Sono Ude de Oboretai

Sono Ude de Oboretai

Title: Sono Ude de Oboretai (その腕で溺れたい)
Original work by: Kurosaki Atsushi (Novel)
Release date: 2004年11月27日
Length: 01:10:47
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Fukuyama Jun (子安武人x 福山潤)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤
Genres: Drama, School life
Drama translation: None

Megumu lost his parents at an early age and ever since his brother has started working at a different prefecture, he has been living by himself. One day, Sahara, his brother’s good friend, appears at his apartment claiming to be sent over by his brother to take care of Megumu. All seems normal, except that Sahara always mistakes Megumu for another person in bed and kisses him.

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