Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 04

“When in Rome, Do As The Romans Do”

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Hands down one of the best Drrr!! episodes ever.

I was already so excited about everyone coming together in the end and meeting each other and while it didn’t exactly go as I thought it would, it was still amazing. The level of fluidity and the complex connectivity between the characters in this show is just incredible and enthralling to watch and I think this episode really presented that aspect of Drrr!! brilliantly.

It picked up right where the last episode ended, with Mikado getting trussed up by the remnant members of the Yellow Scarves, only for Kadota and the gang to gun it to the rescue. That van saw some serious character action, with Mairu and Kururi in the back with Karisawa and Walker, followed by Mikado, Anri and Aoba, who were quickly ushered inside by Kadota, while Togusa showed off his superb getaway car skills in their retreat from the gang members. It was a full out gang chase on the road, only made bigger by Celty’s own presence as she tried to flee from the media and a gang from out of town.

It was made even better when Celty and Kadota’s passengers grouped up to escape from the massive number of motorcyclists, and then made their stand under a tunnel. That scene was done so well as Mikado and Anri both made Aoba stay with the girls while they tried to help Celty out as best as possible, only for Ruri – or Hollywood – to make an appearance and help out as thanks. Not only that, but it turns out that the body Celty was transporting as part of a job just so happened to be Egor (Igor??), whom Anri accidentally allowed Saika to cut. So now we’ve got pretty much everyone important under a bridge and having an all out gang fight. As I said, best episode EVER.

What I love, though, is the commentary – done by none other than Izaya – who explained how Egor was actually paying the twins back, and was placed in the bag for transport in order so that they could end up meeting Celty. Also, the money that Celty got for taking the job wound up being the same money she’d lost in the first place, and the twins, in a weird, roundabout way, ended up giving her back what she’d lost. As Shinra told her, everything would eventually come full circle and it did! Although when one thing comes to an end, something else begins and Izaya’s got his eye on the whole bunch of new ‘sparks’ that he’d like to light up and bring an end to their extended holiday.

Something new is happening, starting with the arrival of the unknown gangs, and we’ve also got Aoba’s obvious obsession with Mikado. I’m so intrigued by that whole situation, as Aoba somehow knows that Mikado was really the creator of the Dollars, and he’s got a whole lot of knowledge about Izaya, whom he seems to find great pleasure in wanting to end. Then there’s Mikado’s dark side, which Aoba saw in the van, when Murphy’s Law was in full effect; the fact that he was smiling in excitement at the danger they were all in tells me that he’s starting to get reckless, and he has no qualms putting himself in harm’s way, unlike in the first season. Mikado was always one of my favourite characters and so I really hope they’ll develop him a lot more this season.

And then there’s Anri’s inability to keep a lock on Saika, who sliced Egor all by herself, and Anri is understandably worried about whether one day Saika might take that out on the people close to her, namely Mikado and Kida, should he return.

Finally, though, possibly the underdog of the current season, we’ve got Namie, who’s in a precarious but also conducive position with her close proximity to Izaya. She got the upper hand of him thrice this episode, in telling the twins the truth about the black rider and Celty, and then again in giving them the link to the Dollars chat room, which Izaya was hilariously annoyed about. The best part of all of that, though, was when everybody – like literally everybody – had gathered for nabe at Celty and Shinra’s place and then raved about it on the Dollars chat room. Feeling appropriately jealous about not being invited, Izaya actually asked whether he could treat Namie to dinner, only for her to coolly yet brutally shut him down, telling him that she wasn’t going to pander to his vanity. Even Izaya, in that creepily thrilled manner commented that she was turning into quite the formidable force of nature, so we’ll see where her allegiances lie and where they’re going to take her.

In the meantime, though, before the world explodes in a clash of big characters and dark agendas, it’s pretty lovely how everyone got the chance to enjoy themselves in the company of others, and it goes to show that nabe is less of a winter dish and more of something to enjoy with friends while the good times last.


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