Drama CDs ☆ ドラマ

Here’s a list of dramas we have on Koekara. It’s not a lot for now, but you will see it growing. Click to scroll through all Drama CD reviews and Drama CD translations we’ve managed to cover so far.

Series Name Cast
500-Nen no Itonami (Review | Translation) Ono Yuuki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Akihabara Fall In Love (Review) Ono Yuuki x Hanae Natsuki
Amai Series (Reviews | Translations) Takahashi Hiroki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Aozora no Kimochi -Susume (Review | Translations) Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Terashima Takuma
Arashi no Ato (Review) Morikawa Toshiyuki x Nakamura Yuuichi
Deadlock Series (Reviews | Translation) Yasumoto Hiroki x Nakamura Yuuichi
Decoy Series (Reviews | Translations) Koyasu Takehito x Kondou Takashi
Miyake Kenta x Toriumi Kousuke
Doushitemo Furetakunai (Review) Ishikawa HideoNojima Kenji
FLESH & BLOOD Series (Reviews | Translations) Suwabe Junichi x Fukuyama Jun
Happiness (Review | Translations) Hatano Wataru x Hirakawa Daisuke
Hatsukoi no Atosaki (Review) Majima Junji x Ono Yuuki
Koi ni Inochi wo Kakeru no sa (Review | Translation) Nakamura Yuuichi x Kamiya Hiroshi
Koushounin Series (Reviews | Translations) Koyasu Takehito x Hirakawa Daisuke
Kuroi Aijou (Review | Translations) Midorikawa Hikaru x Hirakawa Daisuke
Love Stage!! (Review | Translation) Eguchi Takuya x Yonaga Tsubasa
Mauri to Ryuu (Review) Yusa Kouji x Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Shingaki Tarusuke x Hino Satoshi
Hino Satoshi + Hanae Natsuki
Onii-san wa Seitokaichou-sama (Review) Hiyama Nobuyuki x Miki Shinichirou
Parasitic Soul (Review | Translation) Ono Yuuki x Takeuchi Ken
Rakuen no Uta (Review | Translations) Midorikawa Hikaru x Kamiya Hiroshi
Seikanji-ke Series (Reviews | Translations) Okiayu Ryoutarou x Chiba Susumu
Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji
Suwabe Junichi x Fukuyama Jun
Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Series (Translation) Nakamura Yuuichi x Tachibana Shinnosuke
Senaka Awase no Koi (Review | Translations) Terashima Takuma x Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Seven Days Series (Reviews) Nakamura Yuuichi x Fukuyama Jun
Shiawase ni Dekiru Series (Reviews | Translations) Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki
Shitteru yo (Review | Translation) Hatano Wataru x Murase Ayumu
Toriumi Kousuke x Maeno Tomoaki
Shounen Hanayome (Reviews) Toriumi Kousuke x Suzumura Kenichi
Smells Like Green Spirit (Review) Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Hatano Wataru, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Yusa Kouji
Sono Ude de Oboretai (Review) Koyasu Takehito x Fukuyama Jun
Thanatos no Futago (Reviews) Morikawa Toshiyuki x Nojima Kenji
Konishi Katsuyuki x Kondou Takashi
Hatano Wataru x Kondou Takashi
Yebisu Celebrities Series (Review | Translations) Ichijou Kazuya x Hirakawa Daisuke
YES IT’S ME (Review) Hatano Wataru x Hirakawa Daisuke
Tachibana Shinnosuke x Hiyama Nobuyuki
Yesterday wo Kazoete (Review) Okitsu Kazuyuki x Yoshino Hiroyuki

Last updated on: 7 June 2016


20 thoughts on “Drama CDs ☆ ドラマ

  1. You said we could request translations, right? It’s not that I want ALL the ones I’m going to mention (alright, I want them all hahaha, but of course I mention them in case there is at least one that calls your attention).

