Mahou Sensou 12 (END)

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It’s official. Mahou Sensou has shown that with this last episode, it’s beyond redemption as an anime adaptation.

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Mahou Sensou 10 – 11

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.04.06 am

This show is just messy and untidy. We’re nearing the end in this final arc of Mahou Sensou and it’s introducing new characters, trying to develop main character Takeshi even more, paying no heed to every other character and blatantly continuing with a narrative that’s weak and confusing.

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Mahou Sensou 07 – 09

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Episode 07 is usually an important one for one-cour animes. It tells you if a good series stays consistently good or if a bad series shows promise of a turn-around (e.g. Buddy Complex). This unfortunately, is not the case for Mahou Sensou. As reviewed previously, the show had some promise (as high school based magic genre animes generally have a steep uphill climb to challenge) but poor execution and a narrative full of holes meant even the veteran seiyuus couldn’t save the show. Until Episode 09 that is. But is this too late? Continue reading

Mahou Sensou: Mid-Season Review

Mahou Sensou title

Anime shows of the fantasy/magical genre set in high schools or involving high school students, has always been around. Anime is mostly fantasy after all. They’ll all have the budgets for quality graphics and effects. So what sets a show of this cliche apart from the others thus heavily depends on the narrative/plot (e.g. the genre-deconstructing Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) and the show’s ability to really let viewers feel invested in its characters (Zetsuen no Tempest) . Does Mahou Sensou live up so far? Continue reading