Junjou Romantica 3: Episode 02

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail – 遠慮なければ近慮あり

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What’s the best way to resolve a conflict with your lover? By going out for a drive and building a sandcastle together!

The drama quickly escalates over time as Mizuki continued to stay at Usagi’s apartment. What amazed me most, was Misaki’s tolerance and how he allowed himself to be trampled all over by Mizuki and his ore-sama attitude. Although I couldn’t stand how quick Misaki was to apologise over trivial things which weren’t even his fault to begin with, I can understand that it all stems from his own inferiority complex.

I might have briefly mentioned the entrance of the Hatano character in the previous episode, but *checks MAL* Toudou appears once again in this episode and Misaki just had to strike up a conversation about his favourite manga, “Da Man”(?) by Kyo Ijuuin. I’m sure we can all understand how Misaki feels when he couldn’t resist talking to Toudou about Da Man, and just how excited he got after fanboying about that thing with Toudou, but I’m not sure if the great Usami Akihiko will understand as well when the time comes. I guess we’ll have to wait till the autograph session at Fukuoka to find out and I just can’t wait because I prefer to see the seme getting jealous rather than the other way round, which has been happening for two episodes already.

With Mizuki still freeloading at the Usagi house, Misaki became increasingly aware that Mizuki poses as a serious threat to his ambiguous relationship with Usagi. Not only is Mizuki smarter than Misaki, he also knows Usagi’s hobbies better (and imo Mizuki is a nicer name than Misaki too, totally unrelated but… lol). It was also not reassuring for Misaki to see how Usagi treats Mizuki “specially”. Just when I thought that things couldn’t get more complicated, another Usami appears – Usami Kaoruko, increasing the tension at the Usagi house. At this point in time, I have to give my respect to Misaki for being able to cope with all the nonsense these Usamis give him. Usagi, however, couldn’t cope as well with his own family. A call from his father was the last straw for him because otou-san attacked the shaky foundations of Misaki and Usagi’s relationship. I thought Usagi didn’t deal with this issue in a very matured way, because things just got worse between him and Misaki, to the point where Kaoruko had to throw the two of them out of the house and force them to reconcile. In every BL, there’s got to be one of those really likeable and non-irritating girls, and Kaoruko plays that role here. Despite how good-looking Mizuki is, Kaoruko is definitely 100 times more likeable than he is in here.

After getting literally kicked out of the house, Usagi and Misaki went for a drive, presumably to talk things out. However, Usagi kept his mouth shut until Misaki yelled at him not to always keep things to himself. I thought it was rather ironic because Misaki was the one who kept all his thoughts bottled up and subjected us to two episodes of his mental rants to the point that I was sick of listening to his thoughts. Never mind that, they finally got down to talking things out and I think the Mizuki hurdle has been crossed.

I’m glad that we’re over the Mizuki saga because I am so not good at dealing with a love rival, especially one who’s gunning for the seme. It’s gonna be the Fukuoka trip and I foresee Toudou making a longer appearance next. Let’s see how Misaki deals with Usagi’s jealousy and let’s hope that the times he spent agonising over Mizuki and Usagi taught him a thing or two.


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