりはしないさ。
Geoffrey: Look here, I’m not a cold-blooded inquisitor22. I just want to have a talk with you, we won’t subject you to torture suddenly just to make you speak.
海斗: そんなことを言ったって、俺の話に納得しなかったら、かけるかもしれない……
Kaito: Even though he’s saying this now, if he isn’t satisfied with my answer, it might go onto torture…
ジェフリー: いきなりどうした? 俺のことが信じられないのか? それとも怯えなけりゃならないだけの理由があるとか?
Geoffrey: What’s with you suddenly? You can’t trust my words? Or do you have a reason to be afraid?
海斗: あんたのこと、何も知らないのに、『はい、そうですか』って、あっさり信用できるかよ。
Kaito: I don’t know a single thing about you, how can I just say “oh is that so” easily and believe in you?
ジェフリー: 賢明だな。よし、俺に聞きたいことがあったら、何でも聞け。正直に答える。その代わり、おまえも俺の質問には、率直に答えてもらおう。友誼を結ぶのは、それからでも悪くない。いいな?
Geoffrey: A wise decision. All right, ask me any question you’d like to. I’ll answer you honestly. But in exchange, you’ll have to answer my questions truthfully too. It will be all right to forge our friendship after that. Is that all right?
海斗: わ、判った。
Kaito: I-I understand.
海斗: 聞かれたことは、スラスラ答えよう。でも、本当のことを言えば言うほど、信じてもらえなくなる。俺に都合が良くて、皆も信じられるような過去を作ればいいんだ
Kaito: I’ll have to answer his questions smoothly. But, the more truthful answers I give, the less he will believe in me. It will be fine as long as I create a past which is convenient for me and believable to everyone else.
ルーファス: ようやく追いついた。
Rufus: (Rufus catches up) I’ve finally caught up.
ジェフリー: ルーファス。
Geoffrey: Rufus.
ルーファス: お気に入りのマントまで着せてやるたあ……早速、その坊主に手懐けられちまったんですかい? まだ敵とも味方とも判らねえガキに、ずいぶんご親切なこって。
Rufus: You’re even letting him wear your favourite cloak… have you been tamed by this brat already? You’re too kind towards a brat who might be our enemy.
ジェフリー: 子供相手に居丈高に振る舞う必要もないだろう。
Geoffrey: There’s no need to be overbearing towards a child right?
ルーファス: 近頃のガキは油断がなりませんからね。
Rufus: Towards brats nowadays, you can’t let your guard down.
海斗: さっきから黙って聞いてれば……子供、子供ってうるさいな!
Kaito: I’ve been keeping quiet about it since just now, but you’re so annoying, calling me a brat!
ルーファス: ほう、ガキと呼ばれるのが悔しいか。では、おまえは何歳だ? ことと次第によっちゃあ……。
Rufus: Huh? So you’re unhappy about being called a brat? Then, how old are you? Depending on the situation…
ジェフリー: 十五だよ。カイトにとっては幸運なことに、そして、おまえにとっては忌ま忌ましいことに、まだ半人前の少年だ。
Geoffrey: He is 15 years old. Luckily for Kaito and unfortunately for you, he’s still a minor.
ルーファス: くそ!
Rufus: Damn it!
ジェフリー: 年を聞いたからには、気をつけろよ。これ以降、勝手にこの子を殴りつけでもしたら、俺に対する反抗と見なす。この点、他の者にも徹底させろ。
Geoffrey: Since you know his age, you should be careful. If you carelessly hit this child, it will appear as a form of rebellion towards me. About this, warn the others too.
ルーファス: へい……。
Rufus: Yes.
海斗: 何だよ、俺の年まで勝手に決めやがって。アッタマ来る
Kaito: What’s this? He even made up my age for me. It’s pissing me off.
ジェフリー: おまえは知らないようだから、教えてやろう。海の上では十六歳を迎えた日から成人として扱うことになっている。天国と地獄の分かれ目だな。
Geoffrey: Since you look like you don’t know anything, I’ll tell you. On the seas, when you turn 16, you will be treated as an adult. It is the turning point between heaven and hell.
海斗: 天国と……地獄?
Kaito: Heaven and… hell?
ジェフリー: そうだ。子供であれば大目に見てもらえたことも、大人になると懲罰を受けなくてはならなくなる。おまえが十六の平水夫だったら、ルーファスに口答えをした時点で殴り飛ばされても、文句は言えない。
Geoffrey: When you’re still a minor, there are many things which can be overlooked. But when you become an adult, you would have to be punished. If you were a 16-year-old deckhand who got punched by Rufus after talking back to him, I can’t even complain. He is the bosun20, our boatswain. He supervises those under him and he has the right to punish anyone who breaks the rules. Without a proper reason, even I can’t interfere with his actions. He’s a good man, but he is merciless against those who go against the rules. (Kaito gasps) Going against a superior is a serious offense. After getting whipped, you will be confined in the waste water container at the bottom of the ship. Can a weakling like you stand being surrounded in the nasty fumes, with your body gnawed at by the worms of the ship?
ルーファス: ははははは! お頭、人が悪いねえ。あんまり脅しつけるから、固まってるぜ。
Rufus: (Rufus laughs) Boss, you’re so ill-natured. He’s all stiff now because you’ve scared him so much.
ジェフリー: 脅しだと? 俺は事実を述べたに過ぎん。十五で良かったなあ? ん? で、本当は幾つなんだ?
Geoffrey: Scaring him? I was just stating the facts. Aren’t you glad that you’re 15 years old, huh? (Geoffrey whispers) So, how old are you actually?
海斗: 十七。
Kaito: Seventeen.
ジェフリー: 童顔が幸いしたな。俺を味方につけておいて良かっただろう?
