Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 07

“Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears” 「モスクワは涙を信じない」

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Not exactly the best or the brightest episode so far, but it did have some very plot-driven moments and marked quite the heavy start for the rest of the season.


We learn a lot more about Vorona in this episode, as well as her background and her roots, and how Simon, Dennis and Egor are all somehow intertwined in her life story. We learn how her father was a famous assassin in Russia and how Vorona first killed a man when she was just a child, and how her father later made Simon and Dennis, who were still in Russia at the time, teach her how to fight and to look after herself. What started out as killing for the approval of her father turned very swiftly into kill because it was fun, and while the first half of the episode wasn’t entirely exciting, I have begun to quite enjoy Vorona’s character and the interesting device she plays as a sort of wrench in the works to many of the characters. It turns out that she was the one who turned up at Anri’s door and made to attack her but she soon finds that she’s got quite the opponent with Anri and Saika. I think the bigger question, though, is who is after Anri in the first place? My first guess would be Shingen, but there could be others out there who know about her secret.

Unfortunately or fortunately – depending on how you look at it – Celty gets involved once again, having tracked Vorona and her partner, Sloan, to Anri’s place, and Celty is nothing if not protective of her friends. Vorona has yet another woman to both fear and begrudgingly admire as Celty proved that she wasn’t quite the disappointing kill she thought she was in the previous episode. But that fear makes her literally bring out the big guns, a weapon that her father, Simon, Dennis and Egor all show a lot of concern over, and when she shoots it at Celty in a moment of rage and panic, Celty escapes but only by the skin of her teeth, and the blast is so loud and big as to be heard by a whole bunch of people including Mikado, Izaya, Egor, Simon and Dennis and Anri, who are piqued by noise. I think that just goes to show how dangerous the weapon is and puts a whole lot of people on guard for what this crazy Russian assassin has brought to Ikebukuro.

Celty and Anri aren’t the only two who’ve been drawn into something sinister; Izaya has once again set his eyes on the abundantly naïve Mikado, who has his own concerns over just how ‘colourless’ the Dollars can be, seeing as there’s been a rise in petty Dollars activity lately. Whether or not it really is the Dollars doing it, I’m not entirely sure, but one thing for sure is that Mikado is yet again another pawn on Izaya’s board and there’s no telling what’s going to happen to him from here on out, especially with the added spanner in the works in the form of Aoba, who’s running his own agenda.

It’s drama all around for everyone and things are looking pretty grim right now. The big question, though, is how is this going to affect everyone and their relationships with those closest to them?


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