Makura no Danshi: Episode 04

#4:方言男子 – Hougen danshi

Makura no Danshi 04 - 01 Makura no Danshi 04 - 02 Makura no Danshi 04 - 03 Makura no Danshi 04 - 04 Makura no Danshi 04 - 05 Makura no Danshi 04 - 06 Makura no Danshi 04 - 07 Makura no Danshi 04 - 08 Makura no Danshi 04 - 09 Makura no Danshi 04 - 10 Makura no Danshi 04 - 11 Makura no Danshi 04 - 12 Makura no Danshi 04 - 13 Makura no Danshi 04 - 14 Makura no Danshi 04 - 15

Aww, that was actually kinda cute, even if the art ain’t. Well done Takahata Sora (such an easy to remember name 高畑空良 lol) on your debut major role, even if it’s just 3 mins of the Touhoku dialect~~~ 

Ok so I’ve always thought of myself as a sucker for the Kansai (Suzumura Kenichi) and Kyoto (Yusa Kouji) dialect but with Kijinami Eiji this episode going off in a monologue as Makura no Danshi‘s dialect boy, I’m slowly falling for the Touhoku dialect too. Interestingly, maybe it’s precisely because Takahata’s from Fukushima (which is in Touhoku i.e. northeast Japan) that he was cast for this role?

I must say though that if Kijinami transferred to my class, regardless if he’s from the countryside or not, I’d be put off by him. He’s compensated for his countryside background by trying to fit in with the stereotypical city boy image by dyeing his hair red but honestly, those 2 hairpins just irk me! What’s a 14-year old boy doing wearing such cute-looking pins to school?! And another issue I have with was him threatening to hit me! Boys should never hit girls much less threaten them at all right? I don’t care how shy you are or how you’re covering up your embarrassment with threats of violence… Well maybe cos he’s still a youngling… I’ll forgive him there. He did blush MANY MANY TIMES so onee-san forgives you. It was actually kinda funny watching you talk to “me” on the train because from the 4th wall here, it looks like you’re mad and talking to yourself there hahahaha so all in all, onee-san forgives you.

It’s so cute how embarrassed he got when complimented and it just invokes this ‘aww, young and innocent boy’ feel out of me. But he’s not my type so this cougar’s gonna pass on Kijinami as well as his seiyuu Takahata Sora. He’s definitely a young newbie (hope he doesn’t end up getting bullied by the senpais in the cut throat seiyuu industry) and Makura no Danshi‘s his first major role after having done a couple of bit parts in anime. He sounds like a younger Morikubo Showtaro to me and promising too, judging by his inflections when doing the embarrassed voice so I won’t say I’ll keep an ear out for now but you never know, his future roles might give him more range and that’s when I’ll remember hearing him first by my pillow~


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