Geoffrey: You’re lucky to blessed with a boyish face, aren’t you glad to have me as your ally?
海斗: 味方? 嘘だ。親切ごかして手を差し伸べて、あんたなしでは生きていけないような気にさせようとしているだけだ。
俺のこと、敵じゃないって判ったら、その後はどうするつもりなんだろう? 用なしだって放り出す? それだけはごめんだ。俺には行く場所がないんだから。
Kaito: Ally? It’s a lie. He’s pretending to be kind, extending a hand towards me. He’s just trying to make me feel that I can’t live without him. Once he understands that I’m not an enemy, what will he do with me after? Since he would have no use for me, will he release me? Anything but that, because I don’t have a place to go. I’ve always thought that I wanted to be alone, but I was too naïve. I can’t do anything if I’m all alone. Even though it’s frustrating for me to admit this, but Geoffrey is right, I’m still a minor.
ジェフリー: あれが俺の『グローリア号』だ。
Geoffrey: That is our Gloria.
海斗: わ……。
Kaito: Wow…
海斗: 三本マストの帆船――イングランド特有の船首楼がないギャリオン船だ
Kaito: A three-masted sailing ship, it is a Galleon without a forecastle23, which England favours.
ジェフリー: 美しいだろう? 俺の恋人だ。こいつよりも大きくて豪華に艤装された船は数限りなくあるが、グローリアと引き替えにする気にはなれないね。
Geoffrey: Isn’t she beautiful? That’s my wife, even though there are a few ships which are bigger and more extravagantly equipped than her, I won’t want to exchange Gloria for any of those.
海斗: 港に帰っても、船の中で暮らしてんの? 家を持ってないとか?
Kaito: Even though you’ve anchored at the port, do you still live on the ship? Don’t you have a house?
ジェフリー: 持ってるよ。町外れにな。だが、いちいち港まで通うのが面倒だから、短期の停泊のときは船で寝起きしたり、近くに宿を取ることにしている。
Geoffrey: I do, outside the town area. But, since it is very troublesome to keep visiting the port, I’ll sleep on the ship or at a nearby inn when we stop here for a short time.
海斗: 短期の停泊――。ジェフリーはすぐに航海に出てしまうのかも。そうなったら、俺はどうすればいい? 過酷な船での生活には耐えられそうにないし、でも、置いて行かれたらどうやって生活費を稼いだらいいのか
Kaito: A temporary stopover, Geoffrey might sail off soon. If that happens, what will I do? I don’t think I will be able to survive the harsh lifestyle on the ship, but if he leaves me behind, I won’t know how to earn my keep…
ルーファス: あいつら、荷積みをサボりやがって……! ジョン! アーニー! てめえら、俺がいねえと、まともに仕事一つできねえのか!
Rufus: Those guys, slacking with the loading work… (Rufus runs up) John! Arnie! Without me around, you guys can’t do proper work?!
ジョン: すみません!
John: I’m sorry!
ルーファス: すみませんですむか!
Rufus: As if an apology will work!
海斗: ぜ、絶対耐えられない……
Kaito: I-I… definitely won’t survive this…
ユアン: お頭ァ! サー・フランシスからお使いが来てますぜ! ウォードの旦那です!
Juan: Boss! There is a messenger from Sir Francis! It’s Mister Ward!
ジェフリー: どこにいる?
Geoffrey: Where is he?
ユアン: 航海長がお留守なんで、俺が船長室にご案内しやした。紳士をお通しできるのは、あの部屋しかありやせんや。
Juan: Since the captain is away, I let him into the captain’s room. That room is the only place where we can let a gentleman into.
ジェフリー: もっともだ。ありがとう、ユアン! 仕事に戻れ。
Geoffrey: You’re right on that. Thank you, Juan! Return to work!
ユアン: アイ、アイ!
Juan: Aye, aye!
ジェフリー: やれやれ、ウォードか……うるさ方が来たなあ。
Geoffrey: Goodness, Ward huh… We’ve an irritating guest.
海斗: どうしたの?
Kaito: What’s wrong?
ジェフリー: おまえのことを早々と聞きつけてやってきたとは思えないが、一応、ウォード殿に引き合わせよう。南西部の港を訪れる挙動不審者は、一人残らず報告する決まりになっているのでな。
Geoffrey: I don’t think he came over after hearing about you, but let me bring you to meet Mister Ward. I have the duty to report on any suspicious persons who visit the southeastern port after all.
海斗: 挙動不審者……俺が? 気を失ってただけなのに。
Kaito: Suspicious person… do you mean me? All I did was to faint…
ジェフリー: おまえの場合、身元が判らないのが問題なんだよ。
Geoffrey: In your case, the problem lies with us not knowing where you’re from.
海斗: そのウォードって人と会ったら、どうなんの?
Kaito: What will happen after I meet that Ward person?
ジェフリー: 場合によるが、もっと詳しい事情を知りたいということになれば、ロンドンに連れていかれるかもしれない。尋問するためにな。
Geoffrey: Depending on the situation, if he says that he needs to know more about you, you might be brought to London for the inquisition.
海斗: 尋問? 拷問するんじゃねーの?
Kaito: Inquisition? Aren’t they going to torture me?
ジェフリー: 後ろ暗いことがなければ大丈夫だ。質問には率直に答えろ。ウォード殿は目利きだから、嘘をつくとすぐにバレるぞ。
Geoffrey: As long as there is nothing shady about you, you’ll be fine. Just answer honestly to the questions. Mister Ward has a discriminating eye, if you lie he would know straightaway.
海斗: わ、判ってるよ。ところで、サー・フランシスって、誰?
