Junjou Romantica 3: Episode 04

When There’s Will, There’s a Way – 石に立つ矢

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I’m dying from the sweetness overload here~ 

To be honest, this couple was my least favourite during the previous seasons but they were actually quite cute and extremely sweet this episode. Junjou fans will need no introduction to this couple, Miyagi and Shinobu. If my memory didn’t fail me, it was actually Shinobu who pushed for this relationship in the first place – precisely why I didn’t really like this couple in the first place. In this season, they’re already an established relationship but that doesn’t mean that things are going smoothly for them.

Shinobu seems happy enough to be together with Miyagi but rather insecure for obvious reasons – dating a professor 17 years his senior, and his sister’s ex-husband to boot. During lunch, Shinobu’s friend was talking about the lunch his girlfriend makes and how it’s actually a burden to show appreciation towards her. I guess dating someone much older does has its benefits because Shinobu should be gaining comfort in the thought that Miyagi would be too matured to act like  his friend… not. In an effort to not let things get too dull for Miyagi, Shinobu bought pumpkins instead of cabbage to cook for dinner. Yes, that would be very different. Although I don’t think Shinobu’s acting like a law undergraduate (i.e. buying pumpkins when he doesn’t even know how to cook them), I thought it was very sweet how he’s discarding logic when it comes to Miyagi.

While he was trying to figure out how pumpkins can be chopped up, his sister (aka Miyagi’s ex) showed up unannounced at Miyagi’s apartment and ended up making a rather delicious meal out of those pumpkins. I suppose that shouldn’t come as surprising given that she studied at a cooking school (and probably has more experience in the kitchen compared to Shinobu), but that didn’t stop Shinobu’s jealousy meter from peaking when he hears Miyagi compliment his sister’s cooking. He finally exploded when his sister started semi-flirting with Miyagi, and pushed her out of the apartment. Now that the irritating woman is out of the picture, Shinobu finally started spilling out what’s on his mind. I honestly didn’t think that “Miyagi-poisoning” made much sense either, but I’m not going to try to understand it. I did, however, understand how Shinobu was feeling when he started his tantrum on how “we never go on dates!”. He probably heard from his friends about how they went on dates, how fun it was, and wishes the same for him and Miyagi too. Cue Bieber’s what do you mean when Miyagi attempted to ask Shinobu out on a date but got flatly rejected. I was just about to decide on disliking Shinobu more, when he came to realise that he just wanted to spend more time with Miyagi. Awwwww. If we think about it carefully, he did put up with Miyagi’s strange ideas and location preferences for dates, and he did prioritise looking after Miyagi about their promised aquarium trip after all. Perhaps Shinobu is less of a brat then I had thought he was.

Towards the end of the episode, Miyagi proposed (in the best way he could) by asking Shinobu to move in with him. We’re all familiar with how that works: you move in, we save on rent and we get to spend more time together. YESH! Shinobu was over the moon and he couldn’t resist jumping on sick Miyagi just to give him a hug. Shinobu, I feel you. Miyagi could be the densest ossan on earth, but that’s one thing he did right.

All in all, this episode felt like a mini filler which had little plot development but was nevertheless a stand-alone part of the story. A much welcomed rest from Misaki’s brattiness and Usagi’s usagi-ness. I know I’m like, one year late in reviewing this – apologies for this – but I will try to wrap this up as soon as I can, for the sake of finishing what I’ve started, and to see my Nowaki soon.


2 thoughts on “Junjou Romantica 3: Episode 04

    • Same same, swamped with work but trying to catch up. You’ve been missed too! Hope that your work’s been kind to you lately and see you around :)

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