Working!!!: Episode 02

愛の嵐 – The Storm of Love

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Cue new character, Minegishi – he who makes the Takanashi siblings tick. What has this poor soul done to offend the Takanashis, such that there would be an age restriction to meeting the guy? Well for starters, he is an employee of the Takanashi siblings’ estranged mother, and his visits mean that they would have to provide him with updates on the happenings in their lives. For another, with a penchant for pain, he is a self-proclaimed, loud and proud ドM (extreme masochist).

But honestly, for the siblings to avoid him like the plague, he has to be quite the creep, hasn’t he? As it turns out, he is just the dodgy dude that everyone tries to keep a distance from. While ex-husbands / ex brothers-in-law are one thing, those who are creepy and masochistic and still remain part of the family (so to speak) would cause quite the disturbance to the siblings’ daily lives. So I guess it is understandable that the mere mention of the guy would result in the usually level headed and responsible Kazue-neesan having violent tendencies, and cause her to go as far as to offer defending Takanashi-kun in court if he beat Minegishi up too bad. Seriously, Minegishi is so obsessed with pain; he would even resort to insulting their mother so as to elicit verbal abuse from Kazue (who is now his ex-wife. Yes, even now he still does!). What a perv.

Distasteful as Minegishi’s preferences are, I did enjoy this new addition to the Working!!! gang. Considering how he managed to bring so much humour while still managing to keep his creepiness level maxed out (even outshining Takanashi-kun’s creepiness this episode, brava…), this was a very good debut episode for Minegishi. Of course, the fact that he is voiced by Yusa Kouji just makes it all the more delightful. Oh yusa, it’s been awhile~

In other news, we learn how exceedingly short-sighted Takanashi-kun is. To have to rely on sounds to get by, and even go within an inch of Inami before figuring out who she was (by her orange hair and body temperature). Sucks to be him without his glasses… Speaking of, how great is it that she did not punch him? Oh, the power of young infatuation.

Possibly the best thing that happened this episode (yes, other than ドM yusa), was that Satou actually kind of almost asked Todoroki on a date! *cheers* alas, the celebratory feelings were short-lived, because while he did muster up the courage to ask her out for drinks, he failed to specify the date and time. Oh Souma, I can totally understand your frustration and impatience! But that is no way to go butting into Satou’s life. The boy is too shy to admit his feelings, so let’s just leave him be. Not that I did not love Souma’s outburst, because, HiroC~~ kyuuu~~~n.

Darn, this is why kiseki loves this show. It’s so random and silly and oh all the lovely voices. Anyway, to round things up, just a quick comment on the new ED. Performed by Satou (OnoD), Souma (HiroC) and Takanashi (Junjun), it is unfortunate that it really doesn’t quite have the energy that the ED from the first season – Go to Heart Edge – has. Ohwells. Till next week~


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