Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 02

2人のユーリ!? ゆ~とぴあの乱 – Two Yuris?! Drama at Yu-topia

Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (1) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (2) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (3) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (4) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (5) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (6) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (7) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (8) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (9) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (10) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (11) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (12) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (13) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (14) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (15) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (16) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (17) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (18) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (19) Yuri!!! On Ice E02 (20)

And do we have… a love triangle?!

Things sure move fast here. Not long after Yuri gets proposed *cough* informed by Viktor that he’s becoming Yuri’s coach, Viktor proceeded to move into Yuri’s family inn and everything starts to fall in place… not. While everyone was staggering with disbelief that a world famous figure skater would just invite himself over to a small unknown coastal Japanese town just for Yuri, everyone was delighted that their Yuri seems to be getting a second chance at the skating championships again. Frankly speaking, this is happening too much like your average shoujo dream that I would have frowned upon it under normal circumstances, but I’m getting so sucked into this that it’s all okay *sparkles*.

Although we would want to see Yuri take his first step toward championships on ice, Viktor insisted that he won’t coach Yuri until the latter has lost some weight. I do enjoy watching Yuri’s occasional transformation into a lumpy bespectacled nerd, but I guess in-shape Yuri would serve a better purpose in this show. While Yuri worked hard at getting back into shape for Viktor’s approval, another Yuri was making his way over to Hasetsu. More specifically, the blonde Yuri whom most of us remember as the (good-looking) spoiled brat. Despite his role as the antagonist (?) of this show, I just couldn’t help but fall in love with him gradually – especially when he lost all self-control over a tiger shirt. I’m telling you, there’s an adorable and naive boy under that tough prickly leather he tries to wear!

It wasn’t long before the two Yuris meet and unsurprisingly, Yurio chose to stay at Yuri’s inn! Now that we have assembled our obligatory love triangle all three boys gathered in one place, it’s time for both Yuris to fight for Viktor (as a coach). I got a little lost in the story here, but apparently the Yuris are supposed to compete against each other using one of Viktor’s competition routines. Instinctively, I knew that Viktor would stay with our Yuri no matter the outcome so half the fun was taken out for me, but I am still anticipating to see how that’s going to happen. To spice things up, Viktor assigned a rather surprising choice of routines for the Yuris; a flirtatious choreography for virgin Yuri and a dance of unconditional love for self-centered Yurio. Oh ho things are getting interesting!

This series is doing really well in my opinion, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who really appreciates the random inserts of humour which weren’t overdone at all. Another aspect which I really enjoyed was the slight dosage of fan-service, administered in just the right amount. Everybody enjoys a bit of fan-service but when it gets too blatant and excessive, it overshadows a lot of other core aspects of the show. Plot pacing is perfect so far, though I’m not sure if we will get to see Yuri win the Grand Prix Finale, I’m certain that we will see him evolve into a worthy skater. Above all, I can’t wait to see more of those beautiful on ice action!


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