Death Parade: Episode 06

Cross Heart Attack「クロス・ハート・アタック」

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Death Parade outdoes itself yet again and so soon too! Dying is no laughing matter but I really couldn’t hold it back this week LOL 

I’m so amused at how different Ginti is from Decim! Halfway through this one-cour anime we’re so used to seeing the way Decim treat his customers respectfully and then we get this brute bartender arbiter who couldn’t care less about his customers. He does a half-ass job of explaining the rules and conveniently forgets to mention some (or all 6), is rude to them (doesn’t offer a drink) and sadistically waits for his human customers to fail. It’s as though he’s a being above the humans and perhaps rightly so but we didn’t feel that with Decim right? Ginti probably sees humans as weak beings, which explains last episode’s outrage at Decim for keeping Kurokami no Onna by his side. But look! Ginti’s got a Kuroneko! And the black cat gets to press on the frickin’ button! Far out lol! I love that cat though~

Every pair of customers we’ve seen so far ends up in some sort of sob story with an outpouring of emotions, testing the boundaries of what makes us humans. It’s usually an emotional train wreck so this viewer especially, kinda braces herself for that sort of emotional scope to come when the lift opens to reveal the episode’s customers. Who knew then that this week we’d get a ridiculously hilarious high school girl Arita Mayu (whom you wouldn’t have guessed is voiced by Zankyou no Terror‘s Risa Tanezaki Atsumi) and boyband C.H.A. (ie. this week’s title Cross Heart Attack) idol & infamous womaniser Harada, voiced by none other than resident blonde baka/prince character seiyuus Miyano Mamoru. It’s as though if a character is blonde, princely/idol and the slightest bit dumb, they cast Mamo! I was half expecting Harada to break into Star Driver‘s ‘galactic bishounen’ when he did a 180 degree twist and turn!

Anyway, morale of the story this week is to either not use a bar of soap to shower or make sure the bar isn’t left lying on the frickin’ floor. How embarrassing it must be to be found dead lying naked on the bathroom tiles having slipped on a bar of soap. It’s just so silly a death and thus one of those accidents you don’t know whether to cry or laugh about. What’s worse is that Mayu decides to let herself fall to her death in an act of “sacrifice” (ok maybe it was out of genuine misguided love for her idol Harada) instead of letting her beloved Harada see her pee in her pink undies. Seriously? What is this gaudy looking high school girl thinking?! The truth is that C.H.A. depends on such high school girls as their core fan base and Harada the scoundrel slept with one such fan, who commits suicide when he nonchalantly breaks their relationship off. How do you expect her sister to not want to plot revenge on you? Though it’s amazing she managed to set a heart-shaped bomb off on Harada. At least he got to sleep with her before she killed him… what a way to go for an idol though pfft!

I really enjoyed this episode which set off nicely with the main setting in Quindecim. The oriental detailing (playing Twister on tatami mats) was a different kind of gorgeous to Quindecim and the overall brighter decor contrasted nicely to show how different things can become when in a different bar and with a different arbiter. We didn’t get to see where Mayu and Harada were sent off though everyone got together to see Harada’s performance – it’s amazing how cheerful the two were even knowing they were dead and in such stupendous fashion too. Harada’s admittance and realisation that he cannot let another fan down probably means regret and so reincarnation is highly likely. Mayu on the other hand, is featured in the OP so fingers crossed for Ginti then that he doesn’t get the ‘noisy one’ as his assistant!

ED Sequence:

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