Hamatora ED

Hamatora ED - Hikari (anime)

Excerpts from the chorus:


(There is a tiny ray of light here) | (It is the miracle that lights the path ahead)


(The tiny miracle begins to unravel) | (That is the light that points to the future)

Title: Hikari
Artist: Hatano Wataru ☆ 羽多野渉

Hatano Wataru, voice of the ever-stoic Murasaki, brings us this pop rock ballad of an ED for Hamatora. I initially had my doubts, because ever so often, while seiyuus possess some of the most beautiful speaking voices, some just are not that good at serenading the listener with their singing voices. Fortunately, that was not the case with Hikari, as Hatano Wataru proved that there are seiyuus who can indeed sing~

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Hamatora: Post-season Update

Hamatora - to be continuedEpisode 12 of Hamatora ended with the “to be continued”, as shown above. Given the massive gasp inducing cliffhanger of an ending, this is definitely what viewers would be hoping for. However, just how true is this? Is the Hamatora production team just toying with our feelings?? As someone who NEEDS a good resolution/conclusion, I am definitely hoping that this is something concrete and not just a tease. According to Hamatora’s twitter account (and retweeted by Hatano Wataru), the Hamatora project is still continuing. While this message has stirred some hope that the ending of episode 12 was a season finale and not a series finale, it is still very much open to interpretation. In what way does the studio intend to continue with Hamatora? Manga? OVA? Movie? Or hopefully beyond hoping, another season? MyAnimeList has taken this to mean a second season and has even gone as far as to create a whole page for Hamatora season 2. Although nothing has yet to be confirmed (obviously, given that the last episode just aired three days ago and so it is far too soon to confirm anything), all these hints imply that the project is indeed, still continuing. Here’s hoping that we get a season 2!

*update* 2 May 2014: According to a recent tweet on Hamatora‘s twitter account, it looks like we will be getting a second season of Hamatora! The second season, Re: Hamatora, is set to air in July 2014 and it looks like the cast will be returning! Check the official Hamatora website for further updates!

Hamatora: Episode 12 – Finale

覚悟 (エゴ) – Resolve (Ego)

Hamatora ep 12 - 01     Hamatora ep 12 - 02     Hamatora ep 12 - 03Hamatora ep 12 - 04     Hamatora ep 12 - 05     Hamatora ep 12 - 06 Hamatora ep 12 - 08     Hamatora ep 12 - 07     Hamatora ep 12 - 09Hamatora ep 12 - 10     Hamatora ep 12 - 11     Hamatora ep 12 - 15

After 12 episodes, Hamatora finally comes to an end. And what a whirlwind of a ride it has been. There was fun, there was laughter, there were gasps, there were screams – all of which led up to this final episode and continued all the way to the very last scene. If you haven’t already seen it, I strongly urge you to do so. It is mind-blowing.

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Hamatora: Episode 11

Flight of the Victor – 勝者の敗走

Hamatora ep 11 - 01 Hamatora ep 11 - 02 Hamatora ep 11 - 03 Hamatora ep 11 - 04 Hamatora ep 11 - 07 Hamatora ep 11 - 06 Hamatora ep 11 - 05 Hamatora ep 11 - 08 Hamatora ep 11 - 09

This was a mess of an episode. It was bloody and emotional, with lots of head squishing, body smashing, screaming and crying. Towards the final seconds, one thing was clear – our main & main supporting characters were most certainly not happy. Anger radiated from our Hamatora duo (pardon my previous mistake, I assumed that everyone was part of Hamatora and only just realised that Hamatora consists of only Nice and Murasaki), Birthday & Ratio, Koneko and even Hajime. Above all of that, we finally got some much-needed progression, albeit grossly overdue. As is typical of Hamatora, the episode ended in yet another cliffhanger. Although, props to the writers for making it a different cliffhanger this time round. Needless to say, it is going to be a very long week ahead, before the revelation in next week’s final episode.      

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Hamatora: Episodes 9 & 10

美少女と野獣 – Little Beauty and the Beast弱者の行進 – March of the Weak

Hamatora ep 9 - ThreeHamatora ep 9 - three & honeyHamatora ep 9 - exposed Hamatora ep 9 - zombies liftHamatora ep 9 - black cosmos Hamatora ep 9 - minimum zombies

When episode 8 ended in that mysterious cliffhanger, it kept me guessing, speculating, thinking – it was constantly on my mind. An entire week’s worth of waiting and alas, episode 9 graces our television/computer screens. Considering how practically every episode of Hamatora so far left me eagerly anticipating the next, it pains me to have to admit that episode 9 was a complete and utter let down, leaving me disgruntled and very wanting. Not to mention, a waste of mind/brain capacity, what with all the effort that was put into guessing what would happen next.

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Hamatora: Episode 08

ゴーヤは血に濡れて – The Blood-soaked Bitter Melon

Hamatora ep 8 - Art struggling

After an entire week’s worth of far-fetched speculations, episode 8 finally airs. As if watching last week’s ending was not painful enough, the opening of this week’s episode taunts us with almost two excruciating minutes of a recap of Art’s brutal ‘murder’. The use of quotation marks clearly illustrates my take on the matter – I absolutely refuse to believe that Art is gone. Hamatora is a series, of which the characters have powers, isn’t it? Somewhere, someway, somehow, I am desperately hoping that we will see the real Art again.

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Hamatora: Episode 07

黒いコスモス – Black Cosmos
Hamatora ep 7 - black cosmos

This episode saw many people losing their cool. Art screamed at Nice at the beginning of the episode when he felt that Nice was trying to push his way into a case; Ratio forced Birthday into bed rest when he found him chatting up a pretty florist; a group of desperate fanboys ganged up against Kouichi (this week’s minor character) when they found out he had slept with their idol; Nice blew off some steam on the bickering fanboys (question: how enraged would Nice be when he finds out what Moral did this week?); Moral snapped when he heard Art calling Nice his friend; and I lost it as the episode came to a close.      Continue reading