Kaito: I-I know that. By the way, who is Sir Francis?
ジェフリー: 秘書長官――セクリタリー・オブ・ステイトのウォルシンガム閣下だ。
Geoffrey: He is the Principal Secretary, the Secretary of State, Sir Walsingham24.
海斗: なーんだ、ウォルシンガム。……あ? 秘書長官のウォルシンガムだって? 情報機関の親玉で、目的を遂行するためには手段を選ばない男。
やっべ……超やべーじゃん! その部下ってことは、つまりMI6とか、CIAのスパイみたいなもんだろ? そんな奴らに疑われたら最後、死ぬまでゴーモンされちまうじゃねーか。
Kaito: Oh, so it is Walsingham. Huh? Did he say the Principal Secretary Walsingham? He is the leader of the secret service, the man who wouldn’t stop at anything to attain his goals. This is bad, isn’t this terrible! His subordinate would be like the MI6 or CIA right? It would be the end for me if I get suspected by those guys, I’ll just get tortured to death! I’ll have to do whatever it takes to convince that Ward guy that I’m innocent!

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6. Scene 5

ジェフリー: ウォード殿、お待たせして申し訳ありません。お元気でしたか?
Geoffrey: Mister Ward, I’m sorry for letting you wait. Have you been well?
トマス・ウォード: ええ。キャプテンもご壮健そうで。
Thomas Ward: Yes. Captain looks good too. Now, my sudden visit is because I have a favour to ask of you. There is news that the man whom we’ve been pursuing all these years escaped from Plymouth to the main continent.
ジェフリー: ほう。
Geoffrey: Ho…
ウォード: サー・フランシスは、あなたに他の船長達と協力して、港を封鎖して頂きたいと仰せです。
Ward: Sir Francis has ordered for you to work with the other captains to seal off the port.
ジェフリー: 私はドレイク閣下に従う者、船長としても若輩者に過ぎません。そのようなことをするのは僭越ではないでしょうか?
Geoffrey: I obey the orders of Sir Drake, as and a captain, I’m just a greenhorn. To do such a thing, isn’t that too presumptuous of me?
ウォード: 事は急を要しますし、ご多忙を極められているドレイク閣下のお手を煩わせるまでもないというご判断でしょう。
Ward: This matter is urgent, it must have been judged that there is no need to bother the busy Sir Drake.
ジェフリー: ふうん……。どうやら、我々の主人達はまた仲違いをしているようですね。
Geoffrey: Hm… Seems like our bosses have quarreled again.
ウォード: さよう。特に秀でた人々は、えてして自我もお強いもの。お互い、イングランドを想う気持ちは同じですのに。
Ward: That’s right. Especially for such outstanding people, they often have a huge ego. Even though their feelings for England are the same.
ジェフリー: それがお判りでいらっしゃるから、決裂はしないのでしょう。御用の向きは承知しました。逃亡中の男のことを聞いても、差し支えありませんか?
Geoffrey: (Geoffrey laughs) Because they are aware of that, the relationship between them hasn’t broken down yet. I understand the order. Will it be rude if I ask you about the man you’re pursuing?
ウォード: もちろん。通称はビセンテ・デ・サンティリャーナ。本名はビセンテ・デ・メンドーサ。
Ward: Of course you may. He is called Vicente de Santillana, his real name is Vicente de Mendoza25. He has black hair, green eyes and is rather tall for a Spaniard. Royal blood runs in him and I’ve heard that he is rather popular with the ladies of the El Escorial Palace26. But for England, he is nothing more than a dog who tried to bring harm to our Queen by cooperating with the Scotland Queen, Mary Stuart17.
海斗: 黒髪で緑の目? 丘の上で会った男みたいじゃん。名前、何ていったっけ? ヴィンセント……そう、ヴィンセントだ! あ、それって、スペイン語に直したら、ビセンテってことだろ?
Kaito: Black hair and green eyes? That’s just like the man I saw on the Hoe. What was his name again… Vincent… that’s right, it was Vincent! If you change that to Spanish, wouldn’t that become Vicente?
海斗: 俺、そいつに襲われたんだ!
Kaito: I’ve been attacked by that man!
ジェフリー: 何だと?
Geoffrey: What did you say?
海斗: たぶん、間違いないよ。あいつはスペイン人だった。
Kaito: I’m probably not wrong, he was a Spaniard.
ウォード: そう、先程からこの子のことが気になっていました。明らかに異国の顔立ちと身形――西インド辺りの原住民を連れ帰って、キャビン・ボーイにでもなさっているのかと思ったのですが。
Ward: That’s right, I’ve been rather curious about this boy. He has an obviously foreign face and body shape. I thought you brought back an aboriginal from West India as your cabin boy but…
ジェフリー: 港を見下ろす丘で倒れていた少年で、カイトといいます。たった今、船に連れてきたばかりで、まだ身元など詳しいことは判っておりません。
Geoffrey: He is a boy who collapsed at the hill overlooking the port, he’s called Kaito. I just brought him back to the ship so I don’t know anything about his identity yet.
ウォード: 一緒に話を聞かせて頂いても?
Ward: Can we have a talk together?
ジェフリー: どうぞ。私もそのつもりでした。
Geoffrey: Please do, that was my intention.
海斗: しまった! また余計なことを……。こうなったら、嘘の生い立ちを……
Kaito: Damn it! I just said something uncalled for… Since it has come to this, I’ll just have to continue lying…
海斗: 俺は東の海にある島ジャパン――マルコ・ポーロがジパングと呼んだ国の生まれです。そこから船に乗って、スペインを目指しました。
Kaito: I’m from the island on the Eastern Seas, Japan – the island which Marco Polo named Japan. I got onto a ship and headed towards Spain.
