Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Episode 19

さよならヒーロー – Goodbye, hero

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Get ready for the revolution~

They couldn’t have chosen a more fitting piece for Takeshi to perform. Composed some time during the November Uprising, Op. 10 No. 12 has been famously dubbed the Revolutionary Etude as many believe that the fall of Warsaw served as Chopin’s motivation to create such a dramatic and intense piece of music. Whether this is true or not, one listen to this piece and one would undoubtedly understand why such speculations had arisen. Powerful and passionate, the Revolutionary Etude simply overflows with a resolve so strong, it is almost painful. And those were the feelings that Takeshi was trying to show in his performance. He had “declared war” on Kousei and this piece signalled his return to the battle field (i.e. the stage). Said return came at a price – for him to no longer be slighted by the likes of Kousei. Kousei’s performance several episodes back greatly affected the blond boy, and having picked himself back up he was determined not to lose out again. With this performance, Takeshi was bidding a reluctant farewell to the one who had inspired him to play the piano, a goodbye to his hero.

I loved the transition that Takeshi went through this episode, from such intense emotions to the touching, heartfelt goodbye at the end. While it was rather sad that he said goodbye to his hero (the way Kaji Yuuki managed to convey all those emotions in but two lines… wow), it was quite the relief to see him mature over the past few episodes (darn this show and the way it manages to get emotions flying all over the place). From the character that was affected to the one who made the impact, the effect that Kousei has on others is simply astounding, and he still doesn’t realise it. His fellow competitors aren’t the only ones whom he made an impression on, because we saw during the first half of the episode what an inspiration he has been for his beloved Kaori as well.

Kousei might feel like he hasn’t done anything worth being thanked for, but Kaori’s parents definitely think otherwise. Because Kousei devotion reached out to Kaori, she decided to struggle as hard as she can to fight for her life. She made a promise with Kousei, a promise that they would perform together again. Thereafter, she steeled her resolve (see, isn’t Chopin’s piece simply perfect for this episode?), even going as far as to opt for that very risky surgery, and is giving it her all in order to keep that promise. Just like how she transformed his monochrome world into a colourful one, he has also painted her grey and bleak life with colours.

It really is kind of like tit for tat (for lack of a better expression at the moment), but not at all in the negative way. The dynamics between the characters never cease to amaze me, and I very much enjoy how they are played off one another. All in all, it was a beautiful and most touching episode, which showcased KimiUso’s undeniably amazing ability to connect the lives, trials and tribulations of the various characters. I just hope that Kaori’s silver lining doesn’t get obscured by more grey clouds…

Classical music heard. Bach Prelude & Fugue No. 14 in F-Sharp Minor BWV 883. Click ♪ ♫ to listen~ Schubert Sonata in A Minor, D.845. Click ♪ ♫ to listen~ Chopin Etude Op.10 No. 12 in C Minor (Revolutionary Etude). Click ♪ ♫ to listen~


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