Buddy Complex 13 (END)

Acception 「アクセプション」

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We finally get to the end of BC in the final episode of the “To the Future” arc. There is closure as there are opportunities as we see in the closing credits. Overall it has been a solid foundation building first season which hopefully means a much more exciting future second season because honestly, that time tunnel twist at the end didn’t really work for me as much of a twist…

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Buddy Complex 12

“The Bonds of Two People” 「ふたりの絆」

Buddy Complex 12 Image 01 Buddy Complex 12 Image 02 Buddy Complex 12 Image 03 Buddy Complex 12 Image 04 Buddy Complex 12 Image 05 Buddy Complex 12 Image 06

With just 2 episodes left to go in this first cour of Buddy Complex, the bonds between our main couples (in whatever meaning of the word you make of) Dio and Aoba, Hina and Bizon grow stronger, undoubtedly towards building up the story for the 2nd season. Lots of action and more refined character development this episode will surely go a long way in future.

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Buddy Complex 09

“Coupling System” 「カップリングシステム」

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.53.26 pm

Adding new characters this late into a show is fine, if done purposefully – Mahou Sensou ought to take a leaf out of Buddy Complex’s series composition. The Cygnus crew is joined by Buddy system conceptualiser Dr. Alessandro Fermi (Oobayashi Ryuusuke) as his ex-student defector Dr. Wilheim Hahn (is it just me or did everyone drag out the Hah~~n) makes an appearance in Zogilia. Overall, it wasn’t a spectacular episode but I don’t ask for much with BC and baddie Koyasu Takehito is always welcomed :)

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Buddy Complex 08

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 1.01.37 pm

The Night of the Storm 「嵐の夜」

Not much happened this week. We know from the previous episode that Aoba and Hina fell together (accompanied by Dio’s dramatic cry for Aobaaaaa~) so this week we got the much needed character development to move things along for these 2. Was it a great episode? No, but it was a good enough one to ensure that the second half of Buddy Complex outshines the first 6 episodes so hopefully we’re right on track to a good ending for Sunrise’s mecha offering in Winter 2014. Continue reading

Buddy Complex 07

Buddy 「バディ」

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 11.37.42 pm

Now things finally pick up. As the show enters the second half, things get dramatic, we see politics come into play and some proper war strategy going on. Do things heat up between Fromm and Dio or Aoba? What about Hina? A bit more than usual happened in BC 07 compared to the pace the show was going at in the first half so hopefully this spells a meatier punch to this show because it really does have the potential for it. Continue reading