Shiawase ni Dekiru 4 – Translation

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 4 (幸せにできる 4) (drama review)
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
Related drama(s): Shiawase ni Dekiru Series
Contents: Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8

Scene 1

Male: Cheers!
Male 2: This year was really busy
Male: Now, let’s drink up! We’ll have to work tomorrow.
Kagami: With this, everyone, I’ll be counting on you tomorrow.
Chief: How nice… I wanted to go too… If only I didn’t have kids…
Kagami: Ah… I’m sorry chief, talking about such things during the end of year party.
Female: Because we have to keep it from Honda-san, this is the only place we could talk about it.
Chief: Why… why must you keep it from Honda? Isn’t he going too?
Kagami: That is… if he knew that we’re going with him, he would definitely say that he isn’t going. Our sponsor asked us to keep it a secret.
Chief: Supporter? What did you say, sponsor?
Kagami: Ah… in any case, we chose the 28th for the end of year party because Honda-san definitely couldn’t make it today, so that we can have our discussion.
Chief: (Chief shouts some nonsense)
Female: Kagami-kun, the chief is quite drunk. Let’s leave him alone.
Kagami: (Chief shouts some nonsense)
Female: So, when will Honda-san come?
Kagami: Seems like he’ll arrive one day late. We’re flying over tomorrow, it seems like Honda-san will leave Japan on the flight on the 30th.
Chief: I’m so jealous! I want to escape out of Japan too… Kagami! Beer!
Kagami: Ah… yes yes yes…
Chief: All right…
Female 1: It might be tough tomorrow, but let’s work hard!
Female 2: Yes.
Kagami: Ah chief… I’ll give you this beer… all right?
Chief: Huh? Oh… isn’t this delicious…
Kagami: So, please go over to that side.
Chief: What is this, where is this beer from? I want to have an eggplant with this later… I’ll have nothing to say… haha!
(Note: Chief actually made a pun here with “eggplant” which is nasu in Japanese, by ending his following sentence with nasu.)
Kagami: Okay, please go over there! (Kagami clears throat) Listen up, so for the whole of tomorrow, please don’t let Honda-san notice anything wrong. In order to make it in time for the flight, we’d have to leave on the dot. So I’ll be counting on all of you to give your best.
Ochiai: But, somehow we’re leaving only Honda-san out…
Kagami: Ochiai-san, sympathy is forbidden. Especially because Honda-san is very perceptive.
Female: Somehow you’re strangely convincing.
Kagami: Because I’m saying this from experience.
Ochiai: I understand. In order to achieve our objectives, I’ll discard my personal feelings!
Chief: Shall I sing a song? (Chief speaks into the mic) Excuse me! Good evening, I’m Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Haha! Well, those people who know this will know what I mean…
Honda: I’m finally done. With this, it seems like I’ll be able to make it for tomorrow’s payment. Hm… so it’s 11.30? They should be into the second round of the end of year party. But, why did they make it today?
Honda: Huh? You’re having it on the 28th?
Kagami: Yes.
Honda: Isn’t our end of year party always on the 29th, after our work is done?
Kagami: Yes, that’s true. But we’ve asked around for everyone’s opinions and since majority has plans for that day… Honda-san, can you make it?
Honda: Unlikely, I should be working overtime till midnight on the 28th. I think I won’t be able to make it.
Kagami: Is that so, all right.
Honda: I should at least show my face for the after-party. No, they’re probably having karaoke, I’ll pass.
Since we’ve entered into December, I’ve been working overtime every day and coming to office on my off-days until I feel like collapsing from exhaustion. I won’t have any remaining energy to listen to songs sung by someone else. (Honda sighs) But that hectic lifestyle ends today. My work will be finished tomorrow and my long-awaited holiday will start from the day after.

