Akatsuki no Yona: Episode 21

Spark – 火花

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Yona and Yun snucked onto one of Kumji’s ships and had to do all they could to set off the firework. The spark was set off, but what will become of the two? Honestly, I thought nothing much happened in this episode. Although it ended with a cliffhanger, I didn’t find myself as entertained or moved during this episode, as I was during the pre-Jaeha arc.

Yona’s fury
It has been a while, but we got to see Yona’s fiery eyes when Kumji was rough towards her. On the deck when she pointed her bow and arrow at the officials, her eyes also had that signature glint of wildness in them and it didn’t fail to scare the officials. Although I thought things happened too conveniently for Yona this episode – how she found the bow and arrow just sitting there and waiting for her to use, how she managed to dash into the midst of everyone to grab the fireworks stick from Yun and dash out of the gang – I guess it could be reasoned with the fact that she’s some reincarnation of King Hiryuu and that she was lucky. Sometimes, if you think too much while watching this sort of action animes, it won’t be enjoyable anymore.

Yun’s selflessness
I’ve never thought that Yun was as selfish and self-centered as he made himself out to be, because I’ve always found it cute when he scolded Yona “baka, baka!” whenever she got him worrying. However, this was one huge step for Yun as we saw him volunteering to take Yona’s place in front of Kumji – an action which earned him a beating. He continued to get further injured when he acted as the distraction when Yona and the other girl were about to get captured. Although he was saved by Yona in the end, it was obvious that he was prepared to sacrifice himself just to light the firework. It’s rather impressive that he would go to such lengths just to accomplish a task, which I honestly don’t care that much about.

Jaeha’s feelings
It’s getting rather obvious that Jaeha has some feelings for Yona and it’s not the Hak kind of feelings I’m talking about. We got a mild dosage of the comedy and entertainment I was looking for during the scene where it was revealed that Jaeha had dark eye circles from worrying about Yona and Yun. Kija also got rather happy about how Jaeha has progressed from a rebellious dragon who refused to accept his fate, to one who would lose sleep while worrying over Yona’s safety. Although I’m slightly unwilling to attribute Jaeha’s worrying to his dragon blood in him, I guess we don’t need another love rival in this Hak-Yona-Soo Won thing do we?

Lighting the fireworks
I don’t think I need to reiterate on how convenient things turned out for Yona, but she was finally able to light the fireworks, at the expense of Yun and herself of course. At first it came across as them doing way too much just to light the stupid firework, which looked like a thin useless stick. But when I look at it in a more macro point of view, they’re the most important cog in the entire plan to not just rescue the trafficked girls, but to overthrow Yan Kumji. It’s way more than lighting a firework, or rescuing some dozen girls. It’s about saving the whole of Awa from the tyrant of Yan Kumji and if they failed, it’s not just the girls who will get trafficked, the pirates might get crushed (or not, since they have Hak, Kija, Shinah and Jaeha) and the citizens of Awa might get a worse taste of hell from Kumji.

It wasn’t much of a cliffhanger for me and other manga readers, but honestly, we all know that Yona won’t just die like this right? This arc hasn’t been very interesting so far for me, and even Suwabe‘s voice isn’t much of a compensation.


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