Gangsta.: Episode 02

Act. 02 – Hundemarken

Gangsta ep 2 - image 01 Gangsta ep 2 - image 02 Gangsta ep 2 - image 03 Gangsta ep 2 - image 04 Gangsta ep 2 - image 05 Gangsta ep 2 - image 06 Gangsta ep 2 - image 07 Gangsta ep 2 - image 08 Gangsta ep 2 - image 09 Gangsta ep 2 - image 10 Gangsta ep 2 - image 11 Gangsta ep 2 - image 12 Gangsta ep 2 - image 13 Gangsta ep 2 - image 14 Gangsta ep 2 - image 15 Gangsta ep 2 - image 16 Gangsta ep 2 - image 17 Gangsta ep 2 - image 18 Gangsta ep 2 - image 19 Gangsta ep 2 - image 20 Gangsta ep 2 - image 21 Gangsta ep 2 - image 22 Gangsta ep 2 - image 23 Gangsta ep 2 - image 24 Gangsta ep 2 - image 25 Gangsta ep 2 - image 26 Gangsta ep 2 - image 27 Gangsta ep 2 - image 28 Gangsta ep 2 - image 29 Gangsta ep 2 - image 30

Can Nicolas get anymore badass? Why yes, yes he can.

As the title indicates, this episode was about the Tagshundemarken is literally german for dog tags. And so, it was a feature on Nicolas and his badassery. As if he didn’t already leave quite the impression when he kicked that police car in the previous episode, this week Nicolas definitely captivated with his fighting prowess. Ohmigawd he’s so cool~~~ *swoons* I am awed by the confidence he has in taking down his opponents. Of course, the fact that Nicolas was aware of his Tag ranking/grade before they started fighting probably boosted his ego a little, but with good reason! Clearly, Nicolas is a force to be reckoned with. Anyone noticed the scar on his back? There’s just this thing about badass dudes with scars that makes them even cooler. Eh, it’s odd but that’s the truth *nods* Okay okay, I guess the thing that really got to me, is his sword. Swords are, to me, just oh so awe-inspiring. What can I say? I have always held the samurai in high regard.

Evidently, Nicolas is not the only badass in town, because the doctor was not to be outshined. What does one do when bad guys try to attack one’s nurse? Paralyse them with injections of course. Hah that menacing glare, if looks could kill… this town is so immensely messed up, that even the bad guys are afraid of their supposed victims. Just goes to show how much one has to rough up to be able to tough it out. Speaking of which, poor Alex! She has only just begun working for the Handymen and is already directly complicit to the Handymen’s assassination jobs (Noto Mamiko during that pretend pickup scene, here’s me kyaa-ing for you). However, she really is holding her own extremely well, what with all that she is going through.

One thing that really stood out was how afraid of Nicolas she was throughout the entire episode, a fear that was amplified after Worick’s explanation of what the Tags really are. While the dog tags serve their purpose as a form of identification, they also function as a warning. In other words, beware of the Tags. And from the way Nicolas, who has what seems to be the highest possible ranking for a Tag, fought, it does seem wise to steer clear of the Tags. In spite of their bad rep, little Nina for one is not afraid of Nicolas, and it seems that this is due to the Twilights. No further explanation on that, but surely it is something to take note of.

After all that’s said and done, just being a Tag does not make one invincible, because there are bigger bads out there, as we saw at the end of the episode just how warped this town is. Something sinister is afoot. Then again, something always is. Especially in the town of Ergastulum. More on that next week.


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