Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Episode 12

トゥインクル リトルスター – Twinkle Little Star

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Thank the stars for the new OP!

Obligatory mention, because kiseki found the previous OP simply grating – listen to the full version and the acoustic/live version on youtube and tell me if you managed to sit through both in entirety without cringing at least once.

Anyway, as it turns out, Kousei did not like Kreisler’s Liebesleid because that piece reminded him of his mother, of his punishment. For someone who has the impression that his mother disliked him, I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pain and hurt that must be going through his mind/heart every time he thinks of the piece. Harsh as it is, this might be the very piece that is going to pull him out from the bottom of that deep dark ocean. And once again, it is just so much effort on Kaori’s part to have noticed the ‘amount of love’ that the sheet music was showered with.

Although he might have lost his mother, Kousei is lucky to have so many positive people in his life. He has always had Tsubaki and Watari, then along came Kaori who has just done wonders for him. And now, his newly-found-old-mentor Seto. That sure was very sound advice that she gave Kousei. By telling him that it was a gift; that he was not bound by what he heard; that by losing the ability to hear his own playing, Kousei’s now able to bring forth the images within him and produce music he so verily desires. I was very impressed with the script and high praise has to be given the author for miraculously working that in. Because honestly, how else would one assure a pianist whose negative take on life is causing his ears to fail on him?

And it is indeed comforting to see that such sound advice did not fall on death ears (lol yes, bad timing and I do apologise, but I could not help myself). Close your eyes, cover your ears and play as you feel for now. At the end of the episode, Kaori was a no-show at the gala concert. One probably would have been inclined to think that Kousei, being the wimp that he has been portrayed to be, might have withdrawn from the performance. However, he took Seto’s advice, and with all of those feelings for Kaori, proudly and boldly strutted on stage to perform in her place. This boy is just breaking ALL the rules – with his hearing problems and now being such a rule breaker, the reference to Beethoven is just blindingly obvious, isn’t it?

Oh Kaori, where’s Kaori? That brief flash of her cell phone ringing was certainly not a good sign. Don’t take her away so soon! Kousei and Kaori have just got to see the stars together! It’s far too soon!! Then again, foreshadowing was very strong once again in this episode, with Kaori saying that she doesn’t think about the future. Because she does not have much of a future.. 。゚(*´□`)゚。

I just want Kousei to find happiness. He has finally found light at the bottom of the dark ocean, and looked at the stars with the girl whom he fancies (they sang twinkle twinkle little stars together and she even introduced him to his parents!). Even though he hasn’t reached the stage of actually getting the girl just yet, the very thought that he might lose her is just oh so painful! Oh well, only time will tell. But this is me, agonising all the way

Classical music heard. Kreisler’s Liebesleid (Love’s Sorrow). Click ♪ ♫ to listen~ and Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen. Click ♪ ♫ to listen~


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