Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 09

“The Day Is Short, The Work Is Long”

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Very much an episode full of running where some things happen but nothing gets resolved. A typical Drrr episode, after all! ^^


Right, I have to say that I actually enjoyed this episode because while the previous one left a lot of people feeling a little anxious and apprehensive about the fate of our favourite characters, this episode was far more light-hearted and even a tad bit funny at some parts.

Basically, poor Shizuo has been framed for three Amakusu murders – not Saitama murders, my bad – but the higher ups of Amakusu, namely Shiki, are a little smarter than that and find the whole thing a tad too obvious, so at least one of them is giving Shizuo the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t stop him from being wanted by a whole bunch of people, including Amakusu and Saitama. He’s a very popular guy at the moment, and Izaya looks far from done with him.

Onto the juicy parts, Mikado is still being pressured into becoming the leader of the Blue Squares by Aoba, who practically locks him in the warehouse and teases – read: threatens – going to meet Anri without him. And we all know how sweet Mikado is on Anri, so that’s definitely not happening under his watch. Mikado himself is extremely – and understandably – skeptical about this whole thing, but Aoba has his own suspicions as he wonders why his senpai isn’t acting quite like himself, and pegs it down to Izaya probably having said something in order to set Aoba up. Which begs the question; how does Aoba know Izaya and vice versa? I think they’re going to have to address that question soon, as the two are too similar for this to be a mere coincidence, and even Celty, from her little hiding spot, is uncertain about this kid.

Her cover gets blown when Shinra calls her, though, Shiki and a number of other Amakusu guys having gone to his place where they found out that Akane was in his custody at least until recently. Yet another one of the brilliant interconnectivity of this show, which I enjoy! In addition, a group of Saitama bikers attacks whom they think are the Dollars and Aoba swiftly shouts out at everyone to listen to their ‘Big Leader’, Mikado, which effectively elects him as the leader of the Blue Squares and outs his position as creator of the Dollars to the Saitama group, much to his shock and horror. Well, you’ve got to give it to Aoba for seizing the opportunity!

So now everyone’s in some kind of chase or fight as Celty and Mikado leave the scene and run towards where Celty and Akane are waiting in the train station. Unfortunately for them, Amakusu turns up and tries to take Akane back home, only for the Saitama bikers to fall in as well, demanding they give the ‘kid’ to them. Of course Amakusu thinks they’re talking about Akane, whom they immediately give to Celty to look after as they get into a physical brawl with Saitama, and poor, poor Celty is left to flee with Akane, Mikado and Anri while everything else goes up in comical flames.

Not bad for a Drrr episode, in the end! The speedy scene jumps and the dramatic humour were all part and parcel of the first season thus giving this episode a really nostalgic feel. I love how neatly messy Drrr always is, with so many things happening at once and yet they all tie together in the end.

Brilliant stuff and only a few more episodes to go and so many questions to be answered! I’m wondering whether they’re going to tie this season off nicely or whether it’s going to end up segueing into the third season come summer…hmmm~ I suppose for those of you who’ve read the novels, you’ll know, but thoughts, anybody?


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