Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 03

“Adding Insult To Injury”

「泣き面に蜂」- misfortunes seldom come alone

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As I’m sure many of you have noticed, the translated title of the episode doesn’t always reflect the actual phrase or idiom in Japanese, so I’ve decided to put both translations because of reasons.


Also, the amount of random kissing that’s going on in this show is pretty phenomenal and makes me laugh. ANYWAYS. The most prominent events of note in this episode, includes this Hollywood character, who got their butt kicked in the previous episode by Shizu-chan, and who better to find Hollywood’s broken and injured body but his brother, Kasuka, who proceeds to take Hollywood home and call none other than Shinra to help out. Unmasked, Hollywood is, for some reason, the famous singer and idol, Hijiribe Ruri, and Shinra finds out that she’s yet another one of those special people with superb healing and, evidently, some kind of dark and supernatural secret, like Celty. I really like that we get to see Shinra being a little less of the creep he was in the first season, as he shows his excitable side when he gets all enthusiastic and fan-ish about being able to treat Ruri, and finding out that she’s something supernatural.

As for Ruri, it doesn’t seem as if she has any control over herself when she kills people, and I’m not too sure why she’s got the body of a man when she goes homicidal. Hmmm…In any case, it seems that there are people after her, and after a rather tense standoff between her and Kasuka, she agrees to accept his help, fabricate a romance with him for the media, and accept the aid of Celty in getting away from said mysterious stalkers. While I’m still not entirely sure about her characterisation – they seem to like making these tragic heroines who just want to be human and whatnot – I did quite enjoy learning more about Kasuka, the stoic, emotionless man who became an actor in order to know what it was like to be able to feel. While I think he’s kind of ridiculous and a little too cool, he’s a pretty interesting character and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his character in the future.

In another part of town, we’re at Russian Sushi with Simon, Dennis, Mairu,Kururi and the tall blond dude from the previous episode who got into a fight with Hollywood and, by default, Shizu-chan, and whose name just so happens to be, Egor. And, of course, Shinra was called to fix him up. That was kind of funny. The highlight of that scene for me, though, was seeing the Orihara twins calling Izaya-nii (D’AWWWWW) and asking him whether he knew a Celty Sturlson, to which he promptly shut them down and told them they weren’t old enough to know about her yet. Seriously, such a typically mean older brother, haha!

My favourite thing about Drrr, though, is how everything comes full circle and that everything is a butterfly effect of its own. The connectivity of this show is unparalleled, and each character does have an effect on everybody else. And so, it seems like the story really begins the next day, when Mairu and Kururi are waiting for Aoba, who said he’d bring them along for his tour of Ikebukuro, only for them to be ganged up on by a bunch of thugs. Lucky for them, though – not like they really needed it – Kadota, Karisawa and Walker intervene just in time. In another part of town, Mikado, Anri and Aoba meet up just in time to get into their own ambush when a group of former yellow scarves get up all in Mikado’s face. SO YES. I’m really looking forward to a possible groupie with the Orihara twins, Aoba, Kadota and his group and Mikado and Anri, as they traverse Ikebukuro and get to know each other and completely weird each other out. While I’m not sure whether that’s going to happen, it’s still an exciting and cool prospect, and just the fact that everybody knows everybody through everybody else is such a major part of the Drrr world. ^^

I envision lots of excitement up ahead and I’m looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds!


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