    First of all, I’m a BIG fan of the Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji pair. I just love the chemistry between them. I almost feel like a stalker spying on them. So I’d love to see these CDs translated. The first CD of Seikanji Series in which they appeared as the main couple has already been translated, so I’m begging and dying to hear more and more:

    Seikanji Series 5: Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite 02
    Seikanji Series 6: Owarinaki Yoru no Hate

    The next one has the same lovely pair again. I think the story is very simple (I’ve read some reviews), but when you fall in love with a seiyuu pair, you can’t help wanting more:

    Umi series 2: Te wo Nobaseba Haruka na Umi

    I chose the next one because the story and the characters make me feel all warm inside (and sometimos hot too *cough*). Mikishin and especially Kamiyan surely do their best. I’ve read the previous CDs and I really want to read more:

    Shinayakana Netsujou 4 – Yasunakana Yoru no Tame no Guuwa
    Shinayakana Netsujou 5 – Hanayakana Aijou

    The next CD is the first that let me hear an uke REALLY enjoying himself. For me, it has one of the best smex scenes of all. I’ve spent years waiting and dying to see what the story is about:

    Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato (Takahashi Hiroki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

    The next makes me curious. Some people say the seme is very patient, but jealous (love jealous semes!) and the uke is cute (not that I like cute ukes, but anyway), but he knows when he has to raise his voice and get mad. The story might be cute.

    Aozora No Kimochi-Susume (Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Terashima Takuma)

    And I think you may be working on this, but I’m writing the name on the list anyway:

    Deadlock Simplex arc.2 (Yusa Kouji x Toochika Kouichi)
    Arc.1 is already translated, but nothing happens between Rob and Joshua… And I really want Rob to be happy with someone.

    Uff, that was long, wasn’t it? But I wanted to tell you why I want them, so that you had more information and decide if you’d like to work on them.

    By the way, sorry if there’re some parts that are hard to understand in terms of language. My mother tongue is not English, so I tend to invent words hahaha.

    Thank you for the chance you give us to drop requests <3

    • Ran-chan… you’re worse than my boss at work! But this is work which I actually enjoy so thank you for recommending all these dramas to me! And hello my fellow Konishi fan~ There was actually a period of time when I specifically hunted down all the Konishi dramas so I have quite a bit of them ^^ Although I haven’t heard most of the dramas you listed above, save for Yogoto Mitsu and Te wo Nobaseba Harukalalala (because of Konishi-san <3), after reading your descriptions above, I'm definitely going to listen and cover all that you've listed~

      I'm most likely to cover the Seikanji-ke Series ones first, since I'm more familiar with it, before moving on to Umi Series. About the Deadlock Simplex drama, I haven't actually heard it yet because I was like, who is Joshua! I don't want my Rob to end up with some other guy T.T but you're right, Rob deserves to have his happiness so maybe it's time for me to move on from Yuuto and give Simplex a go.

      You've got me curious about Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato and Aozora no Kimochi (love jealous semes too) so I'm going to listen to them first! Thanks for telling me about them~

      Meanwhile, how about giving Synapse no Hitsugi a try? It is also a Konishi x Nojima drama. It's rather sad and sometimes, dry (it is about doctors and theses) but I'm sure the seiyuus will get you through ^^

      • Hahahaha, did I mention that I’m a teacher? xD “Do things properly or don’t do them at all” xD So listing and giving reasons was a must. And I had to give many choices too hahaha. All the ones I mentioned are novels without translations or they haven’t been adapted into mangas, so there’s no way I can understand them (except from the “oki… irete… motto tsuyoku… iku…” and all that stuff xD).

        In Seikanji-ke series, Konishi x Nojima pair just kill me. They are so hot together! Nojima sounds so sexy and Konishi… OMG, THE man.

        Hahahaha, I understand what you mean when you ask who Joshua is. It was the same for me at the beginning, but Rob is so nice… he needs to move on and Joshua is really cute too (without being girly, of course). Yuuto is already happy eating pizza in his home sweet home, let’s give Rob a chance to eat his own pizza too xD

        Fukigen is like those kind of books that you’ve always wanted to read, but never found it. It’s been at least 2 years, and I’ve never stopped searching for translations (novel or CD Drama, any will do). I think the novel was even reprinted and two different mangakas drew for each edition (I like the second, though). And that lemon… it’s been in my ears for soooo long. Give it a try!

        I already listened to Synapse no Hitsugi (I’ve heard everything I could find with the lovely seiyuu couple), and I really liked it too. A little sad, but I liked it. The one that definitely made me cry was Thanatos no Futago… ;__; OMG, it was the first time I cried in the middle of a sex scene (and Hatano Wataru was the seme! And I love Hatano Wataru, but he was enjoying himself while Nojima Kenji’s character… Arrgg!!!!!).

