Shiawase ni Dekiru 5 – Translation

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 5 (幸せにできる 5) (drama review)
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
Related drama(s): Shiawase ni Dekiru Series
Contents: Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8
Scene 9

Scene 1

Woman: Here, this is abalone sashimi and spotted puffer fish.
Kuonji: Uhm.
Woman: Would you like to have puffer fish for your hot pot? Or angler fish?
Kuonji: In this season, puffer fish I guess.
Woman: Yes, I understand.
Honda: This seems like an extremely extravagant restaurant and the food they serve is luxurious as well.
Kuonji: Don’t mind it. Here, drink up.
Honda: Oh… yea.
  On a certain Sunday approaching mid-January, Kuonji invited me to dinner while I was lounging around in the company dormitory. I’m all right with dining together, but it bothers me when the choice restaurant is extraordinarily high class. No doubt Kuonji is a high class man, but I can’t feel that this is just a normal meal.
Kuonji: By the way, when is Mayuri’s shop opening?
Honda: Huh? Did you see it?
Kuonji: See what?
Honda: The envelope on the table in my room. It’s an invitation sent to me from Mayuri.
Kuonji: No, I didn’t see it. But I’m sure there will be a party during the opening ceremony right?
Honda: Yea. I refused her invitation to her Christmas party, so I thought I should at least show my face at this party.
Kuonji: Is that so, introduce me next time.
Honda: Introduce who to who?
Kuonji: Me to Mayuri.
Honda: I did wonder previously, why does Kuonji know about Mayuri? When I think about information regarding her, it should be either Akira-san or Morita-san.
Kuonji: Don’t be so distrusting, I just want to use Mayuri’s shop for work purposes. With you, discussions should be easier right? Are you worried that I might go after Mayuri or something?
Honda: Idiot, what are you talking about?
Woman: Thank you very much, we await your next visit.
Honda: Thank you for the meal.
Woman: Thank you very much.
Honda: Let’s split the bill.
Kuonji: No, it’s fine since I was the one who invited you.
Honda: But…
Kuonji: Shall we get a taxi back?
Miwa: Yukihiko…?
Honda: Huh?
Miwa: It’s really Yukihiko!
Honda: Miwa…
Miwa: That’s right! Have you forgotten me? You’re so cold!
Honda: As if I would forget you! It’s been a while, have you been well?
Miwa: Yes. That person, is he your friend?
Honda: Yes, he’s a colleague.
Miwa: I see…
Honda: Is something wrong?
Miwa: No, it’s nothing. Yukihiko, I’ll contact you again! Right now I’m doing location scouting for a drama shoot.
Honda: You’re busy as usual.
Miwa: Yes, see you soon then.
Honda: See you. (Miwa walks off)
Kuonji: Who was that?
Honda: A university classmate. She works as a producer at a television company.
Kuonji: Hmm…
Kuonji: Come.
Honda: Wh-what are you doing! Ah!
Kuonji: What was her relation to you?
Honda: Her? Isn’t that none of your business?
Kuonji: So you can’t say it?
Honda: Even I would at least have a woman whom I’ve gone out with!
Kuonji: Is it still going on?
Honda: How can that be possible? Even if it did, it’s been five years since we last met!
Kuonji: In spite of that, weren’t the two of you rather intimate?
Honda: Get a hold of yourself! Although I did go out with her for a short period of time during our university days, our relationship didn’t go to the level of being called “love”. In other words, we were just good friends!
Kuonji: So besides Mayuri, there’s also Miwa huh? Aren’t you the popular one?
Honda: Hey, what are you doing! (Kuonji kisses Honda) Kuonji! No…
Kuonji: I’ll be going on a business trip tomorrow.
Honda: Huh?
Kuonji: Don’t cheat on me.
Honda: Such nonsensical words. It’s not like we’re going out with each…
Kuonji: Which do you prefer? From the front, or from the back?
Honda: Ah!
Kuonji: You feel it more from the back right?
Honda: No… Kuonji!
  I’ve already slept with Kuonji countless times and it’s a serious problem for me. But I always regret only after going along with the flow.

