Gin no Saji 2 04

“Minamikujou, appears 「南九条、あらわる」

Gin no Saji 2 - Image 1 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 2 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 3 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 4 Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.47.19 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.47.28 pm Gin no Saji 2 - Image 7 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 8 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 9 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 10 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 11 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 12 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 13 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 14 Gin no Saji 2 - Image 15

We’ve had plenty of build-up since the first season of Gin no Saji and I’m getting the feeling that with this episode, we’re getting closer to the turning point where Hachiken learns to stand up for himself and become a person he can truly accept in every aspect.

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Gin no Saji 2 03

“Hachiken jumps high” 「八軒、高く跳ぶ」

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.26.10 pm

I have a confession to make. I was Hachiken. And it took a bloody long time to grow out of it (still am), which is what Hachiken is slowly figuring out for himself as one hopefully does through adolescence. Hachiken went to elite schools and was sorely independent from day one having been brought up in a strict household with that strict father of his. His modus operandi is to work hard for himself if he wants to achieve something. A meritocratic society and upbringing does that to you. Never has he considered relying on others as an option. Until now that is, through a horse no less. Bless you Maron!

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Gin no Saji 2 02

“Hachiken adopts Vice-President” 「八軒、副ぶちょーを拾う」

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.36.42 am

Apologies for the very late posting for Gin no Saji season 2 – if anyone’s reading that is, LOL. Unlike reliable and dependable Hachiken, I’ve not been able to juggle posting the other anime reviews on top of full-time work and real life commitments. But surely if I asked Hachiken to do my reviews, he’d do it superbly even if he’s not familiar with the work. Case in point – he picks up a stray dog this episode and just as he was with making pizza in season 1, he doesn’t let his friends and his new puppy down. Yet another well delivered episode from the GnS production team and it’s only episode 02!

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Gin no Saji Season 2 01

Hachiken becomes the Club Vice President  「八軒、副部長になる」

GnS2 Title

Watching this opening episode of GnS season 2 takes me back to the time I saw the opening episode of the first season. Back then, Hachiken was getting used to the absurd wake-up time of 4am and lights out at 10pm but here, he’s so used to it after a year that it doesn’t seem anything out of the ordinary for him anymore. And it’s wonderful to see him grow to genuinely appreciate food so much. I liked GnS season 1 because it managed to combine drama and comedy in a realistic, coming-of-age setting that is still quite lacking in anime and I’m glad to say it continues with this episode. Continue reading