Kyoukai no Kanata OP

knk op

[The newborn love has the tender sound of wings

I don’t want to hurt it but I can’t leave it be

So catch me again and again

We’re fated to meet, crossing through time in our dreams]

Title: Kyoukai no Kanata
Artist: Chihara Minori [茅原 実里]

I didn’t think I’d like this song as much as the incredible ED of this wonderful show but it turns out that this song did begin to grow on me a few more episodes in. The fact that the title shares the namesake of the show itself is a nice little tribute, which makes me think that they really took a lot of time and effort into ensuring that the music really fit with every single aspect of Kyoukai no Kanata which serves to enhance one’s experience with the series. It’s not my favourite OP of all time, but it is a really lovely one once you listen to it enough times and watch the opening sequence at the same time. Once you read the lyrics, however, that’s when you truly see the parallels between the song and the show and it just makes my heart beat a little faster. It really is lovely indeed~

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Kyoukai no Kanata ED

kyoukai no kanata ED daisy

I never say good bye 

Itsu datte sou sa [that’s how it always is]

Title: Daisy
Artist: Stereo Dive Foundation

As soon as I heard those first few notes to the song, I knew I was going to love it and fall in love with it. I truly think it’s one of the most beautiful EDs to have ever graced an anime show and for it to have been used for Kyoukai no Kanata only serves the purpose of making the show that much more lovely for me. Kyoukai no Kanata was by far my favourite show last season and the song, Daisy, just fit so seamlessly into this show like it was made for it.

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The catchphrase for Kyoukai no Kanata may be fuyukai desu! (how unpleasant) but the show is anything but.

Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) was undoubtedly my favourite new show this season. The anime itself was adapted from a series of on-going light novels and, ergo, if I’m not mistaken the ending of the show was an original ending by the producers. It’s been called a dark fantasy but that’s not exactly the term I would use for it. Urban fantasy would still probably be cutting the story too short.

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