ウォード: 伝説の黄金の国ですな……正確な位置は知りませんが、ゴアにいるポルトガル商人達と交易をしているとか。
Ward: The legendary golden country… I don’t know the exact position but I heard that it has been trading with the Portuguese merchants in Goa.
ジェフリー: ええ。今のところ、付近の詳細な海図を持っているのは彼らだけでしてね。
Geoffrey: Yea, till today, they are the only ones who have possession of detailed sea maps of that area.
ウォード: そういえば、以前にも、ジパングから少年使節団がスペインに来たはずだ。
Ward: Come to think of it, there was a youth mission from Japan to Spain previously.
海斗: そうです。一度目が成功したんで、また船を出す気になったんです。俺はクリスチャンじゃありませんが、使節のタナカ様の側仕えとして乗せられました。
Kaito: That’s right, because the first round was a success, they decided to send another ship. I’m not a Christian, but I was the personal assistant of the missionary Tanaka-sama.
ウォード: 水夫ではなく? 船の上は狭い。余計な人間を乗せる余裕はないだろうに。
Ward: Not as a sailor? There is little space on the ship, they wouldn’t have let anyone onboard unnecessarily.
海斗: タナカ様は身寄りのない俺のことを可愛がって下さいました。俺も同行させて、見聞を広めさせようとしてくれたんだと思います。
Ward: Tanaka-sama took great care of me because I had nowhere to go to. I think he let me travel alongside him in order to widen my knowledge.
ジェフリー: 可愛がる……ふむ、おまえは彼の愛人だったのか?
Geoffrey: Took great care of… Hm… were you his lover?
海斗: と、とんでもない! タナカ様は敬虔なキリスト教徒ですよ? そんな罪深いことをするはずがありません。
Kaito: T-that’s out of the question! Tanaka-sama was a staunch Christian! There is no way he would do something so sinful.
ジェフリー: どうかな? カトリックは本音と建前を使い分ける。罪を犯しても、法王から免罪符を貰えば天国に行けるのだから。
Geoffrey: I wonder about that. The Roman Catholic Church interprets the true intention and principles properly, even if you’ve sinned, you just have to purchase an indulgence from the Pope to go to heaven.
海斗: 俺を教育して、いずれ自分の仕事を手伝わせるつもりだったんです!
Kaito: He was educating me, in hopes that I can help him with his job one day. Our ship was attacked by the merciless French pirates at the Canary Islands. The pirates were Protestants, once they understood that Tanaka-sama and the other missionaries were Catholics, they were thrown overboard. But I was seen as young and reformable, so I was brought over by force to be sold as a slave.
ウォード: しかし、フランス人に捉えられたはずのおまえが、なぜプリマスにいたのだ?
Ward: But why were you in Plymouth when you were supposed to be captured by the French?
海斗: 人買いを待つためです。海賊は、イングランドの方が高値がつきそうだって言ってました。でも、売られるなんて嫌だったから、皆が船に戻って見張りが手薄になったときを狙って、監禁されていた小屋を飛び出したんです。
Kaito: They were waiting for sellers, the pirates said that I would sell for more in England. But, I didn’t want to get sold, so I waited for my chance when everyone returned to the ship and escaped from the house which I was confined in when the watchman was careless.
ウォード: キャプテン、そのフランス人達はまだ港にいるでしょうか?
Ward: Captain, are those French still in the port?
ジェフリー: 調べさせましょう。誰か、ルーファスを呼べ!
Geoffrey: I will look into it. Someone, call Rufus! Kaito, after you escaped, why did you get hit by Santillana?
海斗: ここからが正念場だ
Kaito: This is the most crucial moment.
海斗: 走って、走って、あの丘の上まで来たら、黒い服の男が立っていました。彼は俺がいることに気付くと慌てたみたいで、英語でスラスラと俺に話しかけてきました。だから、最初はスペイン人だなんて思いもしませんでした。
Kaito: I ran and ran, when I reached the top of the hill, a man dressed in black stood there. He seemed unsettled after seeing me and started to talk in perfect English. That’s why, I didn’t think that he was from Spain at the start.
ウォード: では、なぜ、彼をスペイン人だと見抜くことができたんだ?
Ward: Then, how did you realise that he was a Spaniard?
海斗: 今みたいに、どうやって俺がヨーロッパに来たかを話していたんです。そうしたら、前の少年使節団のことをあまりにも詳しく知っているから、スペインにいたことがあるんですかって聞いたら、急に形相が変わっちゃって……。
Kaito: Just like what we’re doing now, I was telling him about how I came to Europe. He seemed to know a lot about the youth missionary so I asked him if he has been to Spain before and that was when his attitude changed suddenly …
海斗: 嘘をついてごめん、ヴィンセント。俺を優しく介抱してくれたのに……。俺がスペインが敗けるなんて刺激しなければ、きっと掴みかかってくることもなかった。でも、今は嘘をつかなくちゃいけないんだ
Kaito: I’m sorry for lying, Vincent. Even though you were so kind towards me… If I didn’t provoke you with the fact that Spain would lose, I’m sure you wouldn’t have strangled me. But, I can only lie in this situation.
ジェフリー: 何気ない一言に、核心を突かれてしまったわけだな。
Geoffrey: (Geoffrey laughs) He revealed his true face after hearing an unfavourable phrase.
海斗: 姿を見られたからには、一緒に来てもらうって言われ、逃げようとしたら俺を後ろから突き飛ばし、馬乗りになって、何度も頭を地面に叩きつけたんです。そのうち気が遠くなって、次に目覚めたときはトマソン先生の家でした。
Kaito: Since I’ve seen his face, he told me to escape together with him. When I tried to escape, he pushed me down and punched me numerous times. I lost consciousness after that and the next time I came to, I was at Doctor Thomason’s house.