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Scene 2

Honda: When I went to work on the next day, Kuonji had already left for the New York branch office on a long-term business trip. I heard that he will only return next Wednesday. I’m in charge of following up on his projects. In other words, I have to manage all of his projects alone. I finally understood the reason behind the expensive dinner last night. Because of that, I now owe him a huge favour. Goodness.
Kagami: Oh, welcome back Honda-san.
Honda: Yea.
  While being pressurised by the mountain of work, I had been systematically completing the tasks one by one and it was mid-week, Wednesday.
Kagami: Earlier on, you had a call from this lady called Osanai-san, but she said she would call again.
Honda: Osanai?
  Oh, it’s Miwa. To think that she would really call me up…
  (Phone rings) Yes, this is Honda from the materials department of the commodities trading company.
Miwa: Yukihiko?
Honda: Miwa?
Miwa: Yes. I’m sorry, to be even calling you up at the office.
Honda: No, it’s fine. I heard that you called earlier?
Miwa: Yes, I have something to talk to you about. Would you mind meeting up with me? It isn’t something which can be said over the phone conveniently.
Honda: I understand. I have plans to go to a friend’s shop tomorrow night. It’s at Ginza, but if you don’t mind, we can meet after that.
Miwa: Thank you.
Honda: Then, I’ll give you my phone number. Let’s contact each other tomorrow night.
Miwa: Yes. Yukihiko, I’m sorry.
Honda: Huh?
  For her to apologise immediately, I wonder what she wants to talk to me about. Although I couldn’t imagine what it could be, I honestly felt that it would spell trouble.
Honda: On the next night, I went for Mayuri’s opening ceremony.
Akira: Hey there!
Honda: Akira-san, Morita-san!
Morita: Yukihiko-san right? Good evening.
Honda: Good evening, Morita-san. I’m sorry to have troubled you over the matter regarding my little brother the other day.
Morita: Don’t worry about it, I’m glad it didn’t result in anything serious. So, president, I’ll drive the car to the front of the shop. After this…
Akira: I know, I have a meeting right? I won’t run away.
Morita: Is that so? Then, Yukihiko-san, please excuse me.
Honda: Please do.
Akira: Yuki.
Honda: Yes?
Akira: How was your New Year? I heard that you went to Switzerland.
Honda: Huh?
  Why does he know that I went to Switzerland with Kuonji over New Year?
Akira: By the way, did you say hi to Mayuri?
Honda: Yes I did.
Akira: I see.
Honda: I see, the vacation home in Switzerland belongs to Kuonji’s family. Akira-san entered the family registry of the Tokunaga family and became the president of the top consumer financing company Kyuutoku. By right, he’s someone from Kuonji’s family. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if he knew what happened in Switzerland.
  (Honda’s phone rings) Oh, Akira-san, please excuse me. Hello?
Miwa: Yukihiko? I think I’m in front of the shop now…
Honda: Is that so? Wait there, I’ll be right over. Bye.
Akira: Are you leaving?
Honda: Yes.
Akira: I guess I should be leaving too.
Honda: Huh?
Akira: Why? Would you be compromised if I leave together with you?
Honda: No, that’s not the case.
Akira: Then, let’s go.
Honda: Yes.
Akira: I thought that you would be together with Mikoto.
Honda: He’s away on a business trip.
Akira: I see, where?
Honda: He’s in America, it seems like he would be back next week.
Akira: Hm… America huh?
Miwa: Yukihiko?
Akira: So this is what’s going on huh?
Honda: No, this is… She’s my university…
Akira: When will it be?
Honda: Huh?
Akira: Dinner. Since you do have time to go out with people other than Mikoto, you should be able to accommodate my schedule right? I’ll call you again. Well, enjoy yourself tonight, Mikoto isn’t around anyway. See you. (Akira gets into his car and leaves)
Miwa: Yukihiko, were you with a friend?
Honda: Oh, it’s fine. Anyway, shall we get inside one of the shops there?
Miwa: Yes let’s do that.
Honda: So, what did you want to talk about?
Miwa: Well. Actually I have a favour to ask from you.
Honda: Favour?
Miwa: The colleague who was with you last Sunday was Kuonji-san right?
Honda: Yes.
  So Miwa knew Kuonji?
Miwa: I understand that I shouldn’t be asking this of Yukihiko, and I understand that it will be troubling you. But, I have no other person I can trust… I want to know Kuonji Subaru’s schedule.
Honda: Kuonji Subaru?
Miwa: That’s right. Your colleague Kuonji-san is Subaru’s younger brother right?
Honda: I have heard of an elder brother besides Akira-san from Kuonji, but was that this Subaru person? If we’re talking about the eldest brother of those two, he must be of a high social standing and Miwa wants to know that person’s schedule. Somehow I’m sensing danger from this.
  Miwa, what’s wrong with that Kuonji Subaru?
Miwa: Ah… I’m sorry! Perhaps you should forget about this. (Miwa stands up)
Honda: Huh?
Miwa: I’ll get going. I’ll call you again.
Honda: Is it really okay for me to forget this?
Miwa: Yes. Then, see you again. (Miwa walks off)
Honda: Miwa…
  Why is Miwa chasing after Kuonji Subaru? Rather than that, I’m more worried about how it feels like she’s being driven into a corner. As her friend, I would like to give her some sort of information but Kuonji is on business trip and I can’t get information on Subaru from him. What should I do?

