Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 06

“The Crow In The Dark Night”

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I can’t help but admire how attractive the kanji of the episode title is… More to the point, though, something big is brewing and someone is going to die. Well, I’m not too sure about the last point, but grievous bodily harm seems imminent.


There’s layer upon layer of plot in this episode, but let’s start with poor Celty, who’s just been beheaded – again – and completely knocked off her bike by the elusive blonde assassin. Said assassin, Vorona, and her partner, Sloan, were hired by Yodogiri Jinnai, the former – and supposedly missing – CEO of Hijiribe Ruri’s former entertainment company, to dispose of Celty and kidnap a little girl, Awakusu Akane, the granddaughter of Awakusu Dougen, the head of a local yakuza group. What neither Celty nor Vorona realise, though, is that Celty is under her own contract with Shiki Haruya, working for the Awakusu group, and tasked with finding and protecting little Akane.

To make matters even more complicated, that innocent little Akane was the one who managed to tase Shizuo, who, together with Tom, brought her to none other than Shinra’s place, in order to hide out for a while. Unfortunately for Celty, she was attacked by Vorona before she could find out that her charge was closer than she anticipated. Ugh, I hate when frustrating things like these happen.

In related news, though, Mikado finds out that some members of the Dollars have been attacking and beating up members of the Saitama group, but we really have to ask ourselves whether the Dollars really would do something like that. While Izaya very easily reminds Mikado that the Dollars has always been a colourless, no-rule gang, I find it really hard to believe that the same group who helped out with the Yellow Scarves and Blue Square’s clash would really incite violence like that. Still, it’s got him in a worried state, and it doesn’t help that he’s agreed to take a Aoba up on that Ikebukuro tour together with Anri, despite the fact that Mikado quite explicitly told him not head out into town the following night.

At the end of the episode, though, it looks like Anri has her own problems as the episode cuts off with someone trying to break into her home. There are a handful of people I imagine it could be – ahem, Shingen, you weird and creepy man – but I suppose we’ll have to wait and find out. I’ve no doubt that Anri can handle herself, though with Saika being the tetchy, unpredictable sword she is as of late, I’m wondering whether they’re both not in over their heads right now.

All in all it was a pretty dark, eventful and plotty episode, and the tension keeps mounting and I do believe we’ll hit a breaking point pretty soon. Now we just need to find out where all the players stand.



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