Makura No Danshi: Episode 05

#5:天文 男子- Tenmon Danshi

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This was actually pretty adorable and to be honest I’ve been waiting for sweet Umehara and his sublimely gentle voice. Who could ever forget the dreamy pink merman of Orenchi?

Umehara seems to really attract the slightly more dreamy, whimsical and gentle male characters, and it perfectly parallels the astronomic theme of the episode. It was quite the sweet and blushy four minutes, with Theodore being all shy and bashful in the company of his female friend and he seemed like such a sweetheart, what with trying to be all generous by offering her to share his sleeping bag before quickly backtracking and apologising for sounding too forward and presumptuous.

Up to date I think Theodore was one of the politest characters so far, as well as the most gentlemanly in a very kind way and somehow Umehara’s boyish yet not-too-young voice creates that kind cadence that I enjoyed in this character – even if his personality was a little too Pisces (which is Astrology, not Astronomy, I know, whatever).

This show continues to play voice service and, practically, gives the newer seiyuus a chance to practice and get more exposure, even if they don’t play diverse roles but hey, everybody has to start somewhere and not everybody can kickstart their career by being in the spotlight all the time.

And so without being biased at all to the fact that I wanted to pick the Umehara week, I think this is my favourite episode so far because of his dreamy and bashful character, and I just like the fact that Umehara’s portfolio is getting lengthier bit by bit. ^^


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