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Scene 3

Honda: I understand, so tomorrow’s delivery will be as usual right?  
  I started the next day feeling rather gloomy. But without being able to find a solution to that problem, I was hounded by work as usual.  
Kagami: (Phone rings) Hello, this is the materials department. Yes, please hold on for a moment. Honda-san, you have a call.  
Honda: Which line is it?  
Kagami: Line two.  
Honda: I got it. Then, I’ll fax in the confirmation. Thank you. Yes. Please excuse me. (Honda changes phone lines) Yes. Honda here.  
Akira: Are you still at work? It’s already eight at night.  
Honda: Akira-san.  
Akira: You promised to accompany me to dinner right? I’ve come to get you.  
Honda: W-wait a moment. You’ve come to get me?  
Akira: Isn’t the receptionist of your company beautiful?  
Honda: What?! Don’t tell me… you’re at my office…  
Akira: Of course. Otherwise, how would I know the receptionist here?  
Honda: (Honda stands up) I’ll be there right away! (Honda hangs up) Kagami! I’m sorry but please fax this payment voucher over!  
Kagami: Huh? Ah… yes…  
Honda: Then, I’ll leave the rest to you! (Honda dashes off)  
Kagami: Ah, Honda-san… where are you going?  
Honda: Akira-san would be wearing an expensive suit, and although it would not be too attention-grabbing, he will be emitting an aura that he’s not just your average Joe. I don’t want to imagine what sort of rumours I’ll be hearing if Akira-san is seen in our normal little company!  
Akira: A receptionist like you is rather impressive.  
Receptionist: Thank you so much.  
Honda: (Honda runs over) Akira-san!  
Akira: Hey, you were fast. I’m sorry for holding you back although you were all packed up to leave.  
Receptionist: No don’t worry about it.  
Akira: If you don’t mind, could you give what we just talked about some serious thought?  
Receptionist: Yes I will, thank you so much for your name card.  
Akira: See you.  
Honda: Akira-san, what were the two of you talking about just now?  
Akira: I asked if she could be a receptionist at my place.  
Honda: Huh?  
Akira: Are you jealous?  
Honda: Don’t tell me, you can’t be serious.  
Akira: I’m always serious. Wasn’t she a composed and high class beauty who makes you want to fall to your knees? Isn’t that right, Yuki?  
Honda: Well…  
  After that, I was brought to Kikutarou in Koujimachi district, a traditional Japanese restaurant which is usually hard to gain entry to. To be alone with Akira-san… how did things turn out this way?  
Akira: I am finally having a meal with Yuki.  
Honda: Ha…  
Akira: Eat up, the food here is delicious.  
Honda: Yes, but I’m already full. Where is Morita-san?  
Akira: Huh? I don’t know.  
Honda: I bet he slipped past Morita-san and ran off without completing his work. That’s right, Kuonji Subaru should be Akira-san’s elder brother too. Should I try probing into that?  
  Erm, if I’m not wrong, Akira-san has an elder brother right?  
Akira: Hmm? Yuki, was the woman yesterday a reporter?  
Honda: N-no. That woman isn’t from the news. I was just talking with Kuonji the other day and somehow we started talking about his brother…  
Akira: Do you think you can lie to me? There’s no way Mikoto would speak of that fellow. Well, you probably don’t know about anything, so I would do a bit of explaining. You want to ask about Subaru right?  
Honda: Yes.  
Akira: I won’t ask you what that lady asked of you, but right now, those who are interested in Subaru are either the District Public Prosecutor’s special investigation team, or those related to the media.  
Honda: The District Public Prosecutor’s special investigation team?  
Akira: That’s right. Do you understand the meaning of that? Don’t poke your nose into this matter, especially don’t get involved with Subaru. If you’re already at a loss with both Mikoto and I, you won’t get off with just a small burn wound if you get involved with Subaru. Remember this.  
Honda: Ah…  
Akira: Now… (Akira gets up and walks off)  
Honda: Thank you for the meal. Akira-san, weren’t we leaving?  
Akira: Just wait a moment. (They enter another room)  
Honda: Why is there a futon… W-wait, Akira-san! Akira-san please stop joking!  
Akira: Do you think I would bring you to such an expensive restaurant as a joke?  
Honda: I didn’t mean for this to…  
Akira: Didn’t you promise that you would accompany me?  
Honda: That is for the meal!  
Akira: Stupid… What a naïve thing to say. Isn’t it obvious that accompanying me for a meal means something like this?  
Honda: Akira-san, please stop this!  
Akira: It will be fine, aren’t you letting Mikoto do this to you?  
Honda: You can’t! I will tell your wife Saki-san…  
Akira: Are you going to tell her? About this Yuki, I did let you off the previous time when you threatened me with this. But how exactly are you going to tell Saki that you were violated by me?  
Honda: This method isn’t going to work anymore.  
Akira: I’m sure she hasn’t even thought of Mikoto having sex with a man before. Or perhaps you would be explaining the whole story to her? If you dare to say anything strange to my daughter Miyuki, I will have you take responsibility. Ready your resolve.  
Honda: Akira-san… please stop.  
Akira: It annoys me that he got to you first, but I’ll make sure you won’t be satisfied by just him.  
Morita: Yukihiko-san, I’m sorry for being late.  
Akira: Morita-san!  
Morita: I had a meeting which I couldn’t get out of, but I’m glad I made it in time.  
Akira: Morita, how did you know we were here.  
Morita: Don’t worry, I am aware of all your movements.  
Akira: Tsk. Yuki, we’ll meet again.  
Honda: Morita-san, thank you so much.  
Morita: Although I made it this time, I can’t say the same for the next time. If things get bad in future, the one who will be troubled is Yukihiko-san. Please be careful next time.  
Honda: Yes, I understand.  
Morita: Also, about that party you met up with after Mayuri-san’s party yesterday, please let her know that it’s better not to get involved with Subaru’s case. But to be more specific, the message is for a certain man she’s close with.  
Honda: H-how did you know about Miwa…  
Morita: On the investigation report of this man she’s close with, there was a photograph which she was in. I can’t reveal too much information, but investigation of people around the president is also part of my job. As Subaru is the president and Mikoto-san’s elder brother, it’s a given that the people around him would be investigated as well. Although the three brothers of Kuonji don’t get along well, their personalities are very similar. I’m sure Yukihiko-san would know that very well.  
Honda: Yes.  
Morita: It’s more prudent not to get involved with Subaru-san, especially for Yukihiko-san.  
Honda: I understand.  
Morita: I will be driving the car over, please take care. Then, please excuse me.  
Honda: There’s no doubt that Miwa is going out with a man who’s associated with the media, and she’s trying to help him. Although I might be meddling, I thought I should meet up with her as soon as possible to tell her not to get further involved.