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Scene 2

Honda: Where did you gyou? (said while brushing teeth)
Kuonji: What did you say?
Honda: (Honda rinses out his mouth) Where were you, so early in the morning?
Kuonji: I was at Kagami’s.
Honda: Kagami’s? For what?
Kuonji: I had some matters to settle with him. By the way you have no plans for the new year right?
Honda: Huh? Yea… From tomorrow I plan to rest, I’m going to sleep. I said this before, but just go somewhere else. I want to relax by myself.
Kuonji: Well that’s good too… If you’re ready, how about having some coffee outside? I need to discuss on the Matsumoto First building case with you too.
Honda: Oh, I got it. I’ll get changed immediately.
Kagami: Let’s get down to business, everyone!
Everyone: All right!
Female: Now, to work!
Female 2: Let’s finish it quickly!
Female 3: All right, I got it!
Kagami: Ochiai-san, what’s with this?
Ochiai: I’m sure the chief has the monthly report, how about checking with him after he’s here? Yumi-chan, is the request form ready?
Yumi: Yes! It’s ready! Ishikawa-san, this is the list of the remaining items.
Ishikawa: Thank you. Oh that’s right, Kagami-kun, have you done the initial confirmation for the Sawatari Building? They told us to ready the arrangements first thing after the new year…
Kagami: Yes, I’m done with the confirmation.
Honda: Eh… huh?
Ochiai: Honda-san, good morning!
Yumi: Good morning…
Ishikawa: Good morning!
Honda: Ah… yea good morning.
What’s happening? It’s still before the official working hours… For them to be working so furiously… (Honda walks to his seat and sits down)
Kagami: Honda-san, good morning. The documents you’ve requested for are done.
Honda: Huh?
Kagami: Eh… it’s this, this and this. And, please look through this. This diagram has been checked through.
Honda: Ah… okay.
This might actually be the first time I’m seeing such a hardworking Kagami. What on earth happened? Usually on the last day of work, they would be preoccupied with thoughts of vacation and not do their work properly… Something is off…
Kagami: Then, Honda-san, I’ll excuse myself.
Honda: Huh?
“I’ll excuse myself”? Does he intend to leave work on time? During such a period, not to mention me, even Kagami has never gotten off work on time before.
Ochiai: Honda-san, We’ll be excusing myself too.
Yumi: You’ve worked hard.
Ishikawa: Please excuse me.
Kagami: Then, with this, you’ve worked hard.
Honda: Ah… hey!
Chief: Huh? Honda, you aren’t leaving?
Honda: Yes, because I still have work which has to be done today.
Chief: I see… then I’m sorry but I’ll be leaving.
Male 1: Then I’ll be leaving too!
Male 2: That’s right, at least on the last day of work I should leave soon. Honda, I’ll be leaving first.
Honda: You’ve worked hard, have a good new year’s.
Chief: Honda you too.
Male 1: Have a good new year’s.
Male 2: Have a good new year’s.
Honda: So Kagami and the rest reached early and worked so furiously so that they could leave on time? But they are really… they could have at least wished me a happy new year. Goodness.
Honda: Please take me to Mita.
Driver: All right. Sir, were you working till this late at night? It must be tough.
Honda: Yes, but my vacation starts tomorrow.
It’s true that I’m glad my vacation starts tomorrow, but I have unfinished assignments. My work got busy and I’ve been dragging them out, I have to use this vacation to settle everything.
Kuonji: You’ve worked hard, it’s late.
Honda: Yea, you’re early.
Kuonji: It’s almost ten. How about your dinner? Do you want to eat it somewhere?
Honda: No, I’m fine. I’m not hungry. Also, I have to get to the site first thing in the morning tomorrow.
Kuonji: What? What’s that about?
Honda: Like I said, I’m going to the site. There was a defect in today’s supplies, the substitute goods are scheduled to come in first thing tomorrow morning. I have to check the goods and apologise.
Kuonji: Must you be the one to go?
Honda: Isn’t that obvious? What are you talking about, isn’t it your project?
Kuonji: Which project is it?
Honda: It’s the Kawasaki second building. The second semester is late over there, seems like they are going to continue construction works except on New Year Day. And I thought that work will end today too…
Kuonji: So you’re heading to the site first thing tomorrow right? At around what time?
Honda: Probably around 8. Why?
Kuonji: No, it’s nothing. Don’t stand there in a daze, how about taking a shower or something?
Honda: Yea… Goodness… my laundry has been piling up. I shall do laundry tomorrow. I have to do a thorough cleaning of the room too, I haven’t done a single thing lately because I’ve been so busy.

