Junketsu no Maria: Episode 01

Perfect Virgin 「完全なる乙女」

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With keywords ‘virginity’, ‘succubus’, ‘angels’ and ‘witches’ used in this anime’s synopsis, it actually turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Really, you should watch this because those keywords do so little for the depth this manga-adapted anime brings.

It’s a bit late but I’ve decided to pick up Junketsu no Maria because it really deserves to be watched by more people, especially the female audience IMO. Plus I’d get to fulfil part of my A-Z review challenge ^^ Maria (Kanemoto Hisako), who shares the same namesake as St. Maria (this irony is actually important to the plot) is a most powerful witch in France. England and France, who are on both sides god-fearing men, are at war. This was a time where merchants were hired for war, taking enemies hostage for ransom and a universe where witches can be hired to umm, cripple an army before the war begins… more on that later. Maria hates war and she gets in the way every time the guys go at each other by summoning magical creatures such as the huge fire-breathing dragon this week. But her meddling most upsets god in heaven, whom the Archangel Michael (Inoue Kikuko) is sent as a messenger. Maybe because he’s an angel but honestly, the guy shines really really bright bright… The key question is, why is god upset that a witch wants to interfere with war to save innocent lives? Because nature should run its course. WTF? Really?!

This is why I’m watching Junketsu, for its religious conflict over and above everything else. And I love that we have the innocent child Anne (Kakuma Ai) ask those innocent questions of a pure hearted child. On one side we have a powerful virgin witch who uses her powers to do good such as providing medicine and summoning dragons. She’s so giving in her compassion that she tells devout Catholic Joseph (Ono Kensho sounding just like Kuroko would) that should it become known that he visits her home in the forest, he should just say he’s been forced or bewitched just so he can absolve himself of any involvement with her. On the other side, we have England and the Church of England fighting France. Both sides sought the protection of their god so honestly, who does their god side with if they’re both children of the same house? I mean, France’s bishop/reverend whatever you call the one who blesses the men, was the first guy shot down by England’s arrow! Maria is branded a heretic because she’s a witch, regardless if she does good. That plus probably the fact that she’s female; I liked her comment about poor Joan of Arc and what the perverted church men did to her. You think about it now in this modern world and yes we can laugh but honestly, not a lot has changed… or not enough has yet. So Michael is sent to warn Maria against interfering by stating so matter-of-factly and devoid of any emotion, that war as it should be, is also part of heaven’s will and that no one should in my words, play god. Pfft. Talk about ironies and contradictions. And then we have the mercenaries like Garfa (Ono Yuuki sounding just like Kagami) who love war because it’s a means of making money and so they hate Maria too! But at least they’re admitting they’re doing it for money and not some strange ego-boosting hunger for power move by the fanatics. Ah, I’m so going to enjoy watching this show~

For a first episode it’s done brilliantly. The story is set up clearly to give the viewers historical context and through it show where everyone stands – church (roman catholics vs protestants), angels of heaven, witches and their magic. There was action and nicely executed visual effects. There was lots of humour too! Which was thoroughly provided by succubus Artemis (Hikasa Yoko) (among many other things she can do…). The witches use their succubus and incubus to fight wars by taking out the enemy camp in their beds at night ^_* which was why her jaw was so frickin sore. Don’t pretend you don’t know what that meant unless you’re as innocent and shy towards the opposite sex like Maria is! Junketsu no Maria promises a lot if you’ll let it and even if you’re not for thought-provoking themes and just want to be entertained, there’s plenty in the humour a succubus and her virgin master create here.

*akatsuki will be catching up with the reviews for Junketsu no Maria and seeks some patience while getting there~*


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