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Scene 4

Honda: By the way, Miwa’s cellphone was switched off on both Saturday and Sunday. I did leave a message “I want to meet you soonest possible”, but…
Ochiai: Honda-san, good morning!
Honda: Good morning, Ochiai-san. You’re early, is it your turn for duty roster?
Ochiai: No, I have something to speak to you about and it will be troublesome if we were heard by others so… please come here…
Honda: What is it?
Ochiai: Have you been hiding something from me?
Honda: What? Not really.
Ochiai: Is that true?
Honda: What is it, are there any strange rumours going around again?
Ochiai: This isn’t a rumour, it’s the truth!
Honda: What is?
Ochiai: Is Honda-san in debt?
Honda: What?
Ochiai: Because Kyuutoku is a loan company right? Honda-san, please be honest with me. How much do you owe them?
Honda: W-wait a moment.
Ochiai: If I could be of help, I’ll support you!
Honda: Calm down! How did things become that way?
Ochiai: The receptionist is someone who entered the company at the same time as me. She told me that on Friday, someone from Kyuutoku visited, called Honda-san out and took him away.
Honda: So Akira-san gave his name card out on purpose just to bring out the name of Kyuutoku huh?
Ochiai: I did emphasise on it, that Honda-san is an amazing person who is very good at his work. You are not someone who would have ties with that sort of company. But I was still so worried…
Honda: Ochiai, listen up well. It’s not like I’m in debt or anything. That man has been my good friend since a long time ago and he just coincidentally works in Kyuutoku.
Ochiai: Ah, is that so? Is that the truth?
Honda: That’s right.
Ochiai: I’m so glad, I was so worried… that I couldn’t sleep on Saturday and Sunday.
Honda: Don’t tell any of the others about this, I don’t want any sort of strange misunderstandings to arise. Anyway, just don’t talk, not a single word. This will be a secret just between the two of us. Got it?
Ochiai: A secret between Honda-san and me?
Honda: That’s right, so don’t say anything.
Ochiai: I understand! It’s a secret between the two of us right? I will carry this secret to my grave!
Honda: Hello?
Miwa: Hello, I heard your voice message. Sorry, I’ve been out of town since Friday. Some issues piled up at work and I’ve kept my private cellphone switched off.
Honda: I see, I was worried.
Miwa: I’m really sorry, so what happened?
Honda: Oh it’s about the Subaru’s case we were talking about. I didn’t find out about his schedule, so I hope you didn’t have your hopes up. But, I hope that we could meet up and have a talk.
Miwa: I got it. By the time I get back to Tokyo tomorrow, it would be midnight. Is the day after tomorrow okay for you? How about Wednesday evening? I’ll contact you later about the time and location. Yukihiko, I’m really sorry for causing you so much…
Honda: It’s fine. I’ll be waiting for your call then.
Miwa: Bye then.
Honda: Wednesday evening huh? Come to think of it, wasn’t it Wednesday? The day he was supposed to come back. Ah, what am I thinking about?
  Even though I wish for a life without Kuonji, somehow I feel relieved when I know that he’s coming back. If it were him, how would he solve this problem I’m facing now? Does the fact that I’m thinking this mean that I’m relying on him?