ウォード: しかし、解せませんな。なぜ人目を忍ばねばならない男が、身を隠すものとてない丘の上になど立っていたのか?
Ward: But I don’t understand, why was a man in hiding standing in plain sight, on top of the hill?
ジェフリー: 彼はプリマスから逃げるのではなく、偵察に来たのではないでしょうか?
Geoffrey: He might not have been escaping from Plymouth, but could he have been scouting this area? To see how strong our navy has become, I’m sure Spain is worried about that too. If he was escaping towards the main continent, then Dover would have been the closest, there is no need to come all the way here.
ウォード: となると、このプリマスの港を封鎖するのも無駄だと?
Ward: So in other words, it would be pointless to seal off the port of Plymouth?
ジェフリー: ええ、残念ですが。カイトが襲われたのは昨日の話です。変事が起こったからには、長居は無用。別のルートを使って、今度こそイングランド脱出を図っているはずです。とりあえず早馬を出して、南西部の港を全て封鎖させましょう。
Geoffrey: Yes, unfortunately so. Kaito was attacked yesterday. Since that has happened, he must have concluded that he can’t stay here for long and might have used another route to escape from England. What we can do now, is to send out a fast messenger to seal off all the ports in the Southeastern area.
ウォード: お願いします。ロンドンに戻るのが嫌になりますよ。この話を聞いたら、ウォルシンガム閣下のご機嫌も悪くなること請け合いですからな。ところで、この子のことですが……。
Ward: I’ll be counting on you. I’m not looking forward to returning to London. I’m sure Sir Walsingham would get into a foul mood after hearing this news. By the way, about this boy…
ジェフリー: 私の手の者が発見したのですから、私が面倒を見ようと思います。
Geoffrey: Since my underlings were the ones who found him, I think I should be the one who looks after him.
ウォード: それがよろしいでしょう。キャプテンと一緒なら、サー・フランシスがその子に会ってみたいと思われたとき、すぐに連絡がとれますし……。
Ward: That would be good. As long as he is with captain, Sir Francis would be able to meet him whenever he wants to.
ジェフリー: 閣下は興味を示されるでしょうか?
Geoffrey: Would he be interested to?
ウォード: おそらく。ビセンテ・デ・サンティリャーナを間近で見た者は、非常に限られています。手配書に書き加えられる情報は、多ければ多いほどいい。
Ward: I’m afraid so. There are very few people who have seen Vicente de Santillana up close. The more information we can include in the wanted poster, the better.
海斗: ま……まさか、ジェフリーは俺を
Kaito: Don’t tell me, Geoffrey would…
ジェフリー: ご要望があれば、今度の航海に出資して下さったことへのお礼かたがた、私が連れて参りましょう。サー・フランシスによろしくお伝え下さい。
Geoffrey: If he wishes to, I’ll bring him along for this voyage, thanks to the people who financed it. Please send my regards to Sir Francis.
ウォード: 判りました。では、ごきげんよう。
Ward: I understand, then, please take care. (Ward leaves)
海斗: 嘘つき! 俺のこと、ウォルシンガムに売る気だな!
Kaito: You liar! You want to sell me to Walsingham!
ジェフリー: サー・フランシスだ。当代一の実力者だぞ。言葉に気をつけろ。
Geoffrey: Call him Sir Francis. He’s the one with the most power right now, watch your words.
海斗: こんなときに、気を遣ってなんかいられるかよっ!
Kaito: As if I can watch my mouth at such a time!
ジェフリー: 何をいきり立っているんだ? 俺は嘘なんかついていない。今だって、おまえをウォードに渡したりしなかっただろうが。
Geoffrey: What are you so angry over? I didn’t lie. Just now, I didn’t hand you over to Ward, right?
海斗: 今は、だろ! 呼ばれたら、連れて行くって言ってたじゃねーか! 嫌だっ! 俺は絶対、ロンドンなんか行かねーからな!
Kaito: For now. If he calls, you would hand me over! I don’t want to! I would never go to London!
ジェフリー: 何て騒がしい。パナマの鸚哥並みだな。何をそんなに狼狽えている? ウォードにした話がデタラメだったからか?
Geoffrey: How noisy, you’re just like a Panama parakeet. What are you confused about? Was it because you spouted a lot of lies to Ward?
海斗: 違う! 怖いんだよ。知らない人間の所に行かされるのは怖い……。
Kaito: No! I’m just scared, it’s scary to be sent off to a stranger…
ジェフリー: 俺だって『よく知らない人間』だろう? おまえがそう言ったくせに。
Geoffrey: I should be considered as a stranger too right? You said that before.
海斗: あ、あんたは俺を助けてくれたし……。
Kaito: Y-you were the one who saved me…
ジェフリー: 正確に言えば、助けたのは部下達だ。
Geoffrey: To be precise, the ones who save you were my subordinates.
海斗: で、でも……。
Kaito: B-but…
ジェフリー: 俺じゃなくて、ルーファスに面倒を見てもらうか?
Geoffrey: Instead of me, should I get Rufus to look after you?
海斗: そんな……っ。
Kaito: No way…
ジェフリー: タナカはおまえのことを甘やかしていたらしいな。行儀は悪いし、使用人にしては横柄な態度だ。やはり、彼の寝室に侍って、寵愛されるだけの稚児だったんだろう?
Geoffrey: It seems like Tanaka spoiled you a lot. You have no etiquette, and your attitude is too arrogant for a servant. I knew it, were you always shut in his bedroom, receiving his love?
海斗: 違うってば! そんなんじゃない!
Kaito: I’m saying that it’s wrong, it wasn’t like that!
