Working!!!: Episode 01

ワグナリア戦線異状なし – Wagnaria Front Line, no Abnormalities

Working S3 OP

A hearty warm welcome back to the motley Wagnaria crew, as Working!!! returns for a third season.

It feels as if no times has passed at all (it has been four years oh gosh!) since the previous season, as the wacky Working!!! characters get up to the their usual, nonsensical antics. It was the same old same old with the gang, seriously, pretty much nothing’s changed. And as the title suggests, the gang is as quirky and ridiculous as ever – so yes, no abnormalities there at all.

Working S3 ep 1 - image 01 Working S3 ep 1 - image 02 Working S3 ep 1 - image 03 Working S3 ep 1 - image 04 Working S3 ep 1 - image 05 Working S3 ep 1 - image 06 Working S3 ep 1 - image 07 Working S3 ep 1 - image 08 Working S3 ep 1 - image 09 Working S3 ep 1 - image 10 Working S3 ep 1 - image 11 Working S3 ep 1 - image 12 Working S3 ep 1 - image 13 Working S3 ep 1 - image 14 Working S3 ep 1 - image 15 Working S3 ep 1 - image 16 Working S3 ep 1 - image 17 Working S3 ep 1 - image 18 Working S3 ep 1 - image 19 Working S3 ep 1 - image 20 Working S3 ep 1 - image 21 Working S3 ep 1 - image 22 Working S3 ep 1 - image 23 Working S3 ep 1 - image 24 Working S3 ep 1 - image 25

Takanashi (Fukuyama Jun) – still in love with little things *cough paedophile cough*. Popura (Asumi Kana) – still ever so ickle and adorable and being bullied by Satou. Satou (Ono Daisuke) – still in love with Todoroki. Todoroki (Kitamura Eri) – still obsessed with Kyouko and oblivious to Satou’s feelings for her. Souma (Kamiya Hiroshi) – still antagonising Satou. Inami (Fujita Saki) – as fearful of boys as ever. Yamada (Hirohashi Ryou) – still clumsy and preoccupied with putting together her ‘perfect family’. Otoo (Nakata Jouji) – still looking for his lost wife.

However, the jokes are neither old nor lost, because somehow the repeated humour works for this show so well. One would think after an entire season, the lost should just be found already. But no, they are far from finding or being found (Otoo’s wife has mad ninja skills, that she does. And Yamada’s brother (Hino Satoshi) is as dense as ever. Same goes for all Wagnaria staff that have met him and have not realised that he is Yamada’s brother). I guess the refreshing thing about these ongoing jokes comes from the fact that the writers have put a new spin on things – searching for lost people in a bush. Seriously? No I’m not kidding, silly as it sounds, it was actually depicted in quite a funny way. Who’d have thought something that totally screams slapstick would have such potential for laughs?

The first episode proved to be a good dose of light and fluffy humour. The seiyuus are back and absolutely killing it with the delivery of their lines (how do they not crack up in mid sentence? Yeah, professionals…). So anyway, if not for the seiyuus, or the characters, or the adorableness, just watch this because of how mindless it is. What better cure to the hangover that is work than to watch a relaxing show about working, in which the characters don’t really seem to be working at all?

Working!!! airs Saturdays, 2430 hours (i.e. Sundays at 0.30 a.m.). This is with reference to Japan time, GMT +9 hours.


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