Junketsu no Maria: Episode 12 (END)

Love Conquers All 「愛は全てに勝つ」

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All the final few ends came together and tied up rather nicely didn’t it?

In the end, the greatest loser turned out to be Bernard who got turned to ash for attempting to strangle archangel Michael or for simply being on the cusp of starting a new religion… either way, the guy got his just deserves for having plotted to deflower Maria. Gosh I can still remember him saying to Garfa how Garfa has more experience than he does when it comes to such matters sheesh.

All’s well ended well and it’s a big fluffy happy ending. We’re not told whether the curse is lifted but judging by Maria’s actions over her and Joseph’s future, I think the curse still holds. Ezekiel/Dovey got a great deal being reborn as human although if you think of how this rebirth is in a way her punishment, isn’t the church in heaven borrowing concepts from buddhism/taoism instead? She gets to be born as Maria and Joseph’s child, which can only happen if Maria you know, loses her magic powers so it turns out to be exactly a win-win for heaven. Talk about conniving and scheming!

Maria sticks by her principles and “charms” her nemesis with her stubbornness to not back down. She won’t move away in spite of everything that’s happened and will continue to fight to ironically, stop the fighting that never ceases amongst humans. Fortunately that means Viv and the rest of the witches still have jobs and the same goes true for the mercenaries although Garfa seems so defeated I wonder how he’ll be chief and lead his band. Don’t merely be a tool simply passing the message – a great message coming out of Junketsu no Maria, even as it worked against Bernard (humans have reasoning to interpret human thoughts i.e. the ability to think) and was outright rejected by heaven. Oh well… this ain’t that sort of anime anyway. At least Ezekiel showed good character growth to stand up and defend her future parents. Well done Dovey and for delivering as usual Hanazawa Kana!

After adjusting my expectations mid-way through Junketsu, I’ve come to really like this happy conclusion. If viewed in an isolated bubble of sorts, this anime worked to entertain while pushing through one key message of fighting for what’s truly right by you, even when it’s against an omnipotent presence and teachings everyone else believes in. The pacing worked out well in the end and the seiyuus all did a marvellous job. With my bias for Sakurai, I have to mention how genuine he sounded with those incredulous lines on Bernard’s newfound religious interpretation; it must be so difficult to not sound sarcastic delivering those lines. Kudos especially to Noto Mamiko in this final episode because although she’s known for her gentle character voices, she got really convincingly angry and not just worked up when voicing Viv’s disapproval at how things turned out for Maria as a witch. I was sceptical of both Onos – Kensho and Yuuki, but they turned into such blessings towards the end. The anime’s altogether rather like a sunshiny day out in the ocean, small but steady waves, nothing too fancy, nothing too exciting but not meh, most times at least. I’m glad I’ve finally finished coverage of all 12 episodes and have learnt to really not judge an anime by its title and poster haha ^^ Thanks for reading and for enduring my earlier posts/rants~


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