ジェフリー: まあ、俺はどっちでもいいがな。さて、ウォード殿に面倒を見ると宣言したはいいが、どうしたものかな?
Geoffrey: Well, it doesn’t matter to me. Now, it was one thing to announce to Mister Ward that I would look after you, what should I really do? The next voyage is upon us. Should I bring you along even though you’re inexperienced on a ship, or should I leave you with someone else… There are limited supplies on the ship, we have no room to allow unnecessary people onboard. And, Sir Francis’ messengers might come when I’m not around.
海斗: 嫌だ! 頼むから、置いていかないでくれよ。
Kaito: I don’t want that! I’m begging you, please don’t leave me behind.
ジェフリー: 俺の手にキスでもするつもりか?
Geoffrey: Are you going to kiss my hand or something?
海斗: してもいいから、見捨てないで! 船乗りの仕事も頑張って覚えるから!
Kaito: I don’t mind doing that so please don’t abandon me! I’ll work hard to learn the work on a ship!
ジェフリー: 騒がしいし、礼儀もなっていないが、可愛げはあるな。よし、ウォードが言ってたように、キャビン・ボーイとして雇おう。食い扶持を稼がせてやるよ。俺の身の回りの世話をする役目だ。タナカ相手に慣れている仕事だろう?
Geoffrey: Even though you’re noisy and rude, you do have a cute side. All right, just like what Ward said, I’ll make you into my cabin boy. I’ll have you earn your keep, it’s a role for you to take care of me. Isn’t it something you’re used to doing for Tanaka?
海斗: う、うん。
Kaito: Y-yea.
ジェフリー: 違う。『アイ・サー』だ。否定する場合は『ノー・サー』。
Geoffrey: Wrong, it should be “Aye sir”. When you want to deny something, it’s “no sir”.
海斗: でも、さっきはサーって言うなって……。
Kaito: But, you told me not to call you sir just now…
ジェフリー: 事情が変わったんだ。グローリア号は、戦時を見据えて軍隊式をとっている。おまえもうちの水夫になったからには、船長に敬意を払え。
Geoffrey: The circumstance has changed. Gloria has adopted the military’s style in anticipation of the war. Since you’ve become a sailor onboard Gloria, you should show some respect for the captain.
海斗: 俺、水夫になったの?
Kaito: Have I become a sailor?
ジェフリー: まだ見習いだがな。半人前のキャビン・ボーイ殿。止めるなら今のうちだぞ。
Geoffrey: You’re still in training though, my immature cabin boy. If you want to quit, this is your last chance. Sailing is very dangerous, there is no guarantee that you can come back alive. Illnesses, hunger, running aground or capsizing caused by a storm. The sea is like a whimsical woman, when you start to find it enchanting and get onto a ship, it will take your life from you mercilessly. You might regret not staying here and talking to Sir Francis.
海斗: そんなこと判ってる。でも、一緒に行く……連れてってよ。俺、独りぼっちになるのは嫌だ。
Kaito: I understand that, but I will still go with you… bring me alone with you. I don’t want to be left here all alone. (Geoffrey kisses Kaito and Kaito backs away in shock)
ジェフリー: はは、なんて格好だ。悲しそうな顔をしてるから、慰めてやろうと思ったのに。
Geoffrey: (Geoffrey laughs) What a reaction. I was just trying to console you because you looked sad.
海斗: い、いらない! そんなの!
Kaito: I-I don’t need something like that!
ジェフリー: 一度注意されたら忘れるな。『いりません、サー』だ。
Geoffrey: Once I’ve warned you, you shouldn’t forget this again, it should be “I don’t need it, sir”.
海斗: キャ……キャビン・ボーイって、もしかしてベッドの相手もしなくちゃいけないのか?
Kaito: D-do cabin boys have to become your partner in bed as well?
ジェフリー: だとしたら、断る?
Geoffrey: If that is so, will you refuse?
海斗: あんたは人でなしだっ。
Kaito: You are heartless!
ジェフリー: 本当に男と寝たことはないのか?
Geoffrey: Have you really not slept with any man before?
海斗: あるかっ!
Kaito: Of course not!
ジェフリー: 女の方が好き?
Geoffrey: So you like girls?
海斗: そんなこと、あんたに関係あるのかよ?
Kaito: Something like that, does it have anything to do with you?
ジェフリー: ないな。単なる興味だ。タナカは何の見返りもなく、おまえの面倒を見、教育まで授けてくれたらしいが、俺は彼と違って敬虔な男でもないし、お人好しでもない。いずれ、それなりの謝礼は頂くつもりだ。
Geoffrey: (Geoffrey laughs) I guess not, it was just my curiosity. Seems like Tanaka didn’t request anything in exchange for looking after you and educating you, but I’m not a pure man like him, neither am I as kind. Someday, I intend to get my payment from you.
海斗: お……俺に触ったら……。
Kaito: I-if you touch me…
ジェフリー: どうする? 殴るか?
Geoffrey: What will you do? Punch me?
海斗: 噛み付いてやる!
Kaito: I’ll bite you!
ジェフリー: ますます鸚哥のようだ。黄金の国から流れてきた珍しい鳥……他人に渡すのはもったいないから、俺の籠に入れておこう。
Geoffrey: You’re growing more to be like a parakeet. A rare bird which came from the golden country, since it would be a waste to hand you over to another person, I’ll lock you inside my cage. (Geoffrey walks towards Kaito)
海斗: く、来るな! ………え?
Kaito: D-don’t come any closer! (Geoffrey opens cupboard) Huh?
ジェフリー: 針仕事はできるか?
Geoffrey: Can you do needlework?
海斗: は?
Kaito: Huh?
