Yesterday wo Kazoete

Yesterday wo Kazoete (1)

Title: Yesterday wo Kazoete (イエスタデイをかぞえて)
Original work by: Aya Chiharu (Novel)
Release date: 2015年01月28日
Length: 02:33:23
Cast: Okitsu Kazuyuki x Yoshino Hiroyuki (興津和幸 x吉野裕行)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural
Drama translation: None
Synopsis: After his death, Mishima was given one last wish to make and he chose to re-live the last year of his life – just before he met his lover, Tsubaki – so that he could choose not to become lovers with Tsubaki. Although he made his choice so that Tsubaki wouldn’t suffer alone in sadness after Mishima’s death, avoiding Tsubaki turned out to be harder than Mishima thought.


When I first started on this drama, I couldn’t stop. It’s the pull of knowing something tragic is about to happen and being curious about how it’s going to unfold. Although this wasn’t the Yamanaka Hiko work I was looking forward to hearing, but Aya Chiharu’s Yesterday wo Kazoete still reminded me terribly of 500 nen no Itonami – probably because one of the main characters die right at the start. Needless to say, I was not exactly happy with the convenient happy ending our boys got.

Yesterday wo Kazoete (3)

Story & Plot

Yesterday wo Kazoete had a promising start, with the death of Mishima and a heart-broken lover who was left behind. Mishima was brought to some other space (at least that’s what it sounded like) and in front of two death gods, who promised to grant him a last wish. It was rather clichéd, but Mishima chose to re-live the last year of his life. At first it sounded as though he wanted to redo his entire life, but we found out that he only wanted the second chance to ensure that he doesn’t become lovers with Tsubaki so that he doesn’t leave Tsubaki behind when he dies. I thought it was a rather heroic gesture on Mishima’s part, because it’s obvious that Mishima will be the one who suffers during that one year he’s about to re-live.

The emotional aspect of the one year Mishima re-lived was very much downplayed, and I wanted to hear more of Mishima’s feelings as he struggled with distancing himself from Tsubaki, who was doing everything to make it difficult. Instead, it sounded like Mishima was rather numbed to the entire thing and it just didn’t feel like this drama was stretched to reach its potential. So no matter how hard Mishima tried, he couldn’t prevent Tsubaki from falling in love with him or getting closer to him. Is this what they call destiny? To his knowledge, his most significant point of contact with Tsubaki was a year ago during that fateful goukon. But little did he know, and I’m rather curious as to why he hasn’t found out yet, he met Tsubaki long ago during university exams and made the latter fall in love with him then. Rather than fate or destiny, this might be the real reason why he failed to deter Tsubaki.

The ending was somewhat a let-down because, in Tsubaki’s words, the situation turned out too convenient for the both of them. I did enjoy the twist which came when the death god said that it was a Labrador which wished for their happiness though. And the final twist that the two death gods were actually Mishima and Tsubaki themselves was surprising but I’m not sure if it was even necessary. I just knew that there was something up with the two of them when the gentler death god started speaking to the other rougher one. It became obvious that Mishima was the second death god when he said “you’re annoying” in that unique tone of his.

The second story tells about things from Tsubaki’s point of view, and we get to hear the version of the story if Mishima had really died. Tsubaki lived like a robot for a while before reality finally sank in that Mishima had passed on and he carried on with his daily lives while struggling to accept the fact that Mishima will never be by his side. Nevertheless, just like how Mishima predicted, he never regretted meeting or falling in love with Mishima because Mishima was the one who saved him from his twisted life on the day of the university entrance exams.

It really hurt to listen to how Tsubaki struggled to accept the fact that his other half is no longer around, and I couldn’t help imagining if that had happened to me. It was a somber moment when you’ll want to never argue over petty things with the ones you love ever again because when the unexpected happens, it will be all too late. One of the most emotional scenes was the scene when Tsubaki ran over to Mishima’s apartment, pressing the doorbell desperately, after hearing what Hasegawa had to say. It brought to mind the heartbreaking scene in PS I LOVE YOU, when the female protagonist continually called her deceased husband’s phone just to hear his voice. I think this sort of scenes are really impactful and if I were to ever write a story involving the passing away of a lover, I’d definitely add in some sort of scene where the character just keeps trying to call deceased lover, or rings the doorbell of the deceased’s house.

Just when we thought that the entire story was going to be a total flashback about the time Tsubaki lived without Mishima, we returned to the “present” with death god Mishima’s voice soothing Tsubaki, after the entire death god fiasco in volume 1.

Yesterday wo Kazoete (4)

Characters & Seiyuu

Okitsu Kazuyuki and Yoshino Hiroyuki are definitely not people I’m familiar with – I just decided to listen to Yesterday wo Kazoete purely based on how I liked the sound of the title. On hindsight, both of them did great though I didn’t really enjoy the drama particularly because of the voice acting, the drama wouldn’t have been half as emotional and moving without them seiyuus’ brilliant acting.

Yesterday wo Kazoete (2)


Somehow, I really wanted the whole story to be a mixture of flashback to the time Mishima met Tsubaki, and how Mishima struggled during the one year to not show concern for his lover before his inevitable death. It would have been a tragedy and that’s exactly what I was in the mood for. It was still a good drama though, just not quite my cup of tea. In conclusion, you should go for it if you’re okay with sad dramas and don’t worry about sad endings because the ending to this drama can’t be any happier.


One thought on “Yesterday wo Kazoete

  1. I’ve only listened to half of the first cd so far but i already shed a manly tear when mishima started crying. This story will destroy me oh god

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