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Scene 3

Kuonji: Hey. Honda? Wake up. We’re heading out.
Honda: Huh?
Kuonji: It’s morning. Don’t you have to go to the site?
Honda: What time is it now?
Kuonji: Seven.
Honda: Huh? Isn’t it still early?
Kuonji: Just get changed quickly, I’ll send you to the site by car.
Honda: You don’t have to, I’ll go by train.
Kuonji: Don’t worry about it and just get changed.
Honda: Okay, I got it.
Male: Honda-kun, I’m very sorry but…
Honda: Was the size of the materials sent over in the morning wrong again?
Male: No, we were the ones who made the mistake.
Honda: Huh?
Male: In actual fact, the materials we received yesterday were the correct ones. I’m really sorry, I realised it when the new materials arrived by truck this morning.
Honda: Oh… Then, you’ll need yesterday’s size right?
Male: Yea. Do you know how long it will take?
Honda: I’ll confirm it immediately, since it’s urgent. (Honda calls a number) Ah, hello? I’m Honda from commodities trading. Is your boss in? Hello? This is Honda, good day. Is that so? I’ll try to reach him on his phone.
I tried to call the office but nobody picked up, it’s no surprise since it’s the holidays. I called up any contact I could think of and finally found the needed materials and arranged for it to be delivered to the site. In the end, it took close to two hours to settle. With this, the works can finally continue without interruptions. Thank goodness.
Kuonji: We’ll have to rush.
Honda: Kuonji… you… have you been waiting all this while?
Kuonji: Aren’t you done? Get on.
Honda: H-hey, what’s going on? Kuonji!
Kuonji: Fasten your seatbelt. (Kuonji revs engine and drives off)
Honda: Ah!
Kuonji: We have no time, I’m speeding up.
Honda: No time?
Kuonji was in a rush, unlike his usual self. What on earth is happening?
Where on earth are we going?
Kuonji: Narita.
Honda: Narita? Are you referring to Narita Airport?
Kuonji: That’s right.
Honda: Why are we going to the airport? What do we have to do there?
Kuonji: Here, your passport.
Honda: Huh? Isn’t this mine? What on earth are you thinking of? Hey! Are you listening? How about answering me? Kuonji! You need to stop doing everything your way. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going home. I’m getting off!
Kuonji: Stop it, what do you intend to do when we’re still on the highway? You’ll just embarrass yourself.
Honda: You forced me to come along with you… what’s with that tone?!
Honda: In the end, I was brought forcefully to the airport without being told anything.
Male: Our plane has attained a stable level.
Kuonji: So we barely made it for our flight.
Honda: Hey, where on earth do you intend to bring me to?
Kuonji: Even though we’re sitting in first class seats, I think it would be better if you lower your voice. So, is it about the flight? Or our destination?
Honda: Both!
Kuonji: This is a direct flight to Zurich. Our destination is Davos.
Honda: Zurich? In Switzerland?
Kuonji: Yea.
Honda: I’ve never been Switzerland before and I’ve never thought of wanting to. I’ve been so busy that I can’t even go to an onsen in my country, let alone overseas. Also, isn’t this seat a luxurious first class seat? How much is the ticket price? No, I shall stop thinking. Since this is something Kuonji did on his own, I don’t intend to pay even if he asked me to. But well, Kuonji isn’t a man to be so petty.
So, what are we doing in Switzerland?
Kuonji: Skiing.
Honda: Skiing? Who?
Kuonji: You can’t ski?
Honda: That’s not it… my head is starting to hurt…
Kuonji: Is it a migraine? Do you have medicine?
Honda: That’s not it! Listen up, I was thinking of doing laundry and some cleaning after I return from the site.
Kuonji: Don’t worry, we will return before work starts.
Honda: Then… then during the entire holiday, we’ll be in Switzerland? Give me a break!
Kuonji: When I asked you about your plans for the holiday, didn’t you say that you didn’t have anything on?
Honda: No, I said I was going rest! I wanted to sleep as much as I could. Goodness… So how long will this take?
Kuonji: Slight more than 12 hours?
Honda: I’m going to sleep.
Kuonji: The estimated time of arrival is in the evening, I think it’s better for you to stay awake even if you have to force yourself.
Honda: It’s none of your business.
I even thought of going to meet mother and Kazuya. Someone tell me that this is a lie, such a tiring vacation… I’ve had enough!

Shiawase ni Dekiru 04 (2)
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Scene 4

