Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Episode 22 – Final

春風 – Spring Wind

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Called it. Totally called it. kiseki would like to refer anyone who’s reading this to the episode 03 review, wherein I mentioned that Kaori was probably going to die while Kousei performed. Called it. Therefore, since this was to be expected, Kaori’s departure came as no surprise.

What I did not expect, however, was that lie of hers. I do believe there was much speculation as to what that lie was. For the most part, I thought it was Kaori telling Kousei that she would be there for him. Wrong on all accounts. Well, kind of. Anyway, this final episode finally revealed what said lie was. And it was good, oh gosh was it good. On hindsight, this series stayed true to its title. The entire of this series, from episode one all the way till the revelation, really was Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Your Lie in April.

The first half of the episode focused on Kousei’s performance of the Chopin Ballade, and it was more a treat for the ears than it was for the eyes, as viewers got to listen to almost the entire piece. While I can’t say much about the animation (pictures were reused, lots of repetition going on), I guess the scenes were rather visually powerful, in that they showcased Kousei’s admiration and love for Kaori, as well as the deep connection that the both of them share. His feelings for her really are sincere, feelings that I am sure everyone who has seen this episode is certain Kaori had for Kousei as well. The both of them have certainly grown as the series progressed, and so has their relationship. And their little duet most definitely made Kaori’s departure all the more heart wrenching. Just look at the tears streaming down Kousei’s face as he played the final notes of the ballade.

Speaking of final, this final episode finished off in a very special way, courtesy of the acoustic version of the ED, Orange by 7!!. While I have always enjoyed the normal ED, this acoustic version was just all kinds of lurrrvely. The combination of the melancholic guitar and melodic vocals is hauntingly beautiful and definitely left a very lasting impression (kiseki is guilty of listening to it while writing this review. And trying to hold back them tears just thinking of the end credits…). It is such a bittersweet song, which just fits this series to a tee.

Final thoughts

Of course, I can’t end this final episode without a shoutout to the lovely seiyuus who brought this show to life. Hanae Natsuki, Taneda Risa, Oosaka Ryouta (whose character, unfortunately, was rather redundant), Sakura Ayane, Hayami Saori, Kaji Yuuki, Kayano Ai, Sonozaki Mie and Noto Mamiko were all spectacular in their respective roles, Hanae and Taneda in particular. I do think I would have felt half as much for these characters were it not for the array of emotions that these talented seiyuus managed to portray.

And my takeaway from this series? Carpe diem (seize the day). Cliché as it may be, this really was the final impression that I got. In the final revelation, we found out that Kaori had known all along that time was not on her side. So she decided to live to the fullest – a most wise decision. Why waste time moping and feeling sorry? She threw caution to the wind and decided to do things her way. And I completely love her for being so bold, because that was what pulled Kousei out from the bottom of his deep dark lonely sea and that was what painted his world colourful once again.

For all the complaints I have been making about emotions flying all over the place and the tiresome (unrequited) love woes that our teenage protagonists were experiencing, I have to admit that this was a beautiful series and I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster ride that it put viewers through. If you like classical music, the shoujo genre and a touching, bittersweet story beautifully presented with stunning visuals (the colourful, lush scenery and them painfully detailed facial expressions) and heartfelt voice acting, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is definitely one series to watch.

Classical music heard. Chopin Ballade in G Minor Op. 23. Click ♪ ♫ to listen~

KimiUso ep 22 - image 36


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