Makura no Danshi: Episode 01

#1: めりぃ(いつもそばで眠りを見守る優しい存在)– Merry (there’s always a gentle presence watching over me while I sleep)

Makura no Danshi OP - image 01 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 01 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 02 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 03 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 04 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 05 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 06 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 07 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 08 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 09 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 10 Makura no Danshi ep 1 - image 11 Makura no Danshi OP - image 02 Makura no Danshi OP - image 03 Makura no Danshi OP - image 04 Makura no Danshi OP - image 05 Makura no Danshi OP - image 06 Makura no Danshi OP - image 07 Makura no Danshi OP - image 08 Makura no Danshi OP - image 09 Makura no Danshi OP - image 10 Makura no Danshi OP - image 11 Makura no Danshi OP - image 12 Makura no Danshi OP - image 13 Makura no Danshi OP - image 14

Alrighty, it’s time for some pillow talk ☆~(ゝ。∂)

Makura no Danshi – an anime entirely in the first person perspective, designed to ‘heal tired hearts’ (kiseki comment: *coughs* right…). The series will feature one makura no danshi (pillow boy) each week, making it 12 boys in total. And yes, you guessed it – each episode will feature a different “type”, to cater to the different preferences out there. It certainly is right up the otome game type alley.

So, thoughts! This episode opens with 「お帰り。ご飯にする?お風呂にする?それとも、僕と寝る?」 (Okaeri. Gohan ni suru? Orufo ni suru? Soretomo, boku to neru? – Welcome home. Would you like dinner? Or a bath? Or would you prefer… sleeping with me?). Mmhmm, I kid you not. How does one NOT eye-roll or dissolve into giggles?! This really… is not something that I would usually go for. In fact, I hadn’t even considered watching this (or noticed it actually… lol). So why is kiseki writing? Well, Akatsuki saw the first episode and proposed that we co-cover this show. Having 12 boys means 12 different seiyuus, and we are seiyuu lovers after all. We have, for the most part, picked our seiyuus. And while we have the voices, and we know what the characters look like (no worries, kiseki took the liberty of screencapping the OP), we have not yet put the voices to the characters (AN: okay, only I haven’t put voice to character. So bring on the surprises!). So who ends up with which character, only time will tell~ oh the possible permutations and combinations.

And while on the topic of the OP, why is there a child?! Oh dear…

But I digress. This week’s episode features Merry, voiced by darling Hanae Natsuki. What type is he? Well, that I am really not sure. Maybe the soothing yet playful type? I mean, the boy offers a massage – to the shoulders, the lower back or the bum. The bum would get stiff he says. Right… (fans of Hanae would have so called bluff on his “I’m not ecchi”, and kiseki says this with reference to a certain DnA Christmas Special Love Jenga Game) So anyway, Merry has a very pastel strawberries & cream colour theme going on which is just so gentle on the eyes. And Hanae delivers his lines to perfection, in that at once light and heavy tone of his. There might only be four minutes to an episode, but Hanae certainly showed off his voice-acting prowess, with smooth transitions from calm to shy to reassuring to playful.

The best thing about this was definitely the OP. Composed by Ooishi Masayoshi, one can just totally tell it is his work because of the sheer energy and playfulness that the song exuded. Ooishi uses one of his signature instruments, the trumpet, to really bring that extra oomph to the song. It is so full of life and colour, with the lyrics, 僕と寝ましょうよ (boku to nemashou yo – sleep with me), adding that much more cheekiness and audacity. Hanae definitely did the song justice, and I could just sense the smirk he probably was wearing while singing it. While I am not a fan of Hanae songs, I have to admit I definitely enjoyed his rendition of this song. He sounds very decent, sans the nasal undertone and all. I believe the rest of the seiyuus will be singing the same song, so it’ll be a competition of who sings it best! Hehehe fun (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

And that’s all from me this week. Abrupt, yes. No matter, this is a review of a series about boys doing pillow talk. So let’s dispense with the formalities shall we? Till the next character~~


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