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Scene 5

Woman: Welcome, table for one?
Honda: No, I’m meeting someone.
  So then, Wednesday evening approached. With the intentions of returning to office afterwards, I halted work temporarily and headed for the lounge of the city hotel Miwa suggested.
Miwa: Yukihiko.
Inaba: Pleased to meet you, I’m Inaba, a freelance journalist. Please have a seat. (Honda sits down) I’m sorry if this is rather sudden, I heard that Miwa was meeting you so I requested to let me join her.
Honda: Is that so? Then this is a good timing. About this matter, it would be better for you to withdraw from Kuonji Subaru’s case.
Inaba: Who did you hear that from? Kuonji Mikoto?
Honda: No, he has nothing to do with this. This is just a warning. I am not concerned with what actions you choose to take, even if you’d still choose to pursue him I will be fine with that. But, I hope that you would refrain from involving Miwa. She’s an important friend of mine and I can’t ignore it when she’s involved in danger.
Inaba: Honda-san, this case I’m on is of extreme importance. Miwa is also moved by her strong sense of justice…
Honda: Don’t try to buy me over with flowery words. You’re just making use of Miwa, am I wrong? Miwa, I came here to say this. Don’t get involved any more.
Miwa: Yukihiko…
Inaba: I understand what Honda-san is trying to say, but… ah!
Miwa: (Miwa whispers) Kuonji… Subaru…
Subaru: So you’re Yukihiko-kun right?
Honda: Wha…?
  So this man is Kuonji Subaru? A clearly exquisite suit, a face with a perfect set of features… He exudes an aura of calmness, but  if he’s a salaried worker, he would be either of management level or a director…
Subaru: The real deal seems more like it. Is Shizuka-san doing well? Earlier I’ve been hearing…
Honda: This man knows my mother!
Subaru: That the two of them have been head over heels for you…
Honda: Also, he talks as if he knows about my relationship with Kuonji too. Why?
Subaru: I see, I can understand why the two of them were so focused on you.
Inaba: Kuonji-san, please listen to what I have to say.
Subaru: Hey you, you knew that I would appear at this hotel right?
Inaba: Yes, but it was beyond my expectations that you would be the one approaching us.
Subaru: Well, I have a word or two to say to you too. It seems like you’ve been snooping around quite a bit, it would better if you stopped. Nothing good will come out of it.
Inaba: Are you threatening me?
Subaru: How can I be? I’m just saying that things won’t turn out the way you’re expecting them to. That’s all.
Inaba: How will things turn out? Can you give a more concrete description?
Subaru: This isn’t something I need to tell you. It was the right move, to bring Yukihiko-kun along. Thanks to that, we can be at the same table like this. This must have become a memoir.
Inaba: I won’t give up, I will definitely investigate you.
Subaru: Be my guest.
Miwa: (Inaba walks off) Yukihiko, I’m sorry! (Miwa follows)
Subaru: So she was your classmate in university? Did the two of you go out?
Honda: He’s had me investigated… what’s with this unsettled feeling I’m having?
  It has nothing to do with you.
Subaru: Then, let’s change the topic. It seems like you’re staying together with Mikoto?
Honda: We’re just staying in the same company dorm.
Subaru: I see. I have a room in this hotel and this is the room card key. I would love to continue our conversation, but I have to make a speech at the meeting that’s about to start soon. I’ll go up right after I’m done with my speech, so could you go up first and wait for me there?
Honda: Why must I…
Subaru: I would like to hear more on how Mikoto is staying with you too. I’m sure you’re worried about that woman just now too right?
Honda: Is this a threat? What should I do? It might be better for Miwa’s sake if I go to the room. But… he’s someone whom both Akira-san and Morita-san have warned me about. It would be dangerous if I were to be alone with him.
Subaru: So, what will you do, Yukihiko-kun?
Kuonji: Yukihiko!
Honda: Kuonji? Ah.
  What is that expression on Kuonji’s face? He’s angry, rather than that, I can feel something close to strong hatred.
Subaru: It’s been a while, Mikoto. Ten years huh?
Honda: Ten years…
Kuonji: Let’s go.
Honda: Ah… hey! Why? What time did you come back? Rather than that, why?
Kuonji: It was about 3pm when I landed at Narita. Just keep quiet and come with me for now.
Honda: Morita-san must have been monitoring Subaru-san, Inaba-san and even my movement. He must have heard that I’m at this hotel from Morita-san.