Kuonji: This is the Fortner, he’s the only one who knows how to speak Japanese.
Fortner: Pleased to meet you, thank you for coming from such a faraway land.
Honda: Ah… I’m Honda, pleased to meet you.
Fortner: Now, here, please get on.
Honda: After reaching Zurich International airport, I was so surprised that I was speechless. The man, Fortner, who welcomed us seemed to be Kuonji’s family’s butler. He seems to be a calm man and ushered us to the rear seat of a luxurious car.
Hey, where are we going?
Kuonji: My family’s vacation home in Davos. Do you need more details?
Honda: V-vacation home?
Kuonji is the younger brother of Akira, president of consumer financing company Kyuutoku, the top of the market. I haven’t had the chance to know it till now, but he’s quite a rich man. Come to think of it, it isn’t strange at all for him to have a vacation home in Switzerland. I’m someone who’s had a perfectly normal life, as I’ve expected, Kuonji might be someone from a totally different world.
Kuonji: Is it your first time in Switzerland?
Honda: Yea.
Kuonji: Davos, our destination, is a famous resort location for winter. It’s because this place is about 1000m above sea level. You can ski, right?
Honda: I did a little during my student years, but since I haven’t skied for many years, I’ll be just like a beginner.
Kuonji: I see, I will teach you.
Honda: (Honda sighs) It’s fine.
I don’t feel like doing any form of sports, let alone to ski. I don’t even have any idea how the vacation home is like, but since this is a place famous for skiing, it’s probably in the mountainous region. I shall pass my days peacefully there until the time for my return flight.
Kuonji: Hey, what are you doing? Get off, we’re here.
Honda: I-isn’t this… a hotel?
Kuonji: What are you talking about? Didn’t I say that we were going to my vacation home?
Honda: No… that’s not it, this is someone’s castle. Right?
Kuonji: What nonsense are you saying, get off quickly.
Honda: W-what is with this building? An outer wall made of stone; an elaborately embellished thick door… isn’t this like a medieval castle?
Kuonji: Hurry up and come here, you’ll catch a cold.
Fortner: This way please, everyone has been waiting.
Honda: E-everyone?
What does he mean by everyone…
Kagami: Please excuse me, I’ll be imposing!
Female: I’ll be imposing on you…
Ochiai: What happened to Honda-san?
Female: He said that he would be coming together…
Honda: Huh? This voice… don’t tell me… What a huge and lavish entrance hall… Doesn’t it go all the way to the third storey?
Fortner: Honda-sama, please come this way.
Honda: Ah… yes.
On the other side of the thick door, stood a majestic hall. It was not just one or two chandeliers, the huge area was covered with Persian rugs. It’s clearly the vacation home of a multi-millionaire. The voice I heard just now… I’m sure it’s him, but it can’t be true, I must be going crazy.
Female: Ah, it’s Honda-san!
Female 2: Honda-san, you’ve worked hard.
Ochiai: We’ve been waiting for you!
Honda: Please let this be a lie…
Kagami: Honda-san, are you all right? The flight must have been long, are you tired?
Ochiai: You’re wrong, Kagami-kun. Honda-san was working until the last minute!
Kagami: Ah, is that so? Is it the Kawasaki site? Did things work out over there?
Female: Honda-san must be tired.
Female 2: Please pull yourself together!
Honda: In a glamorous surrounding which I’ve never seen elsewhere but in the television, there was an aspect which was extremely ill-matching. This isn’t a dream, it is the reality. But this is Switzerland right?
When have you been keeping this from me?
Kagami: We didn’t… intend to keep it from you but… we thought Honda-san might be surprised if we kept it a secret…
Honda: Right, I am surprised. It was a surprise… it was the surprise of my life!
Kagami: B-but… we thought that Honda-san might not want to come if you heard that we’ll be coming too…
Honda: You’re saying that you thought I might not come… I was kidnapped here! By him! (Kuonji smirks) The mystery has been solved, the reason the end of year party was brought forward by a day, the reason behind why on the last day of work, all of you came to work early in the morning and left in a hurry on the dot too. Everything was for the sake of reaching this place before me right!
Kagami: D-don’t glare at me with such a fierce expression. Kuonji-san invited us over by asking if we want to visit his vacation home in Switzerland, he said that we could get the air tickets cheaply too… right, everyone?
(Everyone agrees)
Honda: They all agree? What’s with that look of complete satisfaction? Am I going to spend my New Year with this group, whom I’ve spend the past few months with?
You’ve deceived me well.
Kuonji: It’s bad to say “deceived”, they’re tired out from slaving under you every day too. Isn’t this good once in a while?
Honda: Whose fault do you think it is that they have to slave away?!
Kagami: Now now Honda-san… please don’t get so angry…
Ochiai: Ah, that’s right. Let’s toast! Honda-san is here too, ah Yumi-chan please bring the glasses over.
Yumi: Yes! Please have some champagne.
Kagami: Honda-san, please take a glass too.
Kuonji: (Honda snatches a glass) What are you angry about? Ah… would you have preferred it if it’s just the two of us?
Honda: What?
Kagami: Cheers!
Everyone: Cheers!
Honda: You must be kidding!
Kuonji: That’s enough Honda, I thought you couldn’t take alcohol?
Kagami: Honda-san, your face is totally red.
Honda: I was so angry that I drank it… Huh? The ceiling is spinning round and round… (Honda collapses)
Ochiai: No! Honda-san…
Yumi: Honda-san?
Ochiai: Please get a hold of yourself!
Yumi: Honda-san!

