Autumn 2015: First Episodes (Part 1)

First Episodes Part 1

What do drama CDs and anime have in common? Our favourite seiyuus of course! So instead of our usual first impressions for each anime season, we thought we’d get back to basics and zero in on just the seiyuus who draw us to the shows offered this Autumn 2015 season. That’s our starting point in picking up shows to watch anyway ^_^ Here’s part 1 of 2 because there are just way too many shows to get through ha~

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Autumn 2015: Seiyuu list

Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 01 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 02 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 03 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 04 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 05 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 06 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 07 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 08 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 09 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 10 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 11 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 12 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 13 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 14 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 15 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 16 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 17 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 18 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 19 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 20 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 21 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 22 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 23 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 24 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 25 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 26 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 27 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 28 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 29 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 30 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 31 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 32 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 33 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 34 Autumn 2015 Seiyuu Chara - 35

It’s a new anime season and we’re tweaking how we do things a bit here at Koekara~ Introducing the first seiyuu 出番 list of who’s acting in what this Autumn 2015. It’s always a bit of fun to try and identify the seiyuus behind new characters in new shows each season, especially when some veteran seiyuus surprise us by sounding so unlike their usual selves. There are a few newbies this season (not new new, but new enough to be in a main role for the first/second time) and some of the hardworking fellows from last season are taking things slower this Autumn. Anyway, there’s surely something for everyone and this list hopes to help you decide from a seiyuu-perspective just which shows to follow, since we can’t follow EVERYTHING… It’s only the male seiyuus listed alphabetically by surname, because we only care for the male seiyuus here at Koekara (and a handful of top-notch female seiyuus). Of course, voice acting is albeit an important part of anime, is but one part of things so keep a lookout for our review of each anime’s first episode to see if perhaps the storyline, graphics or OST is good enough to pull you in altogether. Till then, enjoy~ Continue reading

Shokugeki no Souma: Review

Shokugeki OP

They say the way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach. And Shokugeki no Souma sure is a figurative testament to that statement! With the first season having just ended its run and the second season yet to be announced, it looks like viewers will be kept waiting for a while before we can all indulge in seconds. So to pass some of the time, kiseki has decided there’s no time like the present to write a little review for the series (yes, kiseki has been very bossy about it, roping Akatsuki in to fangirl as well~~ ahahaha ^^) That having been said, this is less of a review and more of a you-just-have-gotsta-watch-this-show post. For those who have yet to watch this series (le gasp!), please please do. And for those who have seen the show, let’s have fun fangirling / fanboying over why we like this show so much, shall we? ^^

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