Tokyo Ravens: Episode 16

Darkness Emerge: 神扇 – Divine Fan

Tokyo ravens ep 16 - fan

Onmyou Agency finally put their plan into action, and in this episode we see the eradication of the Twin Horn Syndicate. This was a very good refresher episode, with a number of questions being answered, together with the explanations given by Hirata (oh Ishida Akira, it is always lovely hearing your voice). If like me, you had completely forgotten about what went on in the first half of the season, this episode should jog your memory. Or, maybe not..

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Tokyo Ravens: Episode 14

Black Shaman ASSAULT: 術比 – Face off

tokyo ravens ep 14 - ootomo

Action, action and more action. The fight scenes in this episode of Tokyo Ravens left my heart pumping, in more ways than one *cough thanks to Yusa Kouji’s voice cough*. Picking up from where the previous episode left off, we see Onmyou Prep being infiltrated by the crawling bug things. Aside from the whole Raven coat thing (which I still have no idea when in the world that was brought up), I have to say that episode 14 was one of the more enjoyable episodes of Tokyo Ravens thus far.      Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens: Episode 13

Black Shaman ASSAULT: 法師 – Priest

tokyo ravens ep 13 - talismanPlot points were lost on me in this episode of Tokyo Ravens. While I am certain that all the various meetings and conversations featured were very important to the understanding of plot progression, I was more focused on the maybe-there-but-not-quite-there-yet relationship/confession between Harutora and Natsume. Seriously people, stop your wishy-washiness and let’s get a move on it!      Continue reading