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Scene 6

Honda: I was brought to another hotel’s guest room as if I’ve been abducted.
  Kuonji! That was too forceful!
Kuonji: Goodness, can’t you do something about that kindness of yours?
Honda: It has nothing to do with you right?
Kuonji: It has. What do you think would have happened if I didn’t appear earlier on? You would have been threatened with a phrase like“aren’t you worried about that Miwa woman” and would be brought to his room right? It seems like something he would do. He’s worse than Akira and me. In the first place, I’ve only heard that the Miwa woman was your university classmate. It’s beyond expectations for her to bring in such a troublesome issue.
Honda: That is…. Even I…
Kuonji: So you would do anything as long as I request it from you? Have some self restraint.
Honda: You would be the last person I want to hear that from.
Kuonji: Don’t worry about that woman, that fellow’s threat is a bluff.
Honda: I see… I’m glad. Can I ask you one thing? You don’t get along with Akira-san? It felt obvious that you hated him.
Kuonji: I would have lived the rest of my life without seeing his face if you didn’t get involved.
Honda: For the rest of your life…?
Kuonji: Listen up, don’t ever get close to that guy. Don’t even get within 1km radius of that man. Akira’s case aside, that guy is a no go. (Kuonji kisses Honda) Don’t get close to that guy, promise me that.
Honda: Kuonji…
Kuonji: Promise me that you will never get close to him.
Honda: I still have work left to do, I have to get back to the office…
Kuonji: You don’t have to go.
Honda: Don’t say something so selfish. You can’t…
Kuonji: It’s coming off… can I go ahead? Yukihiko…
Honda: Ku-Kuonji…
  I know that he’s avoiding any kind of violence, Kuonji has sworn never to have rough sex.

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Scene 7

Miwa: Yukihiko I’m sorry for calling you out all of a sudden.
Honda: It’s fine, I have some work to be done at the Aoyama design office.
Miwa: I’m really reflecting on it, for causing you so much trouble.
Honda: Don’t worry about it. By the way, what about that person?
Miwa: We broke up.
Honda: Huh?
Miwa: I’m really no good. Since a long time ago, I will lose sight of my surroundings when I fall in love with someone. Yukihiko must have laughed at me for not having matured since.
Honda: Well. But on the contrary, I’ve been keeping my distance from everyone. I’m envious of Miwa for being able to get immersed in a relationship.
Miwa: Well, he was betting all he had on this case. So I thought I should do whatever I could for him, but I started disliking myself for involving Yukihiko. I came to realise, that Inaba didn’t love me as much as I loved him, that he’s someone who is only capable of measuring his relationship with people based on their value to him. On the day before yesterday, I realised it while watching Yukihiko’s conversation with Inaba. I realised that Yukihiko is the one who is more concerned about me than Inaba. It’s not about love or anything. How should I phrase this… that I’m being cared for.
Honda: Miwa…
Miwa: For this period, I shall throw myself into my work.
Honda: Do that. It suits you more that way.
Miwa: Yukihiko, you shall look after me in the end.
Honda: You got to be kidding me. By the way, what sort of news was Inaba-san investigating?
Miwa: I don’t know the specifics, but it should be a case related to politicians.
Honda: Politicians?
Miwa: Yes. This is about the time when Kuonji Subaru was still an assistant branch manager at a certain bank. There was a complicated case and anyway, he’s the key person involved.
Honda: Which bank?
Miwa: Nitto bank.
Honda: Huh? So Kuonji Subaru was a branch manager at Nitto bank?
  Nitto bank is a major shareholder of NIchihou, the company I work at and is also a consumer bank. If you look to the foundations, Nitto bank and Nichihou are actually in the same corporate group. Could it be related to the company, no there’s even a possibility that this is a case related to the entire group.  
Miwa: Yukihiko, I have a meeting after this so I’ll get going first.
Honda: Could there be a darkness that a normal employee like me can’t even imagine?
  See you.
  No, there are a lot of things in this world which is better left unknown. Once I know more, I might not be able to think or move freely. The only thing that reassured me, was how Miwa flashed her normal smile when we parted. I’m sure she would get back onto her feet.