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Scene 5

Honda: Angels… angels are flying around…
The angels are flying about on the ceiling and it reminds me of Raphael’s painting. Are the angels painted above the bed which I’m lying on?
(Honda sits up) But this is an amazing bed… it has a canopy and on top of that, there are even angels painted on the roof. As though this is the style of some European nobleman. This interest… it’s really like him. Since this is probably Kuonji’s home, so the whole family likes this sort of thing. (Honda gets up, walks to the windows, opens the curtains and gasps)
The Alps spread out before me. Because I got here in the night, I didn’t notice that such scenery was right outside. It’s so magnificent… how beautiful and impactful… After admiring the Alps, I decided to walk around within the building. There were new clothes and underwear prepared for me in the room I was sleeping in just now, as I didn’t prepare any change of clothings. Also, for just a few days, that many sets… Is he an idiot? I can’t keep up with the rich people’s way of thinking. Wow, I can see the Alps from this balcony too.
Old man: Huh?
Honda: Ah… I’m sorry, I thought there wasn’t anyone around.
Old man: No it’s fine, I’m sorry as well. I thought that everyone went out to ski.
Honda: To ski? No wonder I couldn’t see anyone around. Actually I was looking for everyone else, but it seems like I got lost because this villa is too huge. That’s why I got out onto this balcony.
Old man: Is that so? Will you have a look at the scenery? I will be excusing myself.
Honda: Ah… that is, I should be the one to…
Old man: No… as a servant, I can’t let the guests be mindful of me.
Honda: Are you working here?
Old man: Yes. It has been 20 years already, but I don’t know if an old man like me can be of any use.
Honda: I’m not your employer and I’m not someone whom you have to treat as an honoured guest as well. I’m just a greenhorn as you can see.
Old man: Then, how about having tea with me?
Honda: Yes.
Old man: (Old man pours a cup of coffee and passes to Honda) Here you go, it’s coffee.
Honda: Thank you.
Old man: May I ask for your name?
Honda: Ah, I’m sorry. I’m called Honda.
Matsushima: I am Matsushima. So Honda-san doesn’t ski?
Honda: Ah no… that is… I had some issues…
Matsushima: Seems like everyone is back.
Ochiai: Ah, Honda-san, are you all right? Did you rest well?
Honda: Ah, yes. I’m sorry for last night. By the way, what about the skis, the boards and other gear? Did you bring them from Japan?
Yumi: No, we didn’t bring anything.
Ishikawa: Everything was prepared by Kuonji-san. Also, it was amazing, it was a private ski slope. Honda-san, you should definitely ski tomorrow too.
Honda: Private ski slope?!
Kagami: Yes, it’s the private ski slope of Kuonji-san’s family. Honestly, the quality of the snow is really good too. As expected of a top ski resort in the world, things are different!
Honda: What? He said that there’s a private ski slope on top of this resort? What sort of rich nobility is he?
Kuonji: So you’ve woken up?
Honda: Yea, I had to.
Yumi: Then, Kuonji-san. If the preparations are done, we can gather at the great hall right?
Kuonji: Yea. Isn’t it better if you rest for a bit? We need to shower too, when the time comes I’ll get someone to your rooms.
Ochiai: Got it. I’ll be waiting. That… Honda-san?
Honda: What is it?
Ochiai: Honda-san, I’m looking forward to it!
Yumi: Then, see you later.
Honda: That Ochiai… what is she looking forward to?
Kagami: To the party of course. Seems like it’s going to be a great new year’s party.
Honda: Huh?
Kagami: Honda-san’s room is at the third floor right? I’m on the second floor so I’ll be excusing myself here. Then, see you later.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 04 (3)
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Scene 6

