Durarara!!x2 Shou: Episode 02

“Harmony Is The Greatest Of Virtues”

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The Orihara twins are some seriously warped but wicked cool girls, and psychosis obviously runs in the family.

The timeline in this episode was kind of confusing for me, but I’ll do my best. From last episode, Celty has, much to her dismay, lost the money Shingen had given her as her monthly salary after getting chased by her usual policeman. Shinra, in his usual, adorable and pervy self, tells her that it’ll find its way back to her eventually. Meanwhile, at school, Mikado gets cornered by a strange new underclassmen, Kuronuma Aoba, (voiced by none other than Shimono Hiro i.e. the sugary and adorable Nai-chaaaan~ from the prettiful show Karneval), and who just so happens to know that Mikado is a member of the Dollars. While Mikado did a decent job of not letting him find out that he was the creator of this mysterious, do-gooder group, he did get suckered into showing Aoba around Ikebukuro in return for his silence about the Dollars.

Aoba isn’t all he seems, though, and has a personality that’s actually pretty reminiscent of Izaya’s, in terms of the rather conniving and mercenary way he treats people. He’s definitely got some sort of agenda when it comes to Mikado, and his cunning comes out when he calls out Mairu and Kururi’s bullies, outing them in front of the entire class. I actually quite loved the scene where the bullies confronted him and asked him whether he was some sort of social justice warrior, but he cuttingly answered that if it was between them and Kururi, he’d rather be on the side of the prettier girl, which was all sorts of deliciously mean. I’m SO intrigued by his character!

One thing I wasn’t so fond of, though, was the constant time skips, so it’s really hard to order everything in my head. Basically, this is what happens in the episode (not in the correct order, I’m sure, but in a way that sort of makes sense of everything so far):

  1. Aoba comes to school and meets Mikado and Anri and asks Mikado to take him around Ikebukuro.
  2. Mikado makes plans with Yumasaki and Karisawa to help him and Anri take Aoba around Ikebukuro seeing as they know the place better than anyone.
  3. While there, Anri bumps into Shingen, who somehow happens to know that she’s the current owner of Saika, and she also briefly meets a really talk blond man, whom she’s immediately wary of.
  4. After getting chased by the police again, Celty loses the salary she obtained from Shingen – 100 million yen – and on the Dollars chat, Izaya sends her a link showing a 100 million yen reward for anyone who can capture the Black Rider.
  5. There’s been a series of murders around Ikebukuro by a masked individual they’ve dubbed Hollywood.
  6. Hollywood and the blond man Anri met are, for some reason, caught in the middle of a fight, and just so happen to cross paths with Shizuou, who gets irritated and tosses them both in the air, thus injuring them.
  7. Mairu and Kururi, while walking home, find the blond man all battered and injured, and are super excited to help him out, seeing as they’ve never really been in a situation like this before, and for some reason the blond dude has the envelope of money that Celty lost.

Basically, this season of Drrr seems to be a lot more confusing timeline-wise, compared to the first season but I’m hoping that they cut that thread early on because I don’t think my mind can handle trying to piece everything together like this.

All in all, it’s just another day with the Drrr gang and the newbie characters involved~


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