Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 05

“No One Knows What The Future Holds”
「一寸先は闇」- An Inch Ahead Is Darkness

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Shizu-chan really can’t seem to catch a break, and the new gang in town is intent of bringing the Dollars to their warped sense of justice. Once again, Ikebukuro is alight with danger and trouble.


Yet again, this was one of the more disjointed episodes, with our favourite information broker at the centre of all the oncoming chaos. He says very unapologetically that humans have the infinite capacity to do the things they say they’d never do, but also that he’s hardly a master manipulator – we all know that’s the biggest lie of all – but that he just likes to give them a slight push. Oh, Izaya, my dear, I don’t think you know the meaning of slight!

One of the highlights of the episode, for me, were the new characters. Very rarely are new characters seen as conducive to anime plots, especially after we’ve had so long to get to know the original characters. Having said that, Rokujo Chikage – or Rocchi, a his girlfriends loving call him – provides a very real edge of exhilarating danger to the new series, with his volatile character when it comes to men, but his deep sense of valour and chivalry towards the female species. I actually really enjoyed how protective he was of all the women in the episode, and went out of the way to invoke justice on the men who hurt them. He’s a real Don Juan with a delightfully twisted and violent nature. The kicker is that he’s the head of the new gang from Saitama who were chasing Kadota and the group in the previous episode, and who inadvertently picked a fight with none other than Shizu-chan. Much to Shizuo’s surprise, though, it took him four punches to completely knock Rocchi out, which really goes to show that he’s a force to be reckoned with, and that his desire to take out the Dollars isn’t something to be taken lightly. Oh, Mikado. I do hope you’re going to be okay!

In other news, Kida has finally contacted Mikado, but is no longer his usual, snarky self, and there’s a disturbing quiet about him, that even Saki notices. He tries to warn Mikado from heading out the next night and to warn him that the Dollars are in danger, but I’m interested in knowing how he came upon this information. And I do think it’s just about time for him to return to Ikebukuro, in time to see everything go to hell yet again.

A couple more other new characters include the little dark-haired girl, who actually tried to taser Shizuo – seriously, you just can’t catch a break, can you, dear – and a blonde biker who just tried to attack Celty on the road.

Izaya really wasn’t kidding when he said that vacation time was over for all these guys! And the chaos is coming along fast. I foresee quite the explosive clash between everyone and I honestly can’t wait. This series really has a way of making you want nothing bad to happen to your favourite characters, while actively wanting everything to happen. A crazy duality but that’s what the whole show’s about, isn’t it?


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