Honda: There’s one thing I’d like to ask, was this the room I slept in?
Kuonji: Yea, that’s right.
Honda: So this room is for me, right?
Kuonji: Yea.
Honda: Then, why are you entering it?
Kuonji: Because it’s my room.
Honda: Huh? Didn’t you say that it’s a room for me?
Kuonji: So it’s a room for the both of us.
Honda: Look here, the rest of them are here with us too! Do you know what you’re doing?
Kuonji: (Kuonji closes door) Your voice echoes in the corridor, you’ll be heard by the others.
Honda: In any case, prepare another room for me. If you don’t have enough rooms, I’ll just go to Kagami’s room then. Anything but to share a room with you…
Kuonji: How stupid…
Honda: Stupid, that tone of voice … (Kuonji kisses Honda)
Kuonji: If we were in different rooms, we won’t be able to do such things right?
Honda: Idiot…
Kuonji: (Kuonji takes out a suit from the closet) Change into this.
Honda: Isn’t this a tuxedo?
Kuonji: It’s for the party.
Honda: Dressing up like this… is anyone coming? Or are we going anywhere?
Kuonji: No, it’s going to be just us and we’re not going anywhere.
Honda: Look, what I’m trying to say is, why must I wear something like that if it’s going to be a party with just the people from our company?
Kuonji: Huh? Aren’t you supposed to dress up for the New Year’s party?
Honda: New Year’s party? Dress up? What sort of common sense is that?
Kuonji: That’s the way our family works.
Honda: So that’s his common knowledge? I knew it, Kuonji might have come from somewhere around Mars.
Ochiai: Ah! Honda-san! Kuonji-san! You two look great in tuxedoes.
Honda: I-is that so?
Ishikawa: Kuonji-san, thank you so much for preparing such lovely cocktail dresses for us too.
Kuonji: It’s all right, the New Year’s party at my place always involves dressing up.
Ishikawa: But the two of you look really wonderful in tuxedoes! But…
Kagami: Ishikawa-san, why are you looking at me from top to toe?
Ishikawa: Why do you look so different even though you’re dressed in the same tuxedo too?
Kagami: Ishikawa-san! Don’t say that with such a serious look! In the first place, Kuonji-san and Honda-san are different in height from me!
Ochiai: No, it’s probably the genes.
Kagami: Argh! Even Ochiai-san too… you’re too mean! Honda-san, do I really look that bad in tuxedo?
Honda: No matter how I look…
Kagami: No matter how you look…
Honda: You look like a magician, try summoning some doves.
Kagami: That can’t be!
Kagami: Switzerland is really the best! No matter how you look at it, the quality of snow is different!
Honda: For someone who didn’t get to participate in the end of year party, this became the real end of year party. With the heartening fact that I don’t have work after this, I was able to enjoy my food and drinks leisurely. Of course, after last night’s episode, I didn’t drink any champagne or wine, only beer. After that, the enjoyable time passed quickly.
Kuonji: It’s the New Year soon. Everyone, hold up your champagne glasses.
Everyone: Five… four… three… two… one… Happy New Year!
Ochiai: Ah, they launched the fireworks!
Ishikawa: It can’t be!
Kuonji: Tonight they’re launching fireworks especially for the New Year’s.
Everyone: Wow…
Honda: Amazing…
Yumi: It’s so pretty…
Ichiai: How romantic… How wonderful…
Kagami: It sure is nice…
Kuonji: Come with me, there’s somewhere else where we can get a better view.
Kuonji: How’s this?
Honda: Wow it’s true, the fireworks look nearer from here.
The off-season fireworks were reflected like illusions against the Alps, the sight was beautiful enough to let me forget the fact that I was brought here forcefully. I want to thank Kuonji for bringing me here, but I couldn’t say it out frankly.
Kuonji: What did you do last year?
Honda: Last year? I stayed in my room. For new year… I slept.
Kuonji: So you didn’t go anywhere? How about your mother’s house?
Honda: They were busy too, I did drop by on the third or fourth day to pay my respects. How about you?
Kuonji: It’s something similar.
Honda: So it’s the same for the two of us. (Kuonji kisses Honda)
It was easy to dodge that kiss, but I didn’t do that because I wanted to give a small apology for not being able to thank Kuonji.
Kuonji: Do you want to do it?
Honda: Idiot.
Kuonji: I shouldn’t have invited them over as well.
Honda: What are you saying? You were the one…
Kuonji: Next time, it shall be just the two of us.
Honda: For now, it’s just a kiss. Telling that to my heart, I distanced myself from Kuonji.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 04 (4)
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Scene 7

