Makura no Danshi: Episode 03

#3: 音楽男子 – Ongaku danshi

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Just as I was lamenting the very existence of this anime to my fellow writers because all one really needs is the audio right? Why add a visual element to it right? Then THIS episode of Hosoyan’s musical boy shows up on our screens this week and just all on its own, built a case for why Makura no Danshi does need an anime. Don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely dislike this guy. DISLIKE.

I’m not a fan of the blonde ones but I’ll give him credit cos he’s got purple eyelashes. But seriously, first impressions count and this one’s just eww. I mean he just screams “tacky cad” to me, in spite of all my love for Hosoya Yoshimasa. That proud as a frickin’ peacock attitude, that air of arrogance and maybe it’s required for violinists to have that stance but this guy’s pose just annoyed the hell out of me. He’s so full of himself! So from outside in and inside out this week’s pillow boy makes me want to suffocate him with a pillow instead. And that’s why the visual part added to the (anger) engagement of this particular audience member at least.

Then I hoped that ok, if he’s musical boy then at least if he’s like Chiaki-senpai from Nodame no Cantabile, his arrogance is forgivable if he’s actually good. So boy was I livid when he insisted I keep my eyes open (notwithstanding that I’m suppose to be sleeping) to take in all his glorious beauty as he serenades a tune that I’m oh just so privileged to hear, then I get nothing. EMPTY! NOTHING! To make things worse he imagines he’s playing in front of a full concert hall audience and I’m to sear his tune into my soul – a tune of silence.

Best part was the devil’s servant showing up in it’s child cartoon hand-drawn revelry. As is most cliche and a top trope, the proud violinist is afraid of the 8-legged one and cowers under the piano bench, which provided little but some comfort to my thus far exasperation at this short 5-min anime (the OP really is the highlight this week, yet again lol). Admittedly I feel absolutely the same way about this devil’s servant so I shouldn’t laugh at the guy. Conversely, his inability to admit his fear over the 8-legged one (see, I can’t even type its name cos I’m still reeling in shock from one I saw last night) and his eventual blushing over wanting to spend the night together (so I can protect him of course), did altogether redeem the guy a little. It’s weird how girls like arrogance in a guy, ESPECIALLY when coupled with an irrational fear over something such as this devil’s servant (if I remember correctly, Chiaki-senpai has a fear of that-insect-that-can-survive-a-nuclear-bomb).

Hosoyan’s Hosoyan so to me he can do no wrong, even as he gets very close to crossing that line in this episode. I loved his tsun-arrogance in No. 6 but ultimately I still prefer his reliable captain voice in Kuroko and his overly-protective but damn loyal Daryun in Arslan Senki so thankfully his turn in Makura no Danshi is so so short-lived!



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