ジェフリー: 縫い物ができるかと聞いている。
Geoffrey: I’m asking if you can sew things.
海斗: で、できない。
Kaito: I-I can’t.
ジェフリー: やれやれ。では、マーシーという帆職人を探して、これをおまえの寸法に合うように直してもらえ。俺の命令だと言ってな。そら!
Geoffrey: Goodness. Then, go look for the sail craftsman called Marcy and tell him to adjust this to suit you. Tell him that it is my order. Here! (Geoffrey throws something to Kaito)
海斗: シャツにズボン……。
Kaito: A shirt and trousers…
ジェフリー: やるよ。おまえの国の服は面白いが、イングランドの気候には合わない。俺の慈悲深さに感謝しろ。そんな良い服を着ることができるキャビン・ボーイは、イングランド広しといえど、おまえぐらいのものだ。
Geoffrey: I’ll give them to you. The clothes from your country are interesting, but unsuitable for England’s weather. Be grateful towards my generosity, you won’t find any cabin boys who can wear such find clothing in England or anywhere nearby.
海斗: ありがとうございます。キャプテンの羽振りが良いおかげで……。
Kaito: Thank you so much, because of captain’s prosperity…
ジェフリー: ほう、おべっかぐらいは使えるらしいな。気に入ったぞ、カイト。おまえは毛色が変わっているし、どこか秘密めいたところがある。フランス人どもと違って、俺は新しい物にそそられる質でね。
Geoffrey: Hm? At least you can flatter. I’ve taken a liking to you, Kaito. Your appearance is unique and there is something mysterious about you. Unlike the French, I’m the sort who would be drawn towards new things.
海斗: ま、また抱き締めるつもりだ。今度はキスなんかさせるもんか!
Kaito: He… he wants to hug me again. I won’t let him kiss me this time!
ジェフリー: とりあえずは手出しをしないでおこう。乗組員と寝ると、ルーファスがいい顔をしないからな。
Geoffrey: For now, I won’t do anything to you. If I sleep with one of our crew, Rufus won’t be too happy. Too bad for you Kaito, you won’t be sleeping in my coat, but it will be the hard floor for you.
海斗: その方がいいです、サー。
Kaito: (Kaito sighs in relief) I’d prefer that, sir.
ジェフリー: 早速、言葉遣いも直すか。ちゃっかりした奴だ。
Geoffrey: That was a fast change in your choice of words, what a shrewd fellow.
海斗: 一度、注意されたことは忘れません。
Kaito: I won’t forget anything once I’ve been warned about it.
ジェフリー: 俺もその言葉を忘れないぞ。では、マーシーのところに行って来い。ちゃんと服を着たら、次はルーファスからキャビン・ボーイの仕事を教えてもらえ。それが済んだら、ここに戻ってきて任務を果たすんだ。
Geoffrey: I won’t forget that too. Now, go to Marcy’s place. After you wear those clothes, go to find Rufus next and get him to tell you about a cabin boy’s duties. After all that is done, return here and fulfill your duties.
海斗: アイ・アイ・サー。
Kaito: Aye aye sir! (Kaito runs off)
ジェフリー: やれやれ……。とんだお荷物を背負い込まされたな。
Geoffrey: (Geoffrey laughs) Goodness me, I’ve burdened myself with more baggage again.
海斗: 確かに、いきなり俺みたいなのを拾ったら、扱いに困るよな。なんだかんだと文句を言ったけど、ジェフリーは良くしてくれてる方だ。服もくれたし、靴も買ってくれるみたいだし……。
Kaito: It’s true, if he suddenly picked someone like me off the streets, he wouldn’t know how to treat me. Even though he did complain here and there, Geoffrey doesn’t mean any harm to me. He even gave me clothes and it seems like he would buy shoes for me too. I’ll stop being a burden soon. That is the only thing I can do to express my gratitude.

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Translation Notes

  1. The England Reformation: King Henry VIII (1509-1547) repudiated the Papal authority and initiated the England Reformation, resulting in a series of events during the 16th Century when the Church of England broke off from the Roman Catholic Church. (back ↑)
  2. Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603): Popularly known as the Virgin Queen because she never married throughout her life, Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII. (back ↑)
  3. Spanish Armada: A Spanish fleet of 130 ships which escorted an army to invade England, part of the Anglo-Spanish War (1585-1604). (back ↑)
  4. The Elizabethan Pirates: Also called the Sea Dogs, the Elizabethan Pirates were privateers who attacked and raided Spanish ships with permission from the Queen. Although they raided Spanish ships independently of the Anglo-Spanish War, they played a key role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The difference between privateers and pirates lies within whether they had official permission backing up their actions. (back ↑)
  5. Sir John Hawkins (1532-1595): Part of the Elizabethan Pirates, John Hawkins was the pioneer in the British Slave Trade. He was the Chief Architect of the Elizabethan Navy and served as the Vice Admiral during the battle with the Spanish Armada. (back ↑)
  6. Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596): Famous for being the man who completed the second circumnavigation of the world from 1577 to 1580, Drake was also a Vice Admiral during the battle against the Spanish Armada. Drake is also called El Draque by the Spanish, meaning the dragon. (back ↑)
  7. Sir Martin Frobisher (1535-1594): Since there is no Thomas Frobisher, I’m going to go with Martin Frobisher. Frobisher sailed to the New World (America) on three separate voyages looking for a route through the Arctic Ocean. He was knighted after his gallantry during the battle against the Spanish Armada. (back ↑)
  8. Arthur Ransome (1844-1967): Best known for his series of books, the Swallows and Amazons series, which revolves around children exploring and sailing in the areas of England. (back ↑)
  9. Treasure Island: An adventure novel of pirates and treasure by Robert Louis Stevenson with characters like Long John Silver and John Hawkins. (back ↑)
  10. Buckland Abbey: Once a Catholic monastery until the English Reformation, Buckland Abbey changed hands several times before it was bought by Drake and converted into his home. It is now a museum. (back ↑)
  11. Drake’s famous game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe: It’s a myth that Drake was playing a game of bowls while waiting for the tide to change before sailing out to engage in battle with the Spanish Armada. The Spanish were defeated by Drake’s fire-ships, an event which contributed to one of the greatest military feat during Elizabeth’s reign. (back ↑)
