Gangsta.: Episode 01

Act. 01 – Naughty Boys

Gangsta OPPrepare yourself for drugs, sex, violence and everything naughty in between, as Gangsta. hits our television screens. If this first episode is any indication of what this season is going to be like, then kiseki says we are in for one enticingly hot Summer 2015.

An anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Kohske and produced by Manglobe (think Samurai Champloo, Deadman Wonderland, Ergo Proxy), this series is full on mafia, druggies, prostitutes, dirty cops, and underhanded deals. As MyAnimeList so accurately states, “In the city of Ergastulum, a shady ville filled with made men and petty thieves, whores on the make and cops on the take, there are some deeds too dirty for even its jaded inhabitants to touch”. Nicolas and Worick, known as the Handymen, take care of such odd jobs that nobody else would want to deal with.

This opening episode introduced us to our Handymen, and my oh my was it an eye opener indeed – gorgeous graphics, stylistic setting, artistic animation, compelling characters and that whole mysterious mafia thing going on, this first episode has got the attention grabbing thing down pat. You know it’s going to be a good one when the series opens with a killer OP, and Gangsta. had that to boot. Granted, the song by itself is not much to write home about, but when coupled with the OP sequence, it really was magic. The blocks of colour on the characters is very reminiscent of the Noragami OP sequence, and it had that same gritty and grunge vibe going on. I always believe that having a good OP or ED can do wonders for a series, and this definitely rings true for Gangsta.. okay, kiseki shall stop the OP gushing here.

Having seen this first episode, I have to admit that I have no idea what this show is about. But that doesn’t matter really, because storyline aside, the show itself really is quite the treat – the visuals are stunning and the atmosphere that the series evokes is quite different from other shows out there, making it quite mesmerising. If not for the art, or the story, there are still many reasons to watch the show. Here’re three more: Suwabe Junichi, Tsuda Kenjirou and Noto Mamiko. Suwabe (shion’s favourite) sounds sexy as always, while Noto Mamiko sounds as wispy and delicate as ever. Then there is Tsudaken. Kiseki confesses to having quite the massive-oh-so-not-discreet crush on Tsudaken (he’s hot okay? That’s reason enough!), so of course hearing him in any show is going to be :D

But I digress. So the characters… the most striking thing about this series is that one of the protagonists is deaf – extremely rare in anime world (at least, it is to me, having never come across an anime with a deaf protagonist before this). I have to admit, it was quite disappointing and exasperating when I first learnt that Nicolas is deaf, because being deaf usually means that there would not be much chance for the character to speak (and after 15 minutes of ‘Aaahs’ and grunts from Nicolas, I really was starting to despair). However, do not set yourself up for disappointment, because Nicolas does speak towards the end. And seriously Tsudaken, what a veteran~

Anyway, like I said, don’t really know what’s going on at the moment. But I do expect the pieces will gradually fall into place. I for one am placing this firmly on my watching list.

Gangsta. airs Wednesdays, 2644hours (i.e. 2.44 a.m. on Thursdays). This is with reference to Japan time, GMT +9 hours.

~no particular challenge for covering Gangsta., kiseki is just in for one hell of a joyride. Summer 2015 is officially a go (^_−)−☆

Gangsta ep 1 - image 01 Gangsta ep 1 - image 02 Gangsta ep 1 - image 03 Gangsta ep 1 - image 04 Gangsta ep 1 - image 05 Gangsta ep 1 - image 06 Gangsta ep 1 - image 07 Gangsta ep 1 - image 08 Gangsta ep 1 - image 09 Gangsta ep 1 - image 10 Gangsta ep 1 - image 11 Gangsta ep 1 - image 12 Gangsta ep 1 - image 13 Gangsta ep 1 - image 14 Gangsta ep 1 - image 15 Gangsta ep 1 - image 16 Gangsta ep 1 - image 17 Gangsta ep 1 - image 18 Gangsta ep 1 - image 19 Gangsta ep 1 - image 20 Gangsta ep 1 - image 21 Gangsta ep 1 - image 22 Gangsta ep 1 - image 23 Gangsta ep 1 - image 24 Gangsta ep 1 - image 25 Gangsta ep 1 - image 26 Gangsta ep 1 - image 27 Gangsta ep 1 - image 28 Gangsta ep 1 - image 29 Gangsta ep 1 - image 30 Gangsta ep 1 - image 31 Gangsta ep 1 - image 32 Gangsta ep 1 - image 33 Gangsta ep 1 - image 34 Gangsta ep 1 - image 35


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