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Scene 8

Honda: It was on a certain day in February after Miwa’s case has been settled.
Kuonji: Are you free this weekend?
Honda: I have work.
Kuonji: Any plans of a business trip?
Honda: No.
Kuonji: I see.
Honda: What’s happening this weekend? It must be something meaningless, that’s what I thought.
Female 1: Honda-san, good morning.
Female 2: Good morning!
Honda: Good morning.
Ochiai: Good morning, Honda-san.
Honda: Good morning.
Ochiai: Speaking of this weekend, I’ll only be able to meet Honda-san on Friday right?
Honda: What about it?
Ochiai: Actually I would like Sunday… no I won’t ask for so much. I will put in my best to make it, so I hope you enjoy it! I’ll work hard!
Honda: This weekend… Friday? What was Ochiai trying to say? 
Honda: I got my answer after coming back from my rounds on Friday evening.
  Ah! What are these… things piled all over my desk?
Kagami: It’s Valentine’s Day chocolates.
Honda: Didn’t obligatory chocolates get banned last year?
Kagami: Oh dear did you forget? It’s true that obligatory chocolates were banned in the company, but didn’t Honda-san receive chocolates as usual? They were given with reasons like, it’s not the usual obligatory Valentine’s chocolates, or that it’s just a token of appreciation…
Honda: Was that so?
Kagami: That’s right! And I didn’t even get a single one… But don’t worry, don’t you give me the chocolates that you receive every year? Honda-san, you really can’t take sweets after all.
Honda: Oh, that’s right. But today is 12th February. Isn’t Valentine’s on the 14th?
Kagami: Since the 14th falls on a Sunday this year, today became the official day. But you really received a lot of chocolates this year, take a look! It’s like a mountain.
Honda: I’m getting dizzy. Kagami, it’s fine, can you just help me put these away? I can’t work in peace like this.
Chief: How nice… Why does only Honda get all those chocolates? How low… is something underhanded going on?
Honda: Chief…
Male 1: That’s right Chief.
Male 2: I didn’t even get a single one.
Female 1: Those chocolates aren’t obligatory chocolates, giving obligatory chocolates to Honda-san would be too rude. Wait a minute Chief, please move out of the way. You’re in the way.
Chief: Wait…
Female 1: Honda-san, this are my chocolates for you.
Chief: What’s with that, treating me like a pest… Even I would want chocolates too.
Female 2: Chief, please move aside.
Chief: Oh!
Female 2: I have some for you too Honda-san, please accept this.
Chief: All of you! Did you just ignored your boss? I’m the Chief! I’ll remember this!
Honda: T-thank you…
Chief: Huh? Come to think of it, where is Ochiai?
Female 1: Hmm, I think her preparations should be just about done.
Chief: Preparations? Don’t tell me, she’s going to give me something amazing… Something like that… or this…
Female 2: Ah, Ochiai-san is here!
Ochiai: Honda-san!
Chief: What?! What’s that, the black clump Ochiai is holding?! Ah… Ochiai, I didn’t think you thought of me that way…
Ochiai: Honda-san, I worked hard at making this. Please eat it.
Chief: Huh?
Honda: Ah…
  The thing that Ochiai handed me, was something way beyond my imagination – a lump of chocolate with a diameter of about 30cm.
Ochiai: Here you go, please accept it.
Honda: Ah…. (Honda took it) Heavy.
Kagami: Wow, amazing! This is the famous chocolate cake “The Heart”.
Honda: Huh? What is that?
Female 1: Ochiai-san’s handmade cakes are very delicious!
Honda: What? Is this handmade?
Female 1: The angels and roses made from marzipan are also done by Ochiai-san right? How cute! What a waste to eat them, Ochiai-san you’re amazing!
Ochiai: (Ochiai laughs) Could it be that Honda-san doesn’t like it?
Honda: No, no way. Thank you.
Ochiai: Everyone, since there is plenty to spare, why don’t you have some too?
Honda: I can’t say it to Ochiai, that I don’t want to eat sweets. In the end, I swallowed my tears and ate the whole cake called “The Heart” or whatever in one sitting. I gave all the chocolate I received to Kagami and managed to get home somehow.
Kuonji: You’ve worked hard. Want some beer?
Honda: No, I’ll have it after my shower. What’s in this paper bag?
Kuonji: Chocolates.
Honda: You sure got quite a lot.
Kuonji: I’m sure you did too. What did you do with them?
Honda: I gave them to Kagami, he’s got a sweet tooth.
Kuonji: I see. Then could you give mine to Kagami too?
Honda: Sure, I don’t mind.
  Hm, that’s really a lot. He’s popular as expected. Huh? Am I jealous? It can’t be.
Kuonji: By the way, I still haven’t gotten one from my favourite.
Honda: Huh?
Kuonji: Chocolates. I haven’t gotten chocolates from my favourite.
Honda: S-stop with that lame joke.
Kuonji: Tomorrow is Saturday, but you’ll be working right? Will it end late?
Honda: No, I don’t think I will take that long.
Kuonji: I see. Then let’s go for dinner at night.
Honda: Dinner? Well, I don’t mind.
  Come to think of it, he did ask me when I’ll be free this weekend. This guy… somehow I have a bad feeling about this.

