Makura no Danshi: Episode 07

#7幼気男子 – Itaike Danshi

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I…I don’t even know how to review this. That’s probably why I’ve put it off as long as I have because this was just so…bizarre.

Okay, everyone knows Murase Ayumu’s breakthrough character was when he played the adorably bouncy Hinata in Haikyuu!! whom everyone fell in love with. Because he was adorable. I mean, okay, he did do the super weird psychopath Isaku Heito from that abysmal show nobody remembers called M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane, and…he wasn’t so cute then.

But this. This is not cute. This is disturbing. I mean I get that they’re trying to get through all the typical male tropes but really? Shota!? *shudders* I put off watching this four-minute long episode just because I knew I’d be just a tad squicked by the whole shota thing. I’ve got to say, it wasn’t as bad as I’d been expecting but still, that little line at the end? Like, seriously kid, you’re a little young to be asking onee-chan to sleep with you even in the most innocent of contexts.

In my mind Murase will always be a Hinta-type, overly excitable chihuahua. Making him a child is pushing it for me, especially since this is supposed to be semi pillow talk. I’m not going to let this four-minute run destroy my mental image of Murase and his volleyball innocence. *shakes head*

Just…no more shota, please, Murase…


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