Junketsu no Maria: Episode 11

If You Wish to be Loved, Love 「愛を望むなら愛せ」

Junketsu no Maria 11 - 01 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 02 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 03 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 04 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 05 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 06 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 07 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 08 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 09 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 10 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 11 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 12 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 13 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 14 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 15 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 16 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 17 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 18 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 19 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 20 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 21 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 22 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 23 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 24 Junketsu no Maria 11 - 25 

Aww the virginal love birds had their first fight, got together as a couple and proposed to one another! Just how happy can the virgin witch Maria be?! Enough to declare openly to her nemesis archangel Michael that she’s got a boyfriend now! Hooray!

Applause all round to Ono Kensho and Ono Yuuki for really stepping up this episode. While Garfa and Joseph fight it out, the boys finally managed to break free from their roles in Kuroko to truly sound different enough as Garfa and Joseph. Thanks to a particular drama cd, I’ve come to being able to very clearly identify Ono Yuuki’s voice and can now appreciate how different he sounds as Garfa – brash, rash, brute-like and arrogant, traits which Kagami in Kuroko also possess but as Garfa, with more malice and age. Ono Kensho too has shown he can portray sensitivity in rage and that’s over and above what I’ve come to appreciate in his performance for Aldnoah.Zero 2.

I think Junketsu’s done very well on pacing now that we’ve come to the penultimate episode. It’s revealed that the medicines the monks have been administering have indeed come from Edwina the witch. Of course Gilbert is pissed and unsurprisingly, Bernard’s nonchalance comes through with a simple statement that as long as something is useful, why bother where it came from. Except umm, you did send Maria to witch trial for medicating Martha… so it’s not the supplier that’s the problem but rather the message that comes with the supplier huh.

Oh well, Maria’s rescued, she’s found her inner beliefs once again so her powers have returned (on overdrive no less), war’s stopped, Bernard’s happily researching and writing what looks like a really long letter (maybe a thesis on his newfound “religious understanding” courtesy of Maria lol), Le Comte’s plans are thwarted, Viv is recovering, Joseph stood up like a man for his girl and won against Garfa and survived while at it, Maria indirectly proposed to Joseph and Joseph has finally cleared his head as to how he truly feels about Maria not as a witch but as a person. Aww….. we have a wedding soon! That’s if archangel Michael doesn’t ruin things as he always does… although… how will the young innocent sweet lovers umm, officiate their wedding so to speak, without the curse over Maria’s magic powers taking effect? Final episode better kiss and tell!


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