Honda: On New Year’s day, I was unable to wake up until late into the day.
Matsushima: Does Honda-san hate skiing? Even though everyone went off today too…
Honda: Actually, it was already past 3 when I woke up… Also, I don’t really like to ski or snowboard.
Matsushima: Is that so?
Honda: For someone who was brought up in a family without grandfather or grandmother, Matsushima-san’s calm demeanour and relaxed conversation was very refreshing. Rather than skiing, I’d rather talk to Matsushima-san.
What work does Matsushima-san do?
Matsushima: About my work? Well… It’s something like caretaking. Rather than that, is Honda-san in the same department as… young master Mikoto?
Honda: Huh? Mikoto… No, to be exact, we are not. I’m in another department but I am doing the follow-up for his work.
Matsushima: Is that so. Well, since last time, young master Mikoto never brought his friends back to home… To be brought to the vacation home, I think Honda-san and friends are the first.
Honda: Is that so? That’s unexpected. Has Matsushima-san known Kuonji since he was young?
Matsushima: Yes.
Honda: What sort of child was he?
Matsushima: He was very smart… because the age gap between him and his brother was huge, he was unnecessarily mature. He was also good at observing his surroundings without being spoiled, though it’s hard to tell whether it’s the strong point of children.
Honda: I see.
Matsushima: Young master Mikoto grew up in that manner, I think he might be lonely in some human aspects. I don’t think it’s fortunate for him to be too intelligent and to have seen too much of the world.
Honda: Matsushima-san…
Matsushima: That’s why, Honda-san, I’ll be leaving young master Mikoto to you.
Honda: Huh?
Matsushima: Because young master Mikoto places reliance on Honda-san.
Honda: Wha…
Matsushima: I think young master Mikoto will definitely become a good partner for Honda-san.
Honda: Y-yes.
Matsushima: It was an answer which I had wanted to avoid uttering. But, hoping to reassure Matsushima-san, I smiled and shook his hand before returning to my room.
Honda: (Honda steps out of shower and towels his hair) Say, when are we going back?
Kuonji: We’re taking the afternoon flight tomorrow. It will be the third when we reach Narita airport. Since we start work on the fourth, it’s just nice isn’t it? Rather than that, you were looking at the Alps through the windows just now? Seems like you took a liking to it, but playing on it is more fun than just looking at it.
Honda: I’m good, I’m better off just looking at it than skiing on it.
Kuonji: But I think that I’m better than the mountains.
Honda: Don’t joke around… (Kuonji kisses Honda) S-stop it…
Kuonji: Do you know what sort of face you’re making right now?
Honda: Let go of me!
Kuonji: I refuse.
Honda: Hey, Kuonji… let me down! Hey… I said let me go…
Kuonji: Yukihiko… I want you…
Honda: Kuonji… Stop… it… Kuonji…
I’m not demanding that he understands all of my hesitation and confusion, but I wish that he would infer that I don’t wish for this. The body is separate from the heart, and that the heart will definitely not acknowledge this relationship.
Kuonji: Yukihiko… you can let your voice out freely here, no one will hear you. Look over there, your face reflected on the mirror on the wash stand… You’re making a face which says you really want to do it. Come.
Honda: Kuonji…
Actually, I thought of bringing an end to this ambiguous relationship of ours during this vacation.
Kuonji: If I don’t ease it before putting it in, it will be tough. Relax.
Honda: No…
Kuonji: Do you want this?
Honda: There’s no way I would yearn for this.
Kuonji: Are you all right?
Honda: But my body wants it.
Kuonji: Yukihiko…
Honda: There’s only one answer, but there’s no way I can say it.