  12. Revenge (Ship): An English Galleon23 which was used by Sir Francis Drake for numerous battles which were considered key events during the Anglo-Spanish War. It was used during the Raid on Cadiz, when Drake destroyed much material Phillip II had acquired in preparation for a battle against England. It then headed a fleet of English ships in the Battle of Gravelines, defeating the Spanish Armada in a decisive battle. (back ↑)
  13. Virginal: A keyboard instrument part of the Harpsichord family, the Virginal was popular during the late Renaissance to early Baroque period. (back ↑)
  14. Drake’s Drum: A snare drum emblazoned with Drake’s coat of arms, which he brought with him on his circumnavigation of the world. Before his death, he ordered for the drum to be brought to Buckland Abbey and swore to return to protect England once anybody beats on the drum if enemies were to attack England. (back ↑)
  15. The Battle of Trafalgar (21 October 1805): A naval battle between the British navy and the Franco-Spanish navy during the Napoleonic Wars of the 18th Century which resulted in a decisive win for the British. (back ↑)
  16. World War I (1914-1918): The First World War between the Allies (UK, France and Russian Empire) against the Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary), which ended with an Allied victory. (back ↑)
  17. Mary I of Scotland (1542-1567): Not to be confused with Mary I of England who is Elizabeth’s half-sister, Mary I of Scotland is Elizabeth’s cousin. She was forced to abdicate her throne after an uprising, and was imprisoned when she ran to her cousin for help as she was perceived as a threat in what is known as the Throckmorton Plot17A. After almost two decades of imprisonment, she was executed due to charges of treason. On a side note, Mary I of England was briefly married to Philip II of Spain for a period of time before her death. (back ↑)
  1. The Throckmorton Plot: An attempt by the English Roman Catholics to dispose of Elizabeth and to replace her with Mary I of Scotland. This plot was first uncovered by Sir Francis Walsingham24 when letters between the Spanish ambassador Bernardino de Mendoza25 and a contact in Scotland were found, indicating the existence of a conspiracy. Walsingham then proceeded gather evidence against Throckmorton, the main perpetuator of this conspiracy and had him executed of treason. Subsequently, Mary I of Scotland was tricked skillfully by Walsingham into producing evidence against herself; she was found guilty and executed against Elizabeth’s wishes. You can read more about this exciting story here. (back ↑)
  1. Franciscan Missionary: This Catholic religious order abides by the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi. After the Spanish conquest of Philippines, the Spanish authorities in Manila sent out a Franciscan Missionary to Japan in 1593. Franciscan Missionaries are established by the Franciscan friars under charter from the monarchs of the Spanish Empire and these missions were to introduce European/ Spanish culture to the locals in order to pacify any resistance against the European colonisation. (back ↑)
  2. Philip II of Spain (1556-1598): During his reign, Spain reached the height of its influence and power. Philip was briefly married to Mary I of England and enjoyed her titles and honours until her death in 1558. After he unsuccessfully tried to marry her half-sister, Elizabeth, relationships between Spain and England worsened, especially after Elizabeth’s open support of the privateers who plundered Spanish ships. (back ↑)
  3. John Dee (1527-1608): As a brilliant man during his time, John Dee was an occasional advisor and tutor to Elizabeth. He advocated policies which strengthened England during the 16th Century and played a key role in the English expansion. (back ↑)
  4. Boatswain: A senior crewman on the deck who oversees other members who work on the ship’s deck. Also called the bosun. (back ↑)
  5. Inquisitor: An official who interrogates people suspected of heresy. (back ↑)
  6. Galleon: A large multi-decked sailing ship used primarily by the European states during the 16th to 18th Centuries. A forecastle is the upper deck of a sailing ship which is before the foremast. (back ↑)
  7. Sir Francis Walsingham (1532-1590): The principal secretary and “spymaster” of Elizabeth, he played a key role in the England’s exploration, colonisation and strengthening of naval army. He oversaw the operations which penetrated Spain’s military preparation and disrupted numerous plots to overthrow Elizabeth; he was the one who secured the execution of Mary I of Scotland17. He played a major role in countering Catholicism in England and was very well-known for his duties of espionage for Elizabeth. His actions has caused much controversy, but he was known to many as ruthless and cold-blooded, driven to achieve his goal at any cost as he had tortured many to extract the necessary confessions from them. (back ↑)
  8. Bernardino de Mendoza (1540-1604): Although I’m not sure if he was the person Vicente was based on, just a bit of trivia for anyone who is interested. Bernardino was a Spanish military commander who was sent by Phillip II to London as an ambassador of Spain in 1578. He was a diplomat and also a spy, who was exiled from England after the failure of the Throckmorton Plot17A. (back ↑)
  9. El Escorial: The historical residence of the King of Spain, El Escorial was a co-designed by Philip II and architect Juan Bautista de Toledo as a monument of Spain’s role as the central of the Christian world. This UNESCO World Heritage site is near Madrid, so you might want to drop by when you’re there. (back ↑)

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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work & translations!! This is a very long series and I’m excited to finally understand what they’re saying ^^ Ganbatte!

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