    • Wow! Ran-chan, nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!
      OMG I thought I was the only one who thought the Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji is heaven-sent! And the amazing thing is how in each different drama cd story, they don’t sound repeated like characters carried forward from another show! Amazing seiyuus… Shion-chan, please get through Ran-chan’s request as I second them onegaishimasu ^^
      And so few people appreciate Suzuki Tatsuhisa aka Tattsun as uke… too few… glad to finally meet another one!

      • Nojima Kenji as an uke is love in general and I derive so much amusement and satisfaction from seeing him in a drama cd! I shall eagerly await any translations you do, Shion-chan! Good luck!! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

      • Nice to meet you too, Akatsuki! And you’re SO right when you say that they never sound the same as previous CDs, they’re just amazing. Konishi Katsuyuki’s voice is so manly and full of confidence, while Nojima Kenji’s is… how can I describe it… aristocratic? Sometimes he sounds like a cat. His voice is just delicious, like a bell tinkling slowly and with extreme gentleness. Their tone of voices contrast, and maybe that’s why the sound so good together. Heacen-sent as you said <3 Just the best pair ever.

        OMG! You like Tattsun (I didn't know that was his nickname) as uke too? :O I'de never known someone who liked him with that role! I got to know him (his voice xD) through Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato and I fell in love with his enthusiasm hahaha. His uke was eager for more and he used such a sexy and playful voice… I could never forget that scene (and it was soooo long too xD). Then I tried to find more BLCDs with this "Suziki Tatsuhisa" in them, and I found out he usually played seme! I couldn't believe it xD But he's very manly (not very sexy or playful, though) too.

        Let's encourage Shion-san! I don't know how I could help (I only speak Spanish and I try to speak English xD that's why it could sounds funny sometimes), but if you need something I could help with, just ask me =D

      • haha Ran-chan! Was that looong scene in Fukigen that good?! I shall get to it straightaway then! I prefer him as uke because I like the drastic difference between someone of that voice quality and the usual characteristics of an uke although the opposite doesn’t work for me with seme.

        Your comments are more than any help we could ever ask for! It really spurs us all on to keep writing ^_^ arigatou!

      • Now I’m afraid you don’t like the scene I’ve been talking about. Am I creating to much expectation? Hahaha.

        I’ve listened to Cds with him as seme, and I like it too, but his ukes are fun and kinky hahaha; I like them.

        My comments are nothing compared to all your effort! So that’s the least I could do <3

    • Aww all of you… Thanks for the support! *rolls up sleeves

      Is Fukigen thaaaat nice? I listened to a bit of the first track and switched over to Aozora which I enjoyed very much – so much that I’m going to translate/review that one first :D I have never really taken much notice of Tattsun before, as a seme or uke and I liked him very much in Aozora so I’m looking forward to his performance (haha) in Fukigen~ By the way Ran-chan, my Japanese vocabulary list is kind of like yours too (thanks all you semes/ukes who like to verbalise and describe everything). I always worry that weird and inappropriate words might spill out when I speak Japanese hahaha.

      And Thanatos no Futago?! You just gave me another reason to procrastinate with my translations heheh. I spent yesterday and today just listening to the dramas in above listing. It has been a long time since I last heard Nojima’s voice properly and he does do the proud voice very well. The Seikanji-ke series is sooooo loooooong that I look forward to and dread covering it at the same time haha.

      • I don’t know if Fukigen is nice (or thaaat nice xD) because the only part I understand has to do with gasps and pants hahaha. And I liked it so much that I’ve always wanted to read what the story is about. And so Aozora is good? Great! So the reviews I read previously were true.

        Hadn’t you listened to Thanatos? It’s SO frustrating! It made cry a lot actually. And the character I hated the most was voiced by Kondo Takashi… I felt guilty xD

        And yep, the Seikanji-ken series is very long, but I don’t really care about the CDs in which Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji pair doesn’t appear. I mean, I’ve just listened (because there’re translations out there) to the volume in which Kamiyan (ok, his character whose name I don’t remember) appears as the main character, and, apart from being loose, he’s very annoying. The only good thing about him is that he has a son voiced by Nojima Kenji hahahahha.