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Scene 8

Honda: Today is the day of our return flight. But when I woke up, it was past noon again. During the vacation, I have never woken up in the morning before. But I also think that this is a vacation that really suited me. With that, the New Year has come to an end today, and I didn’t even lay eyes on the acclaimed private ski slope. But before I return to Japan, I would like to speak with that person just once more.
Matsushima: I thought you would definitely come. You’re going back already, right?
Honda: Yes. Thank you for everything.
Matsushima: Same here, because I have close to no opportunity to speak with young people like Honda-san, it was very fulfilling.
Honda: Same for me too.
Matsushima: Honda-san, look! The Alps are looking their finest today too. Did you like it?
Honda: Yes, very. This is a wonderful place.
Matsushima: Please come again.
Honda: I have no fate with travelling overseas, but I would like to visit again.
Matsushima: Yes, please do.
Fortner: Please excuse me. Everyone has returned from skiing.
Honda: Yes, I understand.
Matsushima: Honda-san, please have a safe flight back.
Honda: Matsushima-san too. Please take care.
Honda: Oh? Ochiai! What’s with that huge dog plush toy?
Ochiai: Honda-san! This? This is a Saint Bernard souvenir!
Kagami: Me too! I bought a lot of souvenirs.
Honda: Souvenir?
Ochiai: I bought a souvenir for Honda-san too, here you go.
Honda: Oh…
Ochiai: Then, I shall go pack up for our return.
Kagami: What’s inside that packet?
Honda: I wonder. (Honda opens the packet)
Kagami: Ah! It’s a plush toy.
Honda: For me?
Kagami: It’s a mini version of the Saint Bernard Ochiai-san was carrying just now. How cute, I’m jealous!
Honda: Are you serious? Here. (Honda hands Kagami the plush toy) Return this to Ochiai for me.
Kagami: I don’t want to! She’ll get angry at me!
Honda: With that, our Switzerland trip came to an end.
Woman: In order for you to enjoy your flight with us, we offer an extensive range of services. Please approach our staff for more details.
Honda: Say, what sort of person is that Matsushima-san?
Kuonji: Matsushima?
Honda: That Matsushima-san, the one who works at the vacation home.
Kuonji: We don’t have any Japanese workers there.
Honda: Huh? You got to be joking. He was called Matsushima-san, a frail old man.
Kuonji: Does he have a scar on his right?
Honda: Scar? Yes he had, at this area. What’s that, so he does exist.
Kuonji: Well, that’s true. The one you met was probably my grandfather.
Honda: Grandfather?
Kuonji: He’s my grandfather from my mother’s side of the family, the father of Akira’s stepfather. His own surname before he entered the family, if I’m not wrong, was Matsushima.
Honda: He didn’t breathe a single word about that…
Kuonji: That old man likes deceiving people. Since he retired and passed the company to Akira, he hasn’t returned to Japan and has been residing in that vacation home or other various hotels.
Honda: I never thought that he would be someone so major. If we’re talking about Kuonji’s father and Akira-san’s stepfather, isn’t he the founder of consumer financing company Kyuutoku who build the company’s success from scratch?
Kuonji: Where did you meet him?
Honda: At the balcony on the right of the mansion. He was there coincidentally when I went there and we’ve been having daily conversations until you guys came back from skiing.
Kuonji: That’s amazing. That old man has his way of doing things and he wouldn’t speak to people unless he’s taken a liking to them. Talking with him every day, even Akira won’t be able to do that. I haven’t even met him once whilst I was there. Because he doesn’t get along with my father, I haven’t spoken to him in twenty years. So he liked you. You sure are popular… first me, Akira and now grandfather.
Honda: Don’t joke around!
Male: Good morning, happy new year!
Male 2: I’ll be counting on you this year too!
Female: Same here, I’ll be counting on you.
Kagami: Everyone, please take as many souvenirs as you can. The quality of snow was really different, enough for me to get the wrong impression that my skills have improved!
Ishikawa: The scenery was first-rate, but above all, Kuonji-san’s vacation home was so amazing! It felt like a noble’s small castle!
Female: Amazing!
Ishikawa: Also, he had a private ski slope!
Female: I want to go too!
Chief: Honda, what’s wrong? Are you worn out from skiing?
Honda: I didn’t ski.
Chief: What? You didn’t go there for skiing?
Kagami: Chief, Honda-san was so tired that he slept in every day.
Chief: What?! Did you go Switzerland to sleep?
Ishikawa: Chief, wasn’t Honda-san extremely exhausted? So…
Chief: I see… Honda… you’re also of that age too huh… Don’t push yourself too hard!
Honda: What did you say…
Chief: But, it’s really a waste. I’d say, isn’t your mind getting stiff along with your body as you age? Or is that what they call the spirit of cooperation?
Honda: Spirit of cooperation… you say?
Ishikawa: This is bad, Honda-san is about to explode! Yumi-chan, let’s escape!
Yumi: Yes!
Honda: I understand. Since I’ve aged, I shall rely on the Chief’s flexible mind from now on.
Chief: Honda! No way, that was just a joke! Haha! Huh? Wow isn’t this an extravagant souvenir! (Chief hurries off)
Honda: Goodness me.
Ochiai: Excuse me Honda-san, this is something I bought for Kuonji-san. Please pass it to him. It matches with what I gave Honda-san.
Honda: Why me?
Ochiai: Because I won’t know when I will meet him next. I’ll be counting on you! Then, I’ll be going to the post office! (Ochiai hurries off)
Honda: Hey, Ochiai! Kagami!
Kagami: Ah… yes… what is it?
Honda: Can you pass this plush toy to Kuonji… (Phone rings)
Kagami: Ah! The phone! Kagami is going to take that call! (Kagami runs off)
Honda: The people around me are the best in this world at running away. I have a negative feeling that this year will be a tough year. Is this because my mind is inflexible? As I sat down at my seat, the fluffy Saint Bernard smiled at me.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 04 (1)
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