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Scene 9

Male: Please take a seat here.
Kuonji: Thank you. Can you bring me a Dom Perignon Rose?
Male: Yes, of course.
Honda: I hit the mark.
  What are you trying to do?
Kuonji: With what?
Honda: I’m fine with a meal, but we didn’t have to come to such a high class French restaurant did we? Look! There are only couples all around us.
Kuonji: That’s right, probably because tonight is what they call “ Valentine’s Eve”.
Honda: Hey, no matter how you look at it, we’re sticking out.
Kuonji: Is that so?
Honda: Of course! Don’t you ever think…
Kuonji: As if I care. This restaurant is three Michelin starred, the food here is excellent. Eat your fill. Kikutarou must have been delicious right?
Honda: Kiku…tarou…?
Kuonji: That’s right, normal people won’t be able to get a reservation there. Their customers are usually high ranking people in the political or business industry. Didn’t you go with Akira? It’s Kikutarou in the Kougimachi district.
Honda: Ah…
  How did he find out? Kuonji should have been away on business trip then. His source of information… Morita-san? The way they bring things up… they’re really brothers, like two peas in a pod.
Kuonji: Perhaps you could explain it in detail to me?
Honda: Kuonji was smiling. I’m a little afraid of returning to the dorms after this.
Honda: Stop is, Kuonji!
Kuonji: Did you sleep with Akira?
Honda: What are you talking about?
Kuonji: Kikutarou is that sort of place. I won’t believe it if you tell me that you don’t know.
Honda: As if I would know! I’m just a normal salaried worker, I didn’t even know of that restaurant’s existence! It wasn’t like what you’re thinking of!
Kuonji: What I’m thinking of? Care to explain?
Honda: I’m saying! (They kiss) Kuonji! I thought it might be time we have a proper talk, but…
Kuonji: What is it?
Honda: I don’t agree to this sort of relationship.
Kuonji: Is that so?
Honda: “Is that so”? If you get it, then get off!
Kuonji: I don’t want to. Yukihiko, how far did Akira get?
Honda: What are you talking about?
Kuonji: Nothing really happened?
Honda: Yes.
Kuonji: Yukihiko, don’t forget that you belong to me.
Honda: Kuonji…
  I felt terrible because I knew that Kuonji was jealous.
  I don’t remember when I became Kuonji’s, nor when I consented to such a relationship. But when he kisses me or touches me, I will yearn for Kuonji while making the excuse that I didn’t ask for this on my own accord.
Kagami: Huh? Honda-san! What’s up?
Honda: Here you go, Kuonji told me to pass this to you.
Kagami: Wow, aren’t these chocolates? Oh please come in. This paper bag is really full of them. As expected of Kuonji-san, he’s comparable to Honda-san. Now then, what types are there inside? (Kagami starts opening the packages) I’ll have to thank Kuonji-san. Is he in his room?
Honda: No, it looks like he left early in the morning.
Kagami: Is that so? Oh! This is an extremely expensive chocolate. And these are whisky bourbons!
Honda: Then, I’ll be leaving.
Kagami: Wait a minute!
Honda: What is it?
Kagami: It might be just my imagination, but Honda-san’s chocolates and Kuonji-san’s chocolates are of different quality.
Honda: In what way? Their prices?
Kagami: No, not in that manner. There’s a feel of “seriousness”.
Honda: “Seriousness”?
Kagami: Yes. Somehow, the chocolates that Honda-san receives feel more like fan chocolates, while Kuonji-san’s chocolates feel like they are seriously aiming to be his girlfriend. Look at these cards attached, there are phrases like “I’ll be waiting for your call” with their numbers written right? I can only feel that these are full of “seriousness”.
Honda: (Honda sighs) Is that so?
Kagami: Honda-san, you’re laughing at me.
Honda: Not really. See you then.
  It’s true that from the point of view of the ladies, it’s a given to aim for Kuonji who seems flawless from all angles. But, even if you talk about that sort of things with me…
  Ah… Kuonji… Where did you go?
Kuonji: Just a bit, I met up with Morita.
Honda: I see. So? What did you do with Morita-san?
Kuonji: Are you jealous?
Honda: What?
Kuonji: Don’t worry, I only have eyes for you.
Honda: It’s fine!
  What sort of brain does he have, for him to have that sort of mindset? I was honestly dumbfounded.

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