Junketsu no Maria: Episode 09

With a Grain of Salt「一つまみの塩を

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So I have absolutely no idea what Bernard’s little self-talk into pseudo breakdown was at the end there and neither does Maria. Who cares anyway when it’s Sakurai going on in his monologue about complicated self vs awareness philosophical concept? Although I do hope that if Bernard’s going to self-doubt his beliefs, it’ll lead the audience into doubting themselves too. One can hope anyway…

This episode went by surprisingly quick, pacing itself steadily to show the downfall of Maria as Galfa literally smoked her out. He doesn’t do the evil deed of taking her chastity so that’s umm, good of him to find a loophole in his task of simply rendering Maria unable to use magic anymore. Why is it that she lost her powers though? Maybe she was too shocked at being attacked by Galfa? Ono Yuuki though sounding more varied (i.e. less like Kagami in Kuroko) in being evil, I thought he didn’t sound harsh and rough enough if that makes sense?

What’s not going by quick enough is of course Bernard being trumped by Gilbert whom he appointed magistrate of the Inquisition at Ann’s village. Gilbert’s a good seed, doing what he deems right by the book and insisting on a proper trial for Maria. He even got her a doctor for what I’m assuming is treatment and not to ascertain whether or not her purity’s intact. I just can’t imagine Gilbert doing that, Bernard maybe but not Gilbert. So Bernard’s appointment of Gilbert’s backfiring at this important juncture when the English have regrouped to launch an attack on the French again. Too bad Gilbert. Although with that existential breakdown I’m not sure what truly matters to Gilbert now… why’s he kissing Maria’s foot and in a way that sent Bernard into an audible gasp? I’m quite sure it’s not sexual, or is it…

Ann’s of course understandably upset. Martha’s had to throw a stone at Maria just to save her and her family’s skin from the church of the land. It’s good of Maria to nod and that Martha understood the hint to just throw it anyway. Maria’s just such a good soul because like she said, she doesn’t like seeing others suffer. So stand on your own two feet people and do something about things on earth! So what if Archangel Michael’s blindingly bright entrance against Viv meant him/her/it turning into a giant weapon magnet, it’s the fight on earth that truly matters. Which side are you going to be on Joseph?


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