      • I think we should one day do a food chain chart based on your list of translated Drama CDs. I’m quite sure Nojima’s at the bottom of the entire food chain. Any idea if he’s ever done seme because I’ve never come across one before :p

      • Nojima Kenji as seme… That’s a good question. I’m gonna google it xD
        (Some minutes later…)
        Oniisama ga Sekai de Ichiban! :O Nojima Kenji x Hatano Wataru. xD Tell me I’m not crazy… This should be all the way around. Hatano Wataru is a seme, always a seme, the gentle seme, the prince-like seme! What is he doing as uke… and being “uked” (xD yeah, I’m inventing words again) by Nojima Kenji, the ukest of the ukes?! Can’t believe it xD He’s also participated in some Otome CDs, but I haven’t heard them >.<

      • Oh dear, I’m not too sure if I dare to listen to that one… tell me your feedback if you’re going to try listening to it please~

        By the way, apparently Nojima tops his fellow uke champ, HiroC in Kuchibiru de Kowasareru. I listened to the first few tracks and really liked the atmosphere inside. Potential bittersweet storyline me thinks.

      • Hahahaha, same here. I can’t stand Hatano Wataru as uke, and having Nojima Kenji topping him is too much. I don’t think I’ll ever give it a try… but if I do so (mainly curiosity), I’ll let you know (I won’t understand a thing, though hahaha).

        Kuchibiru de Kowasareru! It’s one of the few BLCDs out there with translation available, so I listened to it some time ago. It was good. Not awesome, but very nice. It made me cry (mm… mayble I cry very easily). Nojima’s character has had bad experiences in love, so he’s very insecure and Kamiyan’s is that kind of man you’d like to have (kind, handsome, mature in spite of being young, etc.). and it made me cry basically because I saw myself in many scenes (*sigh* that’s the main reason why I end up crying listening/reading slice of life stories hahaha). It doesn’t have a great storyline (mainly some misunderstandings), but I liked the characters (and their voices hahaha). I like Kamiyan as seme too, in fact, the first time I listened to him was in Kawaii Hito, and he was the seme there, so the shock came when, later on, I realized that he was a kind a Uke Queen xD

      • Oh oops I just realised that it is a hiroC x nojima drama? Just finished listening to it and awww I agree with you that even though the story isn’t fantastic, I really liked the character and their voices. Don’t cry ran-chan, that means you’ll find your own Chika one day! HiroC has such a gentle voice ♡ too bad this drama is already translated, I would love to translate that drama. After the seikanjike series, of course :p

    • Hahaha, yep, I found it weird when you said that Nojiken was on top,
      but anyway haha. I’ve just read another review fo the story and I realized it’s
      a novel written by Tachibana Venio, so now it doesn’t suprise me
      the bittersweet feeling in it. Nojiken’s character is so lonely and sad,
      eager to be loved, but too scared to ask for it. And Chika… aww…
      I hope I can find my own Chika as you said hahaha (not a highschool
      student, though, I don’t want to go to jail so soon xD).
      And I’m sure there’re MANY sweet stories like this out there, waiting
      to be translated by you awesome skills! I can make another list xDDDD

    • Hi, Ran chan!
      I’m sorry to intrude. I hope you don’t mind. Do you have any chance to have Shinayakana Netsujou 3 translation? Because I saw you requesting Shinayakana Netsujou 4.. :)

      With love,

  2. You have excellent taste in BLCDs! :D

    I was a huge fan a couple years ago and Synapse No Hitsugi, Decoy, Deadlock, Koushounin and Shiawase ni Dekiru series were one of the best ones around at that time in my opinion.

    Perhaps you could try:
    Borderline/Gray Zone series
    Ao no Kiseki series
    Migite ni Mesu Hidarite ni Hanataba series
    Suki Koso Koi no Zettai series
    Nijuu Rasen series
    Kono Ai ni Hizamazuke series
    Yasashiku Koroshite, Boku no Kokoro wo/Omae wa Ai wo Kuu Kedamono
    Blue Sound series
    Kagi no Katachi/Kagi no Arika

    Oops. I got carried away. Anyway! Have fun translating the BLCDs! (Never did any because it was too much work)

  3. Wow, I just stumbled across your site just recently. And I am one of the lucky ones to have found this. Thank you so much for your hardwork. I have never been into BLCDs as much as I do now, since I have already found your site full of awesome translations. Thank you. By far, Koushounin is my favorite series. I LOVE KOYASU SO MUCH. He fits those cool, laid back-ish yakuza a lot. I loved the cute interactions between Hyoudou and Mebuki. Anyway, I’m now to listen and read Decoy series. Looking forward to more of your translations and reviews!

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