Makura no Danshi: Episode 06

#6:中二男子 – Chuuni danshi

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バカかお前?Are you an idiot? LOL 

I say that with affection, for I only have inexplainable affection for this week’s pillow boy seiyuu Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. He was voted our favourite seiyuu once and still remains a perenial fav amongst us here at koekara because I for one, doubt any other seiyuu does deadpan humour as well as Matsuoka does (he’s so contrastingly high-energy as Souma in Shoukugeki no Souma and otaku-gloomy as Yukimura in Aoharu x Kikanjuu). In real life he’s got a fear of society/public/people and umm, women so umm, it’s easy to see how he may have had first hand experience in providing the tsundere acting this episode heh.

Not that these pillow boy episodes have an actual story per se but I thought it weird that I’m watching Chuuni danshi Maki Yuu fall asleep because isn’t it suppose to be the other way around? He’s got the chuuni (middle school 2nd grade) delusions and with that eyepatch, is totally channeling Chuunibyou‘s Rikka. Except he claims he’s not delusional and that the eyepatch is for a sty, or something else at the back of his eye… right… I thought he was being totally chuuni OTT dramatic with his ‘Why does tomorrow have to come?’, ‘In the end, I’m always alone’ and ‘I’m no longer the same as the old me’… right… being all emo is a definite chuuni attention seeking trait! It’s just a marathon tomorrow, you actually have friends and umm, yes change of height does mean you’re technically not the same old you ha… sigh. He’s actually chuu-san (middle school 3rd grade) so as he insists, he’s not suffering from chuuni delusions so back off, just a little. So tsun he just had to stand in the rain right?!

The girl’s probably his childhood friend since Maki’s close enough to her (you, the viewer) to be so honest about drinking milk to grow taller (a common complex among anime guys) and likewise she’s brutal in her retort by pointing out that he does have 2 friends lol. How Matsuoka turned absolutely tsundere then was such a treat for this Matsuoka fan as Maki continues the blushing started by pillow boy 04 (dialect boy) and 05 (stargazing boy).

There’s such a youthful and carefree air to this emo pillow boy it’s guaranteed to appeal to the childhood-friend trope viewers. Don’t be friend-zoned and lend him your thigh and be his hizamakura girl lol. Hopefully next episode this writer gets someone older who doesn’t blush, to pillow talk.


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