Gin no Saji Season 1: Review

Gin no Saji title

Adapted from the top-selling manga by Arakawa Hiromu, famously known for earlier manga Full Metal Alchemist (FMA), the anime of Silver Spoon aka Gin no Saji (GnS), was genuine, down-to-earth and just so sincere that sometimes, it was hard to believe it’s an anime. Fans of FMA snapped up her new manga but besides the art style, it is a completely different creature of its own. There’s no fantasy world setting, no big studio action scenes, no bigger political plot and definitely no homunculus. GnS is based on Arakawa’s own experience growing up on a dairy farm in Hokkaido and thus set in the real world in an agricultural high school, with real world family issues, real high schooler problems related to growing up and just overall waist-deep in realistic situations